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  1. I saw Genting cruise line, parent of Dream cruises out of Taiwan, will begin sailing 26 July. They announced their health protocols. Virgin cruises also published a top level protocols and plan to commence in Oct. Would think we should be seeing some similar publication from RCL. Options are floated like buffet adjustments, restricted ship occupancy, but have not seen a back to business plan published from RCL yet.
  2. UV kills the bad stuff in moments, so anything in the direct sunlight will be sun sanitized.
  3. Yes - works very well if there are flight issue with rebooking etc. I also discovered the delayed payment for the airfare. Not sure if that's recent, but using it on my next cruise.
  4. Oasis class most likely Nov 2022. Allure was supposed to arrive in Nov 2021, but port upgrade is a year behind due to plague. Really wish Celebrity would sail from Galveston, even if it were seasonal like Disney. Would really provide a nice option.
  5. Guess I would believe the North American ports w/Carribean before any of the European routes. I think they'll still be arguing about who gets let in for tourism through 2020. I'm wondering if we see Apex pulled from Europe and deployed in Carribean this year.
  6. Hypothetically, If given a 1 Oct clearance to sail, are crews in place to start up, or does it take a couple of weeks to get the crew back and ready to sail? Or are crews being kept ready to go in the ship flotillas out there?
  7. Sincere applause! Whether you like, dislike, approve or not with the plan - it is a plan, and Virgin has rolled it out to the public.. Leading the fleet! Any line should be doing similar things and showing forward motion. I've felt RCL has been very passive from at least a communications perspective. Publicly traded companies like RCL and other cruise lines need to make periodic announcements show shareholders and guests know they're working the problem.
  8. Familiar with that issue. When we sailed Symphony a while back, the CK doors were open earlier in the embarkation day, so you could get in to set some reservations with the mater d . During cruise, the doors were locked and you would need to tail gate or knock since JS does not provide access to CK. Thought it odd since access can be programed for limited access time windows too. (especially if tied to the reservation system). Avoiding that issue with upgrading to next level on future cruises.
  9. Excellent - once bitten you'll have that bug forever . The only cure is to go to the next level.
  10. Anyone taken the balloon? How long is the excursion?
  11. Edge - Nov 2020 (Fingers crossed) Reflection - Mar 2021 Infinity B2B - June 2021 Oasis - Nov 2021 Allure - Mar 2022
  12. Coastal Kitchen gives you more intimate service. Feels more "old school" cruising. Food is also a little nicer as they're serving a smaller number of people. Jr. Suite will get you in for dinner. Higher suites get breakfast/lunch. We made reservations at the door (for the week) on embarkation day.
  13. Nice run down. We're visiting Nov '21. Just 2 of us, so don't need the Cabana, so were going to get the Club Pass. Are chairs kept available, or is like what happens on the sun deck? Are there also umbrellas available/
  14. Going to be more contraction. Would expect a shedding of the ships with higher operating/maintenance costs. Even when we start up again, its not going to be a full fleet. The loyalists will return, but those who've never sailed are going to stay away a couple of years.
  15. Edge is smooth. Will definitely sail again, and hoping Apex in the future.
  16. I received an email from RCL to rebook our Mar 22 cruise. We were automatically moved to the Liberty, but rebooked the cruise to sail Allure and made the move. Will be leaving from FLL.
  17. We were booked on a March 2022 cruise. It was cancelled and we were put on Liberty (which we like). Just received an email from RCL saying Allure will sail (I believe from FL) and we can get back on. We don't know the itinerary, but we can move over at the same price as originally booked. We'll jump if the itinerary is better. We'll end up with a refund if we stick with Liberty.
  18. On the Edge 22 Nov - hope the chaos is over by then.
  19. My sister-in-law has. In fact she's booked on Summit 2 Aug and they bumped her to Aqua
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