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  1. FOOD AND DRINK bar tenders didn't know many virgin cocktails / mocktails. My kids had a printed list that included not just the name but the ingredients/flavours and that was very useful for them to try new drinks service in the main dining room (MDR) was lacking but I think that was just our waiter and assistant. Food in the MDR was also subpar. On lobster night for example, DH got 2 tails and one was over cooked but edible. I got 2 tails and one was so overcooked it was inedible. DD had 1 tail and it was inedible. It was replaced and the second was only marginally better. I
  2. We were at Port Canaveral last week and did Disney. It was worth it in our opinions as we were in port for 12 hours and love Disney. We booked the transport with RCL and then took an uber from the drop off location to Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
  3. DH booked us a beach bed on South Beach although I'd prefer one on Chill. We are there Jan 29. yesterday I was trying to find out if the Oasis Lagoon is heated so was googling stuff about Coco Cay and discovered that the fine print of the brochure for Coco Cay says the South Beach ones won't be ready until Jan 31 now. I don't know what this means for my booking but for that reason alone I would strongly suggest that for Jan 28, you book chill island.
  4. it is also faster if you order the same thing every night. We've been on cruises where the waiter knows what my family will order before we even sit down as no one is adventurous and likes the same thing again and again. If you change what you want on night 5, it will take longer. Especially drinks as drinks take a while for some reason.
  5. it depends on the drink. My kids have found that if they ever ask for something on the alcoholic menu and just say 'but no alcohol' or the 'virgin version' they don't have much luck. many times bartenders say it's not worth making without alcohol as it would only be 2 things mixed instead of say 4. If I'm there to say 'but that's what they want' then the bartender will usually do it though. Maybe it's just that kids are treated differently. We have found it's best to know the names of mocktails and order them by name. Here is the list of virgin cocktails or mocktails I have made for our u
  6. you can get mocktails at most bars but I've found that it pays to know what you want. Most bartenders don't seem to have creative mocktail options if you let them pick. You will end up with lots of punch, pina coladas and strawberry daquiris if you don't know your mocktails.
  7. Our last cruise, our MDR waiter regularly brought my son and his cousin (both 9) food off the adult menu just to encourage them to try something new/different. I loved that. We also had heard that we could ask for adult food but kids portion size and tried that, but it didn't work. The waiter just said not to eat it all, which is not always easy to do.
  8. I've loved it on cruises when the staff really seem to enjoy it and passengers get into it. Then on other cruises the staff have seemed embarrassed to do it, weren't really into it, and then it's been awful - almost painful to watch.
  9. you can book fastpasses 30 days beforehand. Depending on which park you go to, there are tiers so you can have one for a tier 1 attraction and 2 for a tier 2. They also have to be at least an hour apart so if you have one at 10am, your next cannot be before 11am. With them though, even at busy times, you can get more done and they're totally worth it.
  10. in Cozumel we booked The Amazing Race and it was fun. The reviews say it starts late and they're true - that was my only complaint. They tell you a fairly early meeting time and then wait and wait. It's for many ships so the last ship to arrives is the deciding factor and I wished they'd give the earlier arriving ships a later meeting time so you could do something else instead of waiting. that said, once it gets started, it is a lot of fun. You run all around solving clues and feel like you're on the real thing. In Costa Maya we booked an excursion with www.thenativechoice.com and it was
  11. MagicBands are most useful if you are doing a Disney vacation as they are your room key, your charge card, your entrance tickets, your FastPass tickets - everything really. The benefit for a one day trip is smaller and they do cost something if you aren't doing a Disney vacation so it may not be worth it to you. The main benefit for a one day is if you already have them and they're connected to your ticket, you don't have to stop and pick up tickets at a wicket when you arrive (which may have a line) - just scan it at the entrance and you're in. So basically more time in the park. Also, if you
  12. Rope Drop is so much fun at Disney World. I love the energy and excitement. I also love being first in line for my favourite attractions and not waiting. Sigh. Great memories. I emailed RCCL excursion desk and for my cruise we are expected to be in port from 6 - 6. They responded that we can expect the bus to leave at 7:30 to head to the park and likely the meeting time for returning is around 4. That would line up with what your calendar says for a 7 - 7 time frame since leaving the park at 4 would mean returning to the ship at around 5 - 5:30 depending on traffic. Strange that they woul
  13. Crowded Disney is still great IMO, but I'm a huge Disney lover. We were there at Christmas before and found it not too crowded - more crowded than other times for sure but we booked FP, had a plan and enjoyed the experience. The decorations add to the atmosphere. Kennedy Space Centre is popular though and people like it.
  14. how did you find out the times for the transport? We are on Grandeur sailing in January and are in port 6am to 6pm but I cannot find times for the transport anywhere. The best I can find is the duration for the excursion is 10 hours so I am assuming off the ship for 10 hours which translates into about 7 hours of park time. I'm worried though since I've read comments on other forums that people were in port for 12 hours but the bus got them back 3-4 hours before they left port so they missed several park hours due to the transport system/schedule.
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