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    WAAAYTOOO got a reaction from Yesiamthere in Explorer - San Juan Departure - 23 Jan 2022   
    So much for being honest.  I’m sure these kinds of stories will lead to people fudging the truth so long as they test negative.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to rjac in Corny Jokes   

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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to smokeybandit in 2022 State of the Cruise Industry report   
    This one raised eyebrows:
    Cruisers spend an average of $750 per person in port cities over the course of a typical seven-night cruise,
    That's a lot! A lot more than I ever spend.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Pooch in How strict is RC with weight restrictions   
    One of my grandsons is like this.  Rail thin only 50 lbs or so at 10 years old.  But he can eat his weight in sushi!!  

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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Cruisin and Boozin in Oasis of the Seas - January 30, 2022   
    4 negatives and ready for our adventure!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to JohnK6404 in Cruise Planner Sales: When???   
    LOL! No such luck! 😆
    $2,797/person... JS
    $3,702/person... JS w/ Large Balcony
    $5,166/person... GS w/ 1 BR
    ... up to $11,087/person for Owner's Loft
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to cdixon22 in Cruise Planner Sales: When???   
    Amazing how “sale” price is more
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Pattycruise in Price drop on Anthem for June with current sale   
    I've been checking my prices with this $550 off sale these past few weeks and no price drops.  Just checked them again today.  I was able to find some good savings (saving up to$600 between my cabins on this ship) on June Anthem sailing.  No drops on my other sailings, but I'll take it!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to MuttMutt in Emed appointment to test work in Europe?   
    If there is some sort of issue using the proctored test in another country all you have to do is go get a cheap VPN service (sometimes can be found free but I don't know how much I would trust them) or set something up so that you can VPN back to a computer sitting in the US and access the service that way.  I use WindScribe for most of my stuff but I was able to get a lifetime on StackSocial for about 100 a couple years ago and others can be found there if you want to look around.
    Wireguard is what I would recommend for those people setting something up for themselves.  Basically install the software on your home computer and make sure that ports are forwarded only for Wireguard in your router then connect up using a phone or something while not in the house (best over wifi from someplace like Walmart or somewhere else with free internet) and make sure it works before you leave out.  Wireguard is literally available for everything https://www.wireguard.com/install/ and once a few things are setup it is pretty easy to deal with as there is no true "client" "server" relationship with it.  For forwarding ports I suggest looking up your router on https://portforward.com/ and go through the steps.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to FionaMG in Emed appointment to test work in Europe?   
    Full disclosure, I have no experience with these proctored tests you've all been using over there but I really can't see why they wouldn't work, if all you need is an internet connection. I'm pretty sure I read an article by someone on TPG saying they'd used one and it was all good.
    That said, who knows what will be required at the time of your cruise. It may be the case, as it was this past summer, that European governments require cruise passengers to do a pre-disembarkation test, in which case the cruise line would have to arrange it on board. Or maybe all testing requirements will have gone away by then. Lots of European governments are in the process of starting to lift testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers. Lets keep our fingers crossed for that last scenario.
    As far as your flight is concerned, there is absolutely no way that I would book a flight with just a 1 hour layover in Paris, not even a domestic connection let alone connecting to an intercontinental flight.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Flowrider in Wonder of the Seas Aquatheater   
    Well that’s lame!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to kadmgs in Wonder of the Seas Aquatheater   
    To fit more people?
    My question is what/who is sitting there? I know I need new glasses, but I swear that is a walrus and a racoon in suits. 😂
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Cruisin and Boozin in Oasis of the Seas - January 30, 2022   
    We are still waiting on DIL results but are negative on 3.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Cruisin and Boozin in Oasis of the Seas - January 30, 2022   
    Wonderful that’s who we used . We leave at 5:22 central time in the morning.I agree very easy.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to teddy in Oasis of the Seas - January 30, 2022   
    Two negative test results, thankfully before we board our flight.  
    See everyone onboard!!
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    WAAAYTOOO got a reaction from CravingaCruise in Step side to side to side.... there's a Star in the middle!! Jan 10-28th   
    Not sure how much the baby chicks can help but it sure sounds cute !
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    WAAAYTOOO got a reaction from CravingaCruise in Step side to side to side.... there's a Star in the middle!! Jan 10-28th   
    Did you find some ice to put on your knee ?  Hopefully it's just a temporary minor bump
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Ampurp85 in Step side to side to side.... there's a Star in the middle!! Jan 10-28th   
    I ended up pretty tanned talking to Lauren while Walt did the flowrider. With the bad weather, mid talk, her flight was canceled. Luckily she didn't have to return to work until Monday. I went back to the room and packed, I knew I would be out later than the 10pm bag drop. Around a little after 6pm I went down to catch Gallery of Dreams. I had seen this on my first Mariner sailing and was excited to experience it again.
