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  1. We loved how excited and happy the crew was to get back to work
  2. We are also on the July 3rd sailing, haven't made the flight arrangements yet
  3. We are on the symphony in April and they haven't offered a photo package yet
  4. Just got notified that our cruise on Allure starting on 4/16/22 has been cancelled
  5. About 30 minutes. It appears that you have to book the venues on the apt before hand
  6. Just boarded the Ovation, when we tried to make reservations for dinner we found out that almost all the venues were booked for the whole cruise. We were able to get in but not at the times we would have liked and not at the mix we would have preferred. The restaurants are all operating at reduced capacities.
  7. Considering this cruise since our 9 night on Radiance was cancelled, on Ovation 8/13 and may book while onboard
  8. We are booked on the 9 night cruise out of Baltimore on July 15th. Haven't heard anything regarding it's status.
  9. My brother had to book 3 staterooms for 6 people on Ovation for the 8/20/21 sailing
  10. Does Ovation have a Starbucks?
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