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  1. It depends on the ship and what you like to eat. NY Strip is my least favorite cut of steak to eat, and that is what they offer in the MDR, so the steak offerings at Chops make it worth it for me. I will also get my money's worth with an afternoon snack at Johnny Rockets. If the Dodgers make it to the WS I think that I will be spending a couple of nights in Playmakers, and will put that $20 credit to good use. It really isn't about the quality of the food being better or worse, it is more about not having to say no to specialty dining if I want to go there. With all that said, I would not do any specialty with out one of the packages because it wouldn't be worth it for a-la-carte.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Avatar133 said:

    I wanted to know if it's possible to do a one-way cruise. I wanted to do a cruise up to Juneau Alaska and then stay a couple of days and then maybe fly back. Is it possible to do this and get a cruise at a discounted rate?

    I have not seen the one way itinerary in Alaska on RC. The lines that offer the one way trips tend sail between Vancouver/Seattle and Whittier (Anchorage). 

  3. On 10/14/2021 at 7:45 AM, CrusingfromClayton said:

    Question - if it is raining/thunderstorms in CocoCay, is the Thrill Waterpark closed? I saw the weather provision under the hot air balloon attraction but nothing under the waterpark. Asking as the language for cancellation under T&Cs notes that you can cancel CocoCay excursions up to 48 hours ahead of arrival at the port and know that my daughters would see little value in going on waterslides in the rain...

    I was watching a YouTube video of a recent sailing, and it rained all morning on Coco Cay. RC ended up refunding everyone who purchased admission to the water park. Late in the afternoon the rain stopped and they let anyone who wanted to enter the water park for free. 

  4. 2 hours ago, DanielB said:

    Conrad still shows as available to book for my December stay.  Shame as the Hilton Downtown is a poor example of a Hilton IMO.  

    Just looked it up again, and you are right it is now showing up as available, but when I opened the hotel up there is a warning that it will not be part of the Hilton brand and that no points will be awarded. 

  5. 27 minutes ago, DuaneG said:

    With the recent news of airline walkouts I am starting to get concerned over my travel plans and others travel plans to get to ports to go on cruises. Hope this gets ironed out quickly. We cruise in 45 days and are flying American and they just walked out!

    I can't find anything about a walkout at American. They cancelled over 800 flights today because of the severe weather in Texas. 

  6. The Marriott properties south east of the airport had the best rates when I booked. They offer a free shuttle from the airport, and the Lyft calculator says around $20 to the Port of Miami. I am paying just over $100 for the night, as opposed to over $200 & $300 a night at comparable properties close to the port that offer free shuttles to the airport and cruise port. 

  7. We can assume Freedom is now sailing above 50% because they reopened WJ for dinner. 50% was magic capacity number that would trigger the WJ buffet reopening for dinner. On the reduce capacity sailings it was never every other room but, sections of the ship that where being isolated in case an outbreak did occur, they could relocate all the infected passengers to a contained area of the ship. 

  8. I used Best Cruise Insurance Plans Of October 2021 – Forbes Advisor to help make my choice. Lots of great filters to get what you need, and they make some great recommendations. I went with APRIL, a company I have used before. While I have never had to make a claim, they cover a lot of medical issues that may arise in which my health insurance may not cover. 

    Whatever you choose, do make sure they have emergency evacuation coverage. Getting that helicopter trip off the ship ain't cheap. 

  9. I was looking into where to get tested locally on Saturday or Sunday to get tested for my Monday departure, and finding out that the places who offer Saturday and Sunday testing state that it test results may not be available until Tuesday. So, they test you, but the lab doesn't open until Monday to run the test. Is anyone else running into this issue and have suggestions? I should say I was looking at the free options, and may just bite the bullet and pay for the RC testing kits. 

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