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  1. My experience was similar. I wanted to do a L&S. Grace with MEI could not help as I had booked some time ago. I did the L&S with Royal then Grace was able to take over the new booking. I am looking forward to having MEI help with my future plans as the trip gets closer.
  2. I did a lift and shift this morning for our New England / Canada cruise for late September. The new requirements were for the same ship. However, the ship has been changed for that cruise. When I called, everything went very smooth. Changing ship was not an issue. Even the hold time was short, less than 5 minutes.
  3. I got some inserts called "Trident Dive Optx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses" from Amazon for $25. I had issues because I did not get them placed correctly in my mask. Due to this things were blurry. Then on my second dive one of them washed out and is gone. I will probably keep the one in my mask so I can read my computer with one eye. This could be due to me installing the night before the dive. I like the concept since I can keep the mask I like and the low cost. A better way to install would be good. Some reviews use a touch of glue.
  4. Carnival Fantasy, because it has been scrapped. Otherwise, I am ready to go.
  5. I have OBC as a result of Cruise Planner Credits. It has been discussed here you can cancel items such as beverage package and repurchase to take advantage of a price drop. My question is, how fast does the OBC reflect the cancelled item? Can I turn around and use the same OBC to immediately repurchase the item?
  6. When I made my reservation I just got the email verifying my deposit. Then, when my FCC was approved I got copies of the invoice with the breakdown.
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