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  1. Final day ...*tears*... today is Perfect Day at Coco Cay. I actually really enjoyed this location with all of the new renovations. I mean besides the fact that it was ridiculously hot (and I’m from Miami but it was a scorcher). Ate breakfast, then made our way off the ship to the pool bar and stat there for a bit. Enjoyed a couple drinks, then went over and watched a few volley ball tournaments, (my younger brother played in a few). Ended our time on the island, at the beach portion, where we saw a Manta Ray. That was pretty cool. We then headed over to the Oasis pool to close out. The island overall is absolutely beautiful, next time, I want to make sure we hit the thrill park. Back on the ship, tonight they had the Hall and Oates Concert and they did fireworks from Coco Cay for the birthday celebration. Didn’t really want to go to CK for dinner, so I ordered Chops to the room instead... last couple figures are the last photos of the room and then pictures from debarkation day..... back to reality ...it was fun while it lasted..... well until June,....countdown for the next star class cruise (June 2020 Ovation and December 2020 Odyssey) A98C0AF0-54FF-4B59-962D-881C0D48AD78.MOV 84D40634-B96C-44FE-A3F9-D02AE36601BD.MOV 38AB49E9-E868-4C57-A1D3-A4B5E70A93BD.MOV 306CA57A-7335-42C4-840B-10D1F1AEBF79.MOV
  2. Sorry for the delay.....unfortunately after coming back from the cruise, life picks up again ? So Day 6 was our final sea day, and this was the day that they did all the celebrations for the 50th Birthday. Although we had the balloon drop on the first night, they had a second tonight with Black and Gold Balloons. Overall was a pretty relaxing day, didn’t do much besides hit the few things on the ship that we hadn’t done yet. Also they a had izkate 2.0 tonight, which is a nice stunt type show in my opinion. Tomorrow is the final day, and it ends at Perfect Day Coco Cay. Dinner tonight was at 150 Central Park..... Loved it, ate way to much, but, that’s a problem I will deal with back in Miami 07870BEB-121F-4FB2-A24B-F525EF06B8DE.MOV 2F5BFF80-8785-434A-BA7B-9BC06B7A2267.MOV
  3. Day 5 of the cruise, started a little different, decided to go down to Windjammer, just to try something different, since CK menu remains the same everyday. Not too bad, also met my other family that was on board there, so that was also a plus. Today was Puerto Rico day, we actually arrived into port earlier, so wanted to try and get off early if we could since we had to be back by 330pm. So once we made it off the ship, PR is absolutely beautiful only wish we had more time to really explore the city. Took a quick tour of a couple sights, it was blazing hot outside.... made sure to stop and get some mofongo from one of the local restaurants. Once we made it back to the ship, today was to be the sail away on the helipad, too bad mid way through it started raining. (Started off as light rain, so I didn’t really mind, however as it progressively got worse, that was a no go). Tonight’s dinner was at Izumi, met some great people at the table with us, also from Miami, (One couple celebrating their 40 year anniversary....Laugh of the night was the lady said at the start of the meal no salt on anything for her as it took her 8 different pairs of shoes to find one that fit today...enjoyed a laugh about that at Coco Cay as well). Overall the meal was just ok for me. From dinner, we went to Flight, which is amazing. If you are on symphony you have to see this show. Quite a few people missed it because it was only shown for two days, but the night we saw it (first show) the entire theater was filled. Final thing for the night was the crazy quest game show. Hilarious time. Definitely a must. Overall a very busy day and long day, but definitely a great day!! PS on Crazy Quest we were team 5 (check the video for the guy we dressed lol) A75BB4EE-16F0-40AA-A7DD-007C19A7D14F.MOV
  4. Ok so I’m back home, so let me catch up the rest of the way thru the cruise. Day 4 was St.Maarten. Started off the day as with most days in CK, then went back grabbed my book bag and we were off. Island was beautiful, found a guide that offered a tour of the entire city (Dutch Side and a French side) for $10/person, so seemed like a pretty good deal. We did 5r tour which took about 3 hrs, then headed back, had to stop and pick up a couple “duty free items” lol. Finally back on the ship, showered and relaxes a bit then off to dinner at Jamie’s (sorry didn’t remember pictures) to end the evening we saw Hiro, excellent show, very entertaining. FD609043-B332-4576-BC15-08B533EFB001.MOV 305DE086-6B9E-413D-B437-BE2EB5C132C4.MOV 1B5F3547-F35D-478C-BB5D-1F7C8CE2B871.MOV
  5. Final night on board. I will update the last couple days once I make it back home. Unfortunately tonight I have to do that dreaded task again and pack bags ??..... This was an excellent cruise, great experience, so much fun. Can’t wait until the next......Star class from now on. One additional thing, Sunil is leaving 12/14 for anyone that is cruising symphony after that.... i will update on the other days and perfect day at cocoa tomorrow.
  6. Typically we send messages via Facebook messenger, but he says if we need anything quicker we can call him. The app doesn’t have a way to communicate (I don’t think)
  7. I used the app. It has all the menus there. But I did send Sunil a message with what we wanted and he had it delivered. I had the same luck as you, I tried calling and I never got thru, or it was more hassle than I wanted to deal with so I just asked Sunil and he took care of it for me.