    As has been the constant with all the shows, it started late and the sound was horrible.  The main guy couldn't carry a tune to save his life and it really took away from how amazing the lead women voices were. There was no blending of harmonies. I left halfway as it got worse as the medley of songs went on. Dinner was originally supposed to be 8:30 hibachi but I changed it because I was originally going to the production show at 9:15. The show was added after PDCC so most dinner plans were already set.
    Izumi on mariner is really popping for hibachi, not so much sushi. Keep in mind that their prefix menu says 1 starter, 2 mains and a dessert. With the UDP its the $35 credit, which isnt the same. I got the vegetable fried rice, chicken kaarage and shrimp tempura. Also the Japanese strawberry is my favorite drink on any ship. It's very funny, even though I start out eating alone, either someone asks me to join them or start including me in the dinner if they are next to me. I really only ate my 2 JR lunches alone.
    After I ordered my meal, a family doing hibachi sent for me. There were about 7, from either Brooklyn or the Bronx. It was 2 cousins, their adult children and spouses. They were themed in dress each night: they did all white, 1920 flappers, 80s and all black. We chatted about how similar our states are while the hibachi chef started making his noise. Two of the seven were celebrating birthdays and I realized I saw them at the slots tournament. The chef sang happy birthday and did his hibachi thing.
    My plan was to catch Adult Majority rules and karaoke as I have never seen it on a RCG ship. Hibachi was going long so at 8:50 I excused myself. Went to the bathroom and just barely found a seat. Everyone I had met was at this game show and we split off into the teams required. We got 7/9 but weren't the winners. Oddly enough it was the family who brought ther 11/12 old child, with food, to an 18 + show. Eventually they took him out but not before he heard some things.  Little caveat, that show was explicit.  Not just the questions but it was full of uninhibited drunks. I went to the bar to get diamond drink #3 and this guy kept telling me about his nether regions. The prize was water bottles.
    We stay through to karaoke....Walt was going to sing. I think they allow for maybe 12 singers each session. The first girl was pretty bad, then 2 older people got up and sang really old songs. There was a girl who sounded like Adele with a sniffle while singing Adele.  She was the best. Poor Walt was nervous and a woman got up to assist him.....it put him on key. They ended up making room for Tim because it was his birthday.  He sung "Baby Got Back"......also he looked just like Riff Raff. A white dude with braids and tomfoolery. I saw him several times and he always had a bud light. He made sure to let us know he was traveling with his mom and that wasn't his wife. My favorite was this super drunk guy who wanted to sing the "Thong song" but was too drunk to sign up properly.  He kept running down and dancing to each song. At one point his shirt was off and being waved around. His wife had to come get him off the floor twice.
    After karaoke they had Latin music. So we parted ways and I head to Cafe promenade for a few slices of pizza. If you don't know, mariner doesn't has a Sorrento's.  They server pizza at the Cafe. The selection had varied but it carnivore, cheese, veggies and pepperoni.  The dessert were pretty basic. I went back to my room and finished packing my carry-on. All the luggage were  still in the hallway closed to midnight. I selected the very last departure as my flight was after 3pm. Breakfast was a mess at 8am so I took my food back to the room to eat. With so few people disembarkation took shorter than anticipated.  My luggage tag 40 was called at 8:40 and not 9am or 9:15 as requested.  I was planning to leave at 8:45 anyway but a few minutes before that my room steward let himself in my room. It was weird. It took another maybe 10min to get through customs and by 9am I was waiting for my ride to the airport.
    I booked my flight through Air2Sea, they don't book before noon, so my flight was much later in the day. I decided to book GoPort to transfer to the airport,  figuring it would kill some time. Lots of people were upset because they had been waiting since 8am and it arrived closed to 9:30. We got to the airport an hour later. I have access to lounges with my credit card so I figured I will kill the time there. Nope.  I was too early and would have to access security again. I have pre check but MCO is a mess. I found a nice seat, took out my laptop and knocked this post and a few emails while I waited.
    I will give my final thoughts later.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to smokeybandit in today having issues with Cruise planner   
    The only issue I'm having with cruise planner today is that their new sale stinks for a certain cruise.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to jack_4321 in Wonder of the Seas Aquatheater   
    From Nick Weir's twitter post a couple days ago, it looks like Wonder's aquatheater will have bench seating instead of chairs. I wonder why they decided to do that.

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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to CrznTxn in Liberty of the Seas - May 16 ~ 22, 2022   
    Scheduled another cruise in between our March and August cruises. It is the wife's birthday during this week and since she retired late last year we can finally go without interfering with her job!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to CrznTxn in Liberty of the Seas - June 19 ~26, 2022   
    The wife cannot get enough cruises in. Now we have one on our anniversary week to celebrate our many, many years together.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Cruisin and Boozin in Oasis of the Seas - January 30, 2022   
    2 of 4 of us tested and negative ready to go. Waiting for son and DIL to test this afternoon. 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to AlmondFarmer in Odyssey of the Seas, Jan. 15, 2022 - The Not Live Blog, Blog   
    On the ship or floating in the sea? 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to teddy in Travel agents & Royal Up   
    I’m glad to read this. 
    My wife and I were talking about this a couple days ago.  We had hoped it was the case. 
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