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  1. A few additional suggestions: -20-40lb magnetic hooks. We used them for the first time on our last cruise and they are great...hang hats, wet bathing suits, backpack (empty), toiletry kit, etc. We even used them to hang some xmas lights (cruise was right before Christmas)! -Towel clips for chairs on the deck -if you’re a drinker, a good beer coozie and or insulated cup for cocktails
  2. Good choice! I recommend Harmony, symphony or Oasis now that it’s been amplified.
  3. I have a drink for each occasion! Poolside: pina colada with kraken rum or a corona dinner: dirty martini followed by a glass of Chardonnay night out: vodka soda, 2 limes misc: IPA, bloodys good thing I buy the drink package
  4. I think the carpet and couch have been updated but nothing else. Someone please correct if I’m wrong
  5. @monctonguyI too am very anxious to get on the ship! I NEED to be there early . But, booking everything separately ended up being about $80 more for us so thought I'd try this and put the savings towards upgraded seats on our flights. I've used just the shuttle service before and it was great...however, we are flying in from California so we have to take a Lyft to the hotel and then a Lyft back to the airport in the AM for shuttle pick up. Hoping this package is a little more convenient because the hotel picks you up from the airport and the shuttle comes right to the hotel. We have 'ear
  6. Has anyone booked the fly snooze cruise package from GoPort Canaveral? We just booked for the first time and are curious how it went
  7. I only know the answer to this question because Matt just answered it on his last podcast (Episode 330 at 27:00). No issue. Just tell them they couldn't make it once you check in and they'll refund the taxes and port fees, but not the cruise fare (unless your cruise is still a ways away in which case you might get all or some of the fare back), for that person
  8. I'm not a formal guy (I practically live in dri-fit t-shirts) but I enjoy throwing on a nice pair of jeans and a button-up before going to the MDR unless it's formal night. Shorts wouldn't look as good as jeans do as I'm sipping on my dirty martini .
  9. We always bring wipes as well. On the plane I wipe down the armrest, headrest, and tray (those things are dis-gust-ing). At the hotel I usually just wipe down the remote. And on the ship I wipe down just about every surface to be safe. Rest assured though, the room stewards do an excellent job cleaning... And remember...
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