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  1. 1 hour ago, Jim82Mac said:

    Apologies for reviving an old thread but, I have a question about repricing. I booked a cruise on an online website (prior to finding my MEI agent) and I wanted to reprice today, but was told that I can't because it has to be in the same 5D category. I wanted to go from 5D to a 2E (obstructed balcony), which would have saved me about $225. Earlier this year I was able to go from a Studio Balcony, to a regular balcony and saved some coin without issue. But, now that I want to go down to a different balcony, they said this is not possible. They said I have to look for price drops only in 5D. Is this accurate, I can only reprice same category (5D) or price up even though I am still in a balcony cabin? 

    Thanks for any insight, or links to policies and/or procedures I can read. 



    No, this doesn’t sound right.  Are you past your final payment date ?  That really shouldn’t matter though.  If the Agency permits repricing and you are not yet past final payment, they should be able to reprice any cabin.

  2. 1 hour ago, PRebecca said:

    I told him I couldn't take it, we had to go sooner!

    This is precisely how we became the cruise fiends that we are now !  We started out booking 1 cruise/year.  Then I realized there was no way I could wait an entire YEAR, so we ended up booking another cruise, before the one we had already booked...and then the mean-time-between-cruises (MTBC) became less and less and now...well....you know how that story ends....

  3. 1 hour ago, Vangrizz said:

    I wonder if there's a direct correlation between the tasty drinks and the incorrect trivia answers...I suggest more research to confirm.

    Although you already got more musician instruments right than I would have. Eric Clapton and Louis Armstrong probably would have been it for me.

    I would have gotten Ravi Shankar.  That's the only other one I recognized !  ...that's b/c I am very old.

  4. 6 hours ago, Shanenz84 said:

    Day 1 - Pre-cruise 

    Finally...Here we go! Work all done and time to pack! Flight is tommorow from Auckland, New Zealand (my home) to Sydney, Australia at around 4pm NZ time. It’s about a 3 hour flight. 

    Just like RoyalUp, Air New Zealand have OneUp so Premium Economy upgrade approved! A great start to the holiday. Will be in Sydney for 3 nights pre-cruise. 

    Further Day 1 updates to come. 

    Have a great trip !

  5. The problem (for me) with bringing my own straws is that I have no way to really carry them.  I know some people bring collapsible straws but that is not something I would do.  The whole bunch of plastic straws that I took with me on Oasis in December sat right where I left them when we unpacked.

  6. 1 minute ago, Cakelady said:

    We will be on the March 15th sailing of the Oasis.  This will be my first cruise and I am so excited.  I'm curious if RC still uses plastic straws or will I need to being my own if I do not want to use a paper one.  I just dont like the paper straw feeling in my mouth.  

    Unfortunately, Royal has stopped using any plastic straws. If you want plastic you will have to bring your own

  7. 9 minutes ago, HAK1906 said:

    In a Junior Suite. I know that Coastal Kitchen is available to me for dinner, when will I be able to reserve a place.  I don't see it as a dinner option in the Cruise Planner?

    You can go to the CK when you board and makes dinner reservations. Depending on the ship, you may have to make them daily if you want more than 1 night.  Some ships will let you make reservations for multiple nights and some won’t. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Baked Alaska said:

    Yes, but I was thinking that if we win the bid and they don't notify us until the week of sailing, the Genie will not have had the opportunity to contact us a month prior. 

    It’s possible that you will have less lead time with the Genie if you get a last minute RoyalUp...but I still think you would have enough time.  Frankly, you will not have much of any interaction with the Concierge when you are Star Class.

  9. Yes, you can substitute a new passenger for the child that may have to cancel.

    If you decide to just sail with one child in that room, I recommend that you do nothing and just allow him/her to be a “no-show”.  If you advise RCI that you are adjusting the pax count, it is possible that they would reprice at an almost certainly higher single pax rate.  A few $$ in taxes and port fees would be refunded as OBC for the no-show.

  10. 1 minute ago, Hags1684 said:

    So we've heard Matt say several times to watch your fare and reprice if it drops. I understand that most of the time this is refunded in OBC or am I wrong ? Also, if I take a reprice and the fare drops again can we get it repriced again or is it a one and done kinda thing? Thanks for the info in advance.

    No, your refund from a fare repricing is returned to the CC that was used.  The only time you will get refund money as OBC is if you cancel or reprice or make some kind of adjustment after you board.  

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