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  1. We were in Seattle last September. We stayed at the Kimpton Monaco on 4th avenue. We walked everywhere, except when we were too tired. We were not expecting the hills. We never felt unsafe. There were homeless people in areas. There were also some interesting characters, but nothing that caused concern.
  2. We recently stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle. It is located near most of the places we wanted to visit. We walked to the train station when we were leaving.
  3. I had originally posted a solution that I did not like. However, I recently got a mask that I like with readers built in. It is a Promate Scope Prescription mask. I was able to specify which lens I wanted in each side. I have only used it in the pool so far, but it looks like it is going to work for me.
  4. My experience was similar. I wanted to do a L&S. Grace with MEI could not help as I had booked some time ago. I did the L&S with Royal then Grace was able to take over the new booking. I am looking forward to having MEI help with my future plans as the trip gets closer.
  5. I did a lift and shift this morning for our New England / Canada cruise for late September. The new requirements were for the same ship. However, the ship has been changed for that cruise. When I called, everything went very smooth. Changing ship was not an issue. Even the hold time was short, less than 5 minutes.
  6. I got some inserts called "Trident Dive Optx Scuba Mask Magnification Lenses" from Amazon for $25. I had issues because I did not get them placed correctly in my mask. Due to this things were blurry. Then on my second dive one of them washed out and is gone. I will probably keep the one in my mask so I can read my computer with one eye. This could be due to me installing the night before the dive. I like the concept since I can keep the mask I like and the low cost. A better way to install would be good. Some reviews use a touch of glue.
  7. Carnival Fantasy, because it has been scrapped. Otherwise, I am ready to go.
  8. I have OBC as a result of Cruise Planner Credits. It has been discussed here you can cancel items such as beverage package and repurchase to take advantage of a price drop. My question is, how fast does the OBC reflect the cancelled item? Can I turn around and use the same OBC to immediately repurchase the item?
  9. When I made my reservation I just got the email verifying my deposit. Then, when my FCC was approved I got copies of the invoice with the breakdown.
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