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  1. MSC is going that way. Testing probably has flaws, but it will instilled confidence the cruise industry is taking advantage of more options to curb spread. The kicker is, what about excursions? That will be a big risk area to mitigate.
  2. I'm in your camp. Many new procedure require testing and tuning. From embarkation, through excursions, to disembarkation. Need to start small and build up until there's confidence at all levels.
  3. Crew could plate and and out food. Just point and its handed to you. Better way to maybe reduce waste too.
  4. Probably about right (if we start things up in early '21).
  5. Depends on ship and port. If you carry your bags off, its easier as you're not waiting for luggage delivery on the other side. If you've checked your bags the night before, then your tags influence the order of departure. You might get off early, but your bags wouldn't be there.
  6. So $1.6B loss, understandable, with $4B in cash / equivalent reserves. Do we have 2 quarters left?
  7. It should happen to start exercising the protocols with small numbers of guests. Work out the bugs.
  8. When ever this starts up, it will have to be gradual. Crews need to be moved to the ports and reconstituted. Curious on the percentage of crew that might just hang it up because it becomes such a hassle.
  9. Only a couple of pushbacks, but kinda trending as 2-3 months out. Maybe staying close to a 90 day window cycle.
  10. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5510/?et_cid=3350314&et_rid=216816920&et_referrer=Boards_WAR_CC Interesting set of protocols. Swab tests for all that board (60-90min wait for test results). Controlled excursions run by the line. No touch ordering and contact tracing using the "bracelet".
  11. A great discussion topic. For me I've tried to gauge how probable the cruise is. My nearest cruise has a low probability of occurrence, so I left it alone. My spring '21 I have a "little" more hope so purchased some discounted specialty dining.
  12. I share your thought on that. It may become a calmer environment - less body checking for the cheese cake.
  13. A judicious path forward. Wait for the kinks to be worked out. That Uncruise Alaska has some pretty pricey cruises too.
  14. Lines getting their CDC back to sail plans approved by the gov't. That's one enabler. Ports opening another... Rumors of crews coming back to ships. Some ships are on min manning and a lot of people will need to get into the right position. Guessing just a few ships to start - then gradually build back up the itineraries. I think we still have a long wait.
  15. Betting the higher revenue cabins are what is retained. With the goal to use all the rooms with balconies to maximize available fresh airflow. .
  16. Curious last sentence, "CLIA cruise line members will continue to monitor the situation with the understanding that we will revisit a possible further extension on or before 30 September 2020. At the same time, should conditions in the U.S. change and it becomes possible to consider short, modified sailings, we would consider an earlier restart.". Shorter cruises have been discussed. I think it makes sense when you're testing new protocols. See what works and what doesn't, but not sure it really mitigates contagion. If the guest compliment boarded "totally healthy", and the crew installed "totally healthy" , they both should remain healthy for the duration independent the length (if not exposed to an contaminating source).. The safety circle is disrupted in port. Once passenger or crew venture off the ship, they risk contamination. Seems like the mitigating control is port visits and and admission of people not of the cleared crew that could contaminate the ship, not necessary the length you sail.
  17. Fain has been there forever. Not many companies keep CEOs that long.
  18. Who wants to guess the price of the "Peter Max" Umbrella man?
  19. I just received an email urging me to purchase additional specialty dining with a 20% discount on my 22 Nov Edge cruise. Got to love the push, almost makes me feel it could happen - NOT. While I will pay for the cruise (unless cancelled before due date), I don't believe for a minute this cruise will happen. I'll take the 125% credit and move it to my spring 2021 cruise, which I believe is becoming less likely.
  20. Restart most likely occur upon some "event" as opposed to an arbitrary date.
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