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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to twangster in Unrest in Baja California   
    I'm thinking CBP will give them a pass.  
    CBP is not typically an unreasonable organization when unexpected events cause a passenger ship to violate the PVSA.   Weather waivers and medical evacuations are common.  I'm betting CBP will let this one go.  
    It would be different if the port had scheduled a port closure weeks in advance and cruise lines embarked in LA anyways knowing they would not be legal.  That clearly demonstrates intent to violate the PVSA.  In this case I don't think the CBP will take the position that Royal or Carnival was intending to violate the PVSA when they embarked.  
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to twangster in Unrest in Baja California   
    📷: marinetraffic.com


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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Dianne B in Allure of the Seas - September 25, 2022   
    We will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary.  We have b2b cruise booked on Allure.  Can't wait, doing the count down.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to John63 in Grandeur of the Seas, 15 August 2022   
    this is my last posting, ready to depart tomorrow
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Bonnen in Word of warning, Airlines are changing flights and sometimes dividing groups travelling together   
    My flight has changed 6 times since I booked it. It was supposed to be nonstop. Not anymore
    At this point as long as i get on the cruise on time. That's all I care about
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to berkeleykel in Wonder of the Seas - 7 night Western Mediterranean - The Crazies with the Kids   
    Pre-departure plans - the boring stuff
    COVID Testing:
    For departures out of Barcelona, the current requirements are for an antigen or PCR test up to 2 days prior to sailing, including for kids age 2 or over who are fully vaccinated.  Since our cruise departs on a Sunday and my 6 year old is fully vaccinated, I've booked tests for me, T and M for Friday morning 2 days before embarkation.  We live walking distance to a DocTap testing location and have used them around a dozen times with good experiences, so we are sticking with what we know.  Tests were GBP 29 each for lateral flow/rapid antigen.  Under 2s are exempt from testing so the Monster gets off easy this time.  He will be sitting back laughing as his older brother, who is the worst COVID testing subject ever, will literally have to be held down by two people to have the stick stuck up his nose.  The day when he doesn't have to test any more will be most welcome to us.
    Flight to Barcelona:
    This is the most annoying aspect of the trip and the part that came closest to husband vetoing the trip entirely. Monster is DREADFUL on flights and we have PTSD from our last vacation on the 4 hour flights to/from Tenerife.  Plus airports in London (as I'm sure is true in many other places) have been struggling with staff shortages and high passenger volumes, resulting in delays, cancellations and general chaos. But like a mother conveniently forgetting the pains of childbirth to have another child, I'm ready to embrace all the stress to get on a big boat with lounge chairs and unlimited cocktails.
    We are flying to Barcelona one day before the cruise.  I don't have any extra vacation days to tack on more time and we spent several days in Barcelona in 2019, so we don't plan to do any sightseeing this time around.
    To make life a little easier we are flying out of London Gatwick, which is quick and easy for us to get to by train.  This prevents the headache of needing to sort out a car service to the airport that would provide car seats, and the anxiety lest the car show up without the right type of seat.  Also have I mentioned Monster is also DREADFUL in car seats?  Living in central London we don't have a car and he's only been in them a few times, and he will shriek his little head off nonstop for hours until he passes out from the stress and audaciousness of being strapped to a seat.  Gatwick also has a separate family line for security that makes the process a bit smoother with all the toddler junk we have to bring.
    From Gatwick to Barcelona we have the option of two budget carriers, EasyJet or Vueling.  We've traveled with EasyJet many times and it's always been okay.  This time, booking only 4 weeks out, EasyJet didn't have good availability so we are trying Vueling for the first time.  We paid extra for front row seats for the extra leg room for Monster to squirm in (and a lack of seats in front of him to kick non stop), and for carry on and checked luggage and a priority check in desk.  All in, the return flights were an eye watering EUR 1700 round trip for 3 seats (Monster in lap as he is under 2, the better for our ears to be as close as physically possible to his screaming lungs).  This is about triple what we paid when we went to Barcelona back in 2019 (on Easyjet with similar seats/bags), which I imagine is a combination of booking late, summer high season, and post-COVID pent up demand.  The flights are just over 2 hours each way. 
    Hotel in Barcelona:
    As noted above we're only staying one night in Barcelona before the cruise (and flying back same day after disembarking).   Hotels prices were crazy ridiculous compared to our last trip here.  We're booked at the Citadines Ramblas in a one bedroom apartment, costing EUR 350 with a non-refundable rate.  The Citadines is a mid-range aparthotel chain with locations mainly in Europe and Asia that we've stayed with a few times (although not this particular location).  We'll have a kitchenette which will be helpful for the fact that Monster still demands a night time bottle of milk.
    Method of transport to/from the airport to the hotel and cruise terminal is still TBD.
