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  1. Thanks, that makes me feel a bit better. We will probably get the internet as well-so maybe worth it-but it is good to know the tendering was not something to worry about.
  2. It was so much cheaper for us to fly into FLL as well. I’ve always wanted to go to South Beach, so we are staying there for the night. We also arrive around noon, so wanted something active for the kids to do all day. I’ve booked cars transport. We have 7 in our group-so I find multiple Uber’s just a pain. With all that being said-last time we stayed in Ft Lauderdale and it was no trouble getting to the port in the morning.
  3. We are looking to go on a Greek Isles Cruise in the Rhapsody next year out of Venice. I know that several of the ports we will visit will be tender ports. Does anyone have any experience with the Key and priority rendering?
  4. I visited Antigua several years ago and our guide kept discussing the earthquakes that had destroyed the city over and over again until the point that the capital was moved. After getting back to our high rise hotel in Guatemala City; the next day we experienced an Earthquake! No damage done, but there was quite a bit of sway from the top floors of the building. All I could think about for those briefs moments were the ruins we had just left. An experience not soon forgotten.
  5. I can’t wait for this review and all of the other Star Class reviews. We are taking our first Star Class Cruise in April and have just never been more excited. I have an 11 year old also. Thank you for taking the time to bring us along. I think starting this blog 45 days ahead really represented a great amount of strength from you-is 150 days too soon?!?
  6. I’m so excited to hear about your experience. We are *patiently* or maybe not so patiently waiting for our first Star Class Cruise in April. Have ever best time!
  7. Does anyone know of the AquaTheather shows and movies are going to be ready after dry dock? There was some discussion on a fb page that there will be a delay with the shows. Any thoughts? Sorry if this has already been discussed, I looked back several pages on this thread and didn’t see it.
  8. I just saved $1200 on our booking. I was surprised. The cruise fare did not change, but the discounts were increased. We had BOGO 50% plus a $300 credit. So after you take away the credit, we saved $900.
  9. Do you need to make a reservation? I saw on their website reservations for the all-inclusive option, but we do not need that.
  10. My parents just went on a great excursion with Caribbean Paddling 2 months ago. It was our 2nd time using them. Great day, on time-everything perfect. I think it is just a case of contacting a similar company. Hope you have fun on your trip!
  11. First time Star Class and first time Royal Caribbean cruiser here as well. I would also like to know some of the more hidden inclusions of Star Class. For example, I was surprised the Escape Room and the Cupcake Class were included-anything else? We are on the “new” Oasis of the Seas this spring-so I know my kids would love Laser Tag-is it included? I also saw on a blog where you could get Cotten Candy from the sweet shop or other snacks. Also, how does the “priority” for things like the Abyss or the Flowrider work? Or do you even have priority? Sorry to be so clueless here-
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