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  1. I would just wait and see what happens. Way too close to make a decision now and if you would feel comfortable going on the cruise in July (with whatever rules they have) then you can go on the cruise. If it is cancelled, then you can take the FCC and use it to book the Thanksgiving cruise for this year (or move to a cruise next year). My family is in the same "boat", we have a cruise planed for August with final payment coming up. This was booked in 2019 for 2020 and then moved to 2021. We are making the final payment and then let the chips fall where they may. We also have NRD, so if Royal cancels we should be able to get a full refund at the "worst case scenario", but within our party everyone will be fully vaccinated (except 1 person under 16), and we would plan on still going on the trip should it go off and "the kid" either has the vaccine or they allow kids to cruise with other provisions. Stay Safe and good luck.
  2. President Biden is moving the deadline or all adults to be vaccine eligible to April 19th. A lot of states are already ahead of this, but this is still pretty cool. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/06/politics/coronavirus-vaccine-deadline-biden/index.html
  3. President Biden is moving the deadline or all adults to be vaccine eligible to April 19th. A lot of states are already ahead of this, but this is still pretty cool. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/06/politics/coronavirus-vaccine-deadline-biden/index.html
  4. The way I get around that is that I have a special “casino outfit”. It’s really just my workout clothes that never make it to the gym ? If I spend enough time in the casino, I give them a quick wash in the sink and hang them in the shower to dry. stay safe
  5. I totally agree, I am a "non smoking gambler" and we travel to some casinos from time to time and some are better then others with the smoke issue. We go during times that are "less busy" to help, but on the cruise that is not really an option. On one of our cruises, we spoke with the hotel director after the "captains talk" and he said that it was his opinion that Royal should stop allowing the smoking in the casino and he "hoped" it could happen with the LNG powered ships. He was talking about some extra costs that the ships incur for things and then there is always the risk of fire should someone not dispose of it properly. I'm sure Royal (and other lines) are studying the numbers to see at what point it becomes financially able to stop the smoking in the casino. Honestly though, the casinos have never really been that busy on the ships we've cruised at any time of the day. Stay Safe.
  6. My state (KY) just opened up appointments today to people age 16 and older, and I think we've been behind a lot of other states. Listening to our Governor today and there are a lot of available appointments across the state. I think we are quickly reaching the point where supply may outpace demand in some areas.
  7. Not all gangways are fully open. For one of our cruises, it was fully enclosed. Not sure of which port, or which crusieline, but it could have been in Port Canaveral with Disney, or Port Everglades, Port Miami, Port Baltimore with Royal.
  8. The original post included images from the Norwegian Cruiseline site, which is not relevant to Royal Caribbean's plans. I understand everyone is on "pins and needles" and wants to know what the status of their cruise may be, but i personally don't think it's healthy to speculate based on the actions of another company. Royal has provided us with many options to manage our vacations and if you are "on the fence" about going, you can certainly take action on your own, with the understanding that you may "miss out" on a potential "deal" they may offer if they cancel on thier own. Will they cancel? will they not? The only correct answer is that no one knows until it is announced, so it's not helpful to your stress levels to worry about what "may happen". My advice is to make your own personal decision, based on the facts you have at the time. Make the best decision you can and move forward. Life is too short and you never know what could happen (as we've all learned) so live life to the fullest and enjoy it. I'm a "planner" type person and the uncertainty is extremely frustrating, but I also want to go on the vacation i had originally planned, so we have some "backup options" that we could pull the trigger on should a future cruise get canceled. Stay Safe
  9. If you’ve used a travel agent the email may go to your travel agent as well. We’ve had some come to us and some to our agent. Could be a concern if your original agent has left the agency temporarily like ours has. We have a new one with the agency, but it’s something to think about.