    Next up: excursion plans.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Seeking Royal Adventures in Independence of the Seas - August 26 - 29, 2022   
    Booked this for our next Royal Caribbean adventure! Diamond Plus couple looking forward to a fun weekend getaway! 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Shari in Ultimate European Cruise - last segment of the Ultimate World Cruise   
    Hey anyone want to buy an RV 🙂  I have convinced the hubby to go if we sell the RV to pay for it.  Wish me luck!
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    WAAAYTOOO got a reaction from CharmMicah68 in Serenade repo Tampa-Boston great price?   
    Ummm….school ?  Will this not present a work conflict ?
    BTW, that seems like an unbelievable price !
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to FLTraveler in Cocktails!!!!   
    I really like the flavor, but it's too strong for me to take straight. Because I am shameless, I will order it, fill my Freestyle cup halfway with Diet Sprite, and pour the daquiri in... For me, that's a perfect combo!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to twangster in Unrest in Baja California   
    Maybe Navigator can use Carnival as a decoy.  
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Serenade repo Tampa-Boston great price?   
    I am not teaching the 2023-2024 school year! But the kids present a huge conflict. Not sure if I can leave 2 high school kids for two weeks lol. Might have to go solo 😂
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    WAAAYTOOO got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Serenade repo Tampa-Boston great price?   
    Ummm….school ?  Will this not present a work conflict ?
    BTW, that seems like an unbelievable price !
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Bowen in Did we miscalculate our testing day? 😲   
    Have so much fun!
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to TVA68 in Allure of the Seas July 2 - 9th 2023   
    So excited for this cruise. 
    Who’s sailing~
    Royal Loft Suite~Me my two twin sons, their bff & my dear brother. 
    2Br Aqua (10330) my BFF of 26 years her DH &  her two sons. 
    Hope to meet other cruise crazy travelers. 
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    So happy to see our roll call on here officially!!!
    My name is Tina. I’ll be traveling with my twin boys (14) and my dear brother. We are staying in a 2 BR Aqua. I think it’s 10330.
    So excited. It will be our 1st star class cruise. 
    Have become completely obsessed with YouTube videos of the ship & cabins. About to start deep dive into STAR CLASS & the magical Genie!
    Is it too soon to start a countdown?
    ‘We are also booked on ALLURE 7/2-7/9 Star class as well. Hitting up that roll call next. 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to John63 in Grandeur of the Seas, 15 August 2022   
    good morning 0 daysto go, our ship is at sea today, and tomorrow will be in Galveston for our boarding, it will be 83/91 sunny.  While inHuntsville today it is 74/96 sunny.  This might be my last posting.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to RCIfan1912 in Did we miscalculate our testing day? 😲   
    Leaving for Port Liberty in about 2 hours. Our check in time is 10:30-11:30 but on our cruise 2 weeks ago a guy that works in the terminal said, Oasis is crazy and get here at 10AM. Love inside info by accident. 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to smokeybandit in Unrest in Baja California   
    Navigator is not in Ensenada this morning, however still shows an arrival there but not until 1:45pm
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to Ampurp85 in A Cheapskates Guide To Cruising-Harmony of the Seas-August 21-28 2022-Live Blog   
    I think I want to know why you need extra undies after Taco bell?????
    When I was married, I am widowed, my husband was a known idiot. Grown man......mind you.... was so proud when he packed his first bag. It contained a pair of our sheets and a jean jacket. We were going to Ireland in April. For almost a month. No clothes, no toiletries. A jacket that didn't even belong to us and sheets. We were sharing this luggage and that's what he thought we needed. 
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to teddy in A Cheapskates Guide To Cruising-Harmony of the Seas-August 21-28 2022-Live Blog   
    I get the whole packing thing.
    My wife:  Is that what you're wearing?
    Me: I guess not.  😐
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to teddy in Word of warning, Airlines are changing flights and sometimes dividing groups travelling together   
    I was amazed at how long the service center line was in Miami last winter when our flight was canceled at the last minute.  My wife jumped up to run with the mob (and it was a mob scene), and I grabbed her arm and asked her to sit down while I rebooked us on the next available flight via the app (turned out to be the next day).
    The line for the American Airlines rebooking center went way down the terminal, almost to the baggage claim escalators.  It was insane, as were most of the people in the line.
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to smokeybandit in Unrest in Baja California   
    WHo knew sailing to Ensenada would require the same security posture as a Strait of Hormuz transit
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to twangster in Unrest in Baja California   
    Not a good weekend to be in Northern Baja.
    The message in Spanish read: “Be warned. As of Friday at 10 p.m. through Sunday at 3 a.m. we’re going to create mayhem so the (expletive) government frees our people. We’re the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, we don’t want to hurt good people but it’s best they don’t go outside, we’re going to attack anyone we see on the streets on these days.”
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    WAAAYTOOO reacted to smokeybandit in Lactose Free Milk   
    I tried almond milk in coffee once.

    It made my coffee taste like buttered popcorn.
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