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  1. Those are the exact ones that I ordered in the US it was about $11 on the review some people mentioned they had a bad smell but did work at keeping the virus away I also found special hand sanitizer that actually kills the norovirus it is called germbuster and is a red bottle that was about $22 for 6 bottles though.
  2. I ordered them off of amazon it is Clorox but it is hydrogen peroxide based. From what I understand the norovirus can be killed with hydrogen peroxide and bleach but I could be wrong.
  3. That was another thing I was worried about, would they be offended if they smelled the wipes? I don't think they did not due a good enough job I am just paranoid especially seeing the stories of the Norwegian Joy from the past two sailings plus I am a part of a group sailing page on Facebook and a few people were mentioning that they were sick.
  4. I ordered ones off of amazon that cruise tips TV recommended and also germ star handsanitizer which claims it kills norovirus. Do you think these would be good?
  5. I am concerned with the norovirus as I have seen reports of it going around on other ships and us being in the height of sick season. I have seen people recommend the Clorox hydrogen peroxide wipes and use them to wipe the room down on the first day. My question is are we allowed to bring these onto the ship and do people do this commonly, or am I being paranoid and should not even worry about it we leave December 15th.
  6. I will be on the Harmony of the seas on December 15th, I was wondering if it would be decorated for Christmas?
  7. I am going on Harmony in December. We are going to San Juan, St. Martaan, and Coco Cay. I was wondering if anyone knew of any spas or any place that my mom and I could get massages? I know there is a spa on ship but I was curious about there being any place on the islands. Thanks!
  8. I am 20 currently and will be turning 21 the day before my cruise on Harmony in December, I have heard you can sign in early 90 days before the cruise and today is the 90th day. I went to sign in early and it says you can not sign in early until you are 21? So do I have to wait the day before I go on the cruise when I do turn 21 to sign in? Does anyone know why this is?
  9. With the unlimited drink package are you able to go to the specialty restaurants as in chops, wonderland, etc. and just order drinks? I know the specialty restaurants have special drinks unique to that restaurant and it would be cool to try them, or would you have to make a reservation to eat there to be able to order them? also does the unlimited drink package cover the "specialty" drinks at the restaurants if you do eat there? Thanks!
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