  10. There have been no official announcements from Royal and I think it’s unproductive for things to be stated as fact when they are not. I think we all know the current status of cruising from US ports and are frustrated at the lack of information. here’s the link to the Royal page about the status of everything. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates @Mattwrote a post about the “cancellation schedule” and basically, it’s not standard and fluctuates wildly. Of course, I cannot find the post at the moment. stay safe
  11. I would suggest that you move the reservation to a travel agent it possible. One less thing to worry about while doing your wedding planning. Stay Safe
  12. I’ve been lucky to not have any of these types of issues and am still “Loyal to Royal”. However, I wanted to suggest that you contact your states consumer protection office and voice your complaints there as well. Generally this is handed by the office of attorney general of your state. Maybe they can get some traction going for you. Stay Safe
  13. Don't forget to add it to your profile at any airlines you may use, then it will show up automatically when you purchase a future ticket!
  14. Here is a spreadsheet that I created to track our FCCs and credit card refunds for the one cruise we had that was paid in full before COVID canceled it. I figured I would share it in case it helps anyone else. It works for me, but your experience may vary. Feel free to use it how you wish. The only frustration we had was that the credit card refunds didn't come in together and it took a bit to ge the full amounts. We'd get like 25% of the vacation plan one day, then get the other 75% on other days. Luckily our TA was able to keep it all straight and we did get all the correct amounts refunded. RCICreditRefundTracking.xlsx
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/29/nyregion/new-york-covid-vaccine-eligible.html To @Matt's point, New York just announced that people 30 and older can get the vaccine starting tomorrow (March 30th) and all adults starting April 6th. I'm sure many other states will be opening up vaccine eligibility based on their inventory, and here in KY, we are already starting to see where some vaccine sites have more supply than demand, mostly out in the more rural areas, but once site had about 2000 available appointments that they were trying to get filled.
  16. Saw this today that in a "real world study" that both Pfizer and Moderna show to be 90% effective. This would probably take into account at least some of the variants. Report was from the CDC, so maybe this will affect future plans. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-29/pfizer-moderna-vaccines-prevent-infections-in-real-world-study *Edit: i forgot the link to the article!
  17. We have a cruise in August from Port Canaveral, and i checked with our TA last week to check on the final payment and ours is still in May. I totally get what Royal is doing and I really want to cruise, but i think the passengers need to have some clarity. We still have cruise with confidence, but it would be nice if they changed the final payment dates as a good will gesture to not have additional money tied up. For us, May is still a ways a way, so i'm not stressing too much. Things can change greatly in a month so maybe we'll get some information sooner than later. I'm not so worried about it for my cruise (we have an FCC to apply), but we are cruising with other parties that don't have as much financial flexibility and we all have NRD cabins*. Our current plan is to mke final payment when it is due and let the chips fall where they may. We figure we have the following "worst case" outcomes. 1. Royal Cancels the cruise and we get all our money back 2. We go on the cruise as planned. I think our cruise could still happen if the CDC provides a path to cruising, since we have stops in Labadee and Perfect Day. We may lose Jamaica, but i'd be fine with an extra sea day or an extra stop at a private island. Stay Safe *we are thinking about the future and determining if we will continue to do NRD bookings, but for us, we like the lower price and we have started to do GTY cabins so I am not sure if refundable deposits are in our future. We also don't change plans since our work schedules are flexible and we generally have 4-5 trips on the calendar at time so once we pick something, we stick with it unless an actual emergency occurs.
