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  1. Is the Taste of the Royal a luncheon option only? You can't enjoy this for dinner?
  2. Where is the Taste of Royal dinner usually served? That's a good price. I've paid for far more for a 7 course fixed menu dinner in Vegas. I will likely book one of these pre-cruise.
  3. Thanks, that looks like something that I wouldn't mind trying out. The 4 course fixed Menu dinner is something that she loves to try. Has you tried the Chef's Table? If so, are we able to book ahead of time before we board the ship? or Is that one of those "head straight to the dining room and book it immediately once you get on the ship" type of reservations that I have to make?
  4. What is the "Taste of Royal" dining experience like?
  5. My Wife LOVES doing those special Dining Experiences where we can enjoy a unique high end dinner like the Chef's Table. Other than the Chef's Table, does the Navigator of the Seas offer any other type of unique dining experiences along those lines?
  6. I'm trying to plan my return flight home on Disembarkment Day on a Navigator of the Seas 4 Night Cruise where it returns on a Friday morning. I'm trying to decide if I should: 1 ) Book my flight to return home by flying out from Long Beach Airport late in the afternoon that same day or 2 ) Not risk it and book the flight out the next morning. I'm looking at the flight info and there is a flight that leaves on that same Friday at 6:15pm from Long Beach Airport. I figure that my party of 8 would be able completely disembark the ship, wait in line, checked out from the Cruise Terminal itself and physically get onto a Shuttle or Uber and leaving the Cruise parking terminal by 2:45pm. I figure that this would leave me enough time to arrive at the airport and check in for my flight at that time. Based off of your experience disembarking the RCL Navigator of the Seas at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal on a Friday morning, waiting in line at the Terminal and going through customs ( or whatever you have to do at the Cruise Terminal to return to port ); what is a reasonable time for you to have gotten into your mode of transportation ( your own car, shuttle or Uber ) to start driving by 2:45pm on a Friday? Although I have some buffer time to get from the Cruise Terminal to the Long Beach Airport ( while taking into account hitting some traffic on a Friday afternoon ), am I cutting it too close when I have expectations of getting through the entire disembarkment process. Of course, I know that there are always going to be unexpected factors that can cause significant delays that I have no control over. I can also not risk it at all and just fly out the next morning. But I want to avoid the additional cost ( car rental, additional hotel stay for 1 more night ) and hassle of leaving the next day. Any advise and information based off of your experience disembarking from the Long Beach Terminal would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. I’m trying to plan some summer trip. I’m considering a cruise as one of my options with my family later in the summer….but trying to decide. One of those things to consider is how to arrive and all of the planning.
  8. Does anyone know when the check-in time at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal for the Navigator of the Seas starts on a Monday for a 4 night cruise? I figure that I can fly in early morning to the Long Beach Airport and somehow get myself to the Cruise Terminal sometime between 11am to 12:30pm. Of course, this assumes that everything goes well and there are no delays ( knock on wood ). But worst case scenario, when is the latest that one should try to get themselves to the Cruise Terminal to check in? I assume that there is some cut off time for when you can't check in anymore?
  9. Just following up on this. Does anyone know how much the cost is for the Unlimited Dining package for a 4 night Cruise on the Navigator of the Seas going out of LA? I was thinking that for a 3 night cruise, it may not be worth it. But for a 4 Night Cruise, it may be worth it ( depending on the price ).
  10. Help me understand how it works. For the restaurants that have a set price for the entire dinner, it's included in the cost. But for the restaurants with an "a la Carte" menu, how does that work? I know that we get $50 per person for the restaurants that are "a la Carte" restaurants. For example: I go with to Johnny Rockets at 11am, then go to PlayMakers in the afternoon and then go to the Sushi Restaurant in the evening where I end up spending way more than $50 over the course of a day. Is that $50 per person for the entire day ( regardless of how many "a la Carte" restaurants we go to )? or Is that $50 per person per "a la Carte" restaurant that we go to ( meaning that if I spend all of my $50 allocation at Johnny Rockets and PlayMakers that I can't spend anymore at the Sushi Restaurant )? Also, I assume that if I'm in a party of 4 and we all have the unlimited dining plan, is it that each person in the party has $50 to spend? If the 4 of us go to the Sushi restaurant, does that mean that we essentially have $200 to spend on sushi for that dinner? ( as in, there are 4 people x $50 per person )?
  11. SpeedNoodles ( or anyone else that can answer ), I am possibly considering a cruise on the Navigator of the Seas and wanted to get a balcony room as well. There are 4 people in my cabin ( myself, my wife and 2 teenage kids ). I've been trying to find videos or pictures of the bed configuration to figure out if there is a pullman bed or not. There would be the Queen bed for my wife and myself. I know that there is a sofa bed, but don't know if that converts to a single Double/Queen sized bed for 2 people or if there is an additional pullman bed ( that pops down from the ceiling or side ). Does anyone know if the Balcony rooms have a pullman bed along with the sofa bed? Given that the kids are now big enough to have their own bed and it's uncomfortable for me to share a bed with my son ( whose bigger than me ), I'd really have to having enough beds for everyone. Thanks in advance
  12. I'm weighing whether I should sail on the Navigator of the Seas or not and one of the factors is the restaurants. I like that this ship has far more dining options and far more activities to enjoy than the corresponding Carnival ship out of Long Beach, but I don't like that most of the good restaurants require some fee to eat at ( something my Wife really pays attention to ). But then I heard about the Unlimited Dining Package and was thinking of simply factoring in the package into the overall cost of the trip. For those that have recently sailed on the Navigator of the Seas and have purchased the Unlimited Dining Package, what is the cost per person? I've read that it usually starts at $29 per person / per day, but wasn't sure if this is the cost or not. For a 4 night Cruise, is the total cost per person calculated at 4 or 5 days? For the A La Carte option where you're given a certain amount to spend, is it a total amount of $50 ( as an example ) per person / per day or per person / per meal? For a short cruise like this, is it worth it for 3 adults and 1 teenager? Any thoughts on this topic would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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