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  1. Two fires in the shipyard where this ship is being built, I'm staying off this ship.
  2. I use travel agent to let them deal with the issues
  3. My TA is expecting word that RC is going to cancel all Alaska cruises this summer, M holland, Carnival & Princess have canceled
  4. Word on the street is M. Holland has canceled all Alaska cruising this summer & RC is expected to follow
  5. Advice on who to book whale watching & Meddenhall glacier tour in Juneau for August?
  6. You just what you feel comfortable with, not what others expect you to do
  7. Don't rent from Ernesto's the jeeps are so run down, all rusty & no brakes
  8. Much more accurate perspective, God bless the families. If my cruise was delayed for this reason I would totally understand & be respectful
  9. Common sense the fog will make these activities un-safe (slippery) for guests & why chance a law suit because someone wants to chance using the activities, should not have to put up a sing closed due to weather when it's obvious, I'm sorry weather did not co-operate but these small activities should not be the reason your honeymoon would be ruined
  10. We did this on Freedom in 2016 and our 8yr old enjoyed it
  11. It's becoming obvious that no-one responds to the messages you send them asking about your account, I have sent 3 messages in 3 days and no response & I have left a voice mail, with no response
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