  18. Hello, My wife and I are getting impatient and have decided to go visit Charleston on our own and not wait to finally get on a Southeast cost cruise which would stop there for a day. Our original intent with many cruises was to use a cruise as a way to visit a new location and then we could always visit again for a longer time in some places (we see you Victoria, BC!), but with the current stoppage, we really need to get away for any trip! Looking for any "Must Do's" so we can add them to our list for land based and sea based trips in the future. Thanks! Stay Safe
  19. Not really "creative", but in 2017 on the Allure I had a minor issue with a bartender when I asked for a "blended" diet coke, basically some diet coke in the blender then blended with ice. The bartender complained that "it wouldn't blend" since it didn't have sugar in it and i explained that my wife really wanted it and asked if we could try. He is correct that it wouldn't blend like a normal "slushy", but the drink was exactly what my wife wanted and it was fine. He gave me some dirty looks and we just avoided that location on the Boardwalk the rest of the cruise. Fast forward to 2019 on the Allure and that same bartender was now a server in the My Time MDR and we had him for the whole week. He was a great server and we had no issues, but I recognized him as soon as he walked to our table. Stay Safe
  20. Serious question: Is traveling without your own toiletries a thing? We do a decent amount of travel and never thought about not bringing something, even if it was something from a previous hotel stay. We also have some refillable bottles that we use since we buy our regular stuff from Sam’s Club or Costco. For toothpaste, we save what the dentist gives us and take those small tubes. Since we always check a bag (Thanks Southwest!) maybe we don’t think about it and getting through TSA. I’m not knocking anyone, just never thought about it! Stay Safe
  21. We're "Loyal to Royal!" ? We did several Disney cruises since we are Disney geeks, but they kept getting more and more expensive so we thought we would try Royal as we have family that have cruised with Royal and enjoyed it. The thing that got us to switch was we were on a Disney cruise and booked another "to get the onboard deal", which was fully refundable for 30 days or something. We went to AAA and priced a Royal cruise for the same week, with nearly the same itinerary and learned that we could get a Junior Suite on Royal and still save over $1000! I felt really good about the decision, since I was eating lunch one day on the Allure while staring out at the Disney ship i had originally booked across the port and knowing how much money we saved. We've done balcony rooms on Disney and Royal, but we always get the cheapest room, since we would prefer to do more trips and being that there is only 2 of us, space is not an issue and we are not in the room very much. We also typically travel during the "off season" where pricing tends to be really good. I work in IT and have a really flexible schedule and my wife knows her schedule (she's a nurse practitioner) three months in advance, so we do a lot of short trips and last minute deals. We made the switch and since I love rewards programs, we will stick with Royal and then Celebrity (since they match) until something terrible happens. Same with MGM resorts, they will match your Royal status to the MGM program, so it's like triple dipping! Stay Safe
  22. Based on my experience from May 2020, they canceled the purchases and then I received an email at some point that listed what my onboard FCC was for future use and the related "certificate numbers". It was broken out by person, so both myself and my wife have individual onboard FCCs (each person received an email). At some point you will need to contact Royal and have the Onboard FCC added to your future cruise. We have not yet added the onboard FCC to a cruise, and I assume a travel agent can do the "foot work" for you. There is a lot of conflicting information as to if I can spend the wife's FCC on my purchases and vice versa, but i'll cross that bridge later. Mostly we only purchase the Refreshment drink package, so it's not a huge deal. Good Luck and Stay Safe.
  23. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates Not totally unexpected, but they did announce it.
  24. There are some limitations to to the guidance and companies can still require masking. It's a step in the right direction, but not a free for all yet. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/08/health/covid-19-vaccine-cdc-guidelines-fully-vaccinated/index.html The new CDC guidance says fully vaccinated people can: Visit other vaccinated people indoors without masks or physical distancing Visit indoors with unvaccinated people from a single household without masks or physical distancing, if the unvaccinated people are at low risk for severe disease. Skip quarantine and testing if exposed to someone who has Covid-19 but are asymptomatic, but should monitor for symptoms for 14 days However, people who are fully vaccinated still need to take precautions in many scenarios. The guidelines say fully vaccinated people must: Wear a mask and keep good physical distance around the unvaccinated who are at increased risk for severe Covid-19, or if the unvaccinated person has a household member who is at higher risk Wear masks and physically distance when visiting unvaccinated people who are from multiple households.
  25. Not at all, it could still be 2023, I was afraid to ask since others in the thread just rolled with it. It’s been a long year. Stay Safe
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