  8. Day 3 (At Sea Day 2), so today started with an actual plan of things to do, even at sea. First things first... breakfast at CK.... very good as Always, followed by a private bridge tour for the 3 of the Star Class Rooms (total of 9 people on the tour), was amazing to see the amount of technology that goes into guiding this ship. That was exciting. From there, proceeded to go back to the room really quickly to drop some things off, not before Sunil asked that we give him things to do. So to oblige, I asked for lunch from Izumi and then seats at the aqua nation show (point of humor, I sent Sunil a message about the show, and he agreed to get us the seats, then when I let him know we were on the way down, he thought I was talking about later in the cruise. Come to find out, none of the genies knew about the Aqua Nation show today, but I sent him a picture of the cruise compass, and he said he had to run over to get seats because it didn’t show on their cruise compass). Either way, #SuperGenieSunil made it happen and we had seats right in the middle.... only bad part was the sun was blazing!!! (Definitely received an unwanted tan) From aqua nation, we proceeded to do more exploring, went down ultimate abyss a couple times, picked up a shake from Johnny rockets, then came back to the room to watch a dodgeball game they were having on the sports court.... my favorite part of the the night and my cruise so far.... We went to Chops Grille for dinner..... and I must say it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.... everything I had.... EXCEPTIONAL!!!! I must say, to anyone on any RCCL ship that has Chops.... for dinner you will not be disappointed. The Black pepper bacon.... “Heavenly”..... Lamb, wonderful.....red velvet cake.... OH MY and all concluded with a cappuccino and the waiter we had made it even better!!! So far that’s its for tonight.... still early with a lot of things that I can do..... off to find something to get myself into, lol! IMG_0184.MOV
  9. Ok.... so Day 2 was interesting..... pretty much a relaxing day. Explored the ship here and there, I asked Sunil about the escape room and he reserved us a private session..... (We Made It Out!!). From there, we took it easy and enjoyed the ship, around 7pm we went to dinner at Wonderland. all I can say.... #NotAFan and I’ll leave it at that.... After Dinner we met up with Sunil and he had seats for us at 1977, another great show. (Ps we have definitely been taking advantage of the Starbucks inclusion on board.) I’m really enjoying this Star Class Life! After the show, to try and make up for wonderland, I ordered Playmakers to the room..... and that pretty much summed up the night
  10. Night ended watching the balloon drop..... and not much more. New Day.... out on the open seas.... excited for what’s in store...
  11. So, after a brief sit with Sunil for discussion of perks, etc, we went off to lunch at Coastal Kitchen. Wasn’t really crowded (I think because of the time, as the night progressed, I have seen and interacted with many pinnacle guests (one of which last night is from Canada @Lovetocruise2002 (they have 4 cruises including this one before the end of the year #Jealous) Fast forward...... for Dinner tonight, Sunil booked us in Hooked. I was really excited actually as I’m a big seafood person! When we arrive, to say the greeting and service was subpar would be an understatement. We arrived and were asked to sit, then a group that came after us came in and were seated immediately. I brushed it off, then we were seated. We were at our table for about 10minutes before anyone even came over and said anything..... not a good start, so, as Sunil asked (if I have any issues send him a message) I sent him a message about the issue, and within seconds, the manager comes over and apologizes and both him and the waiter take care of us for the remainder of the service. #SunilSuperGenie Sunil comes by a little bit later in the meal to check on us and see how things are going and tell us about the reservations for Hairspray for tonight. Let me just say, while initial contact was a little scarce, Sunil is absolutely amazing!!! After dinner we have a little time to kill so we walk the promenade, and then finally go to meet Sunil in the Royal Theater for Hairspray. He has reserved seats front row....(I’m almost a little embarrassed to walk by all of these people who waited and us just strolling in and coming to the front) however, I get there, the show is awesome, but.... this is where the Cruisers from Canada have us some insight, Scott, (The husband), told me he had seen the show about 25 times, and in order to enjoy shows like this, you should see if from both perspectives, up close as we were to see the facial expressions and then a little further back to see the actual totality of the show. Made sense, we all planned together to go see it again in 2 days. Food Pictures are : 1- Crab cake (absolutely amazing) 2- Oyster Trio (I enjoyed all except the Champagne and Brie) 3- Ceviche - Very Good 4- Whole Stuffed Lobster - Wonderful **No Room for Dessert**
  12. PS, for anyone wondering as I was if there is a second minibar upstairs, the answer is yes
  13. Once we arrived at the waiting area, they told us that Sunil had just took another family up and would be back shortly, (We weren’t in a rush and truthfully we made it through security faster than I even thought possibly anyway so, I had nothing but time). Sunil arrives, and after a brief conversation, we are off and on headed on the ship (our bags right next to us with the porter), get to the elevator (he uses his “magic key”) no waiting or stopping to get to deck 17! (Too bad i cant get one of these the entire cruise ?) Made it upstairs to the suite.... and OMG! I’m blown away!
  14. So, having finally experienced day one of being star class, I must say I and completed and utterly impressed. From the time that I walked into the port, it was seamless. Checked in, they took us off to the side and up the elevators, and straight to security. Entire process from car to inside the terminal awaiting the genie took possibly 5-7minutes. (#MindBlown) (There’s a couple photos of the port experience and the waiting area.)
  15. Excellent.... didn’t get to go into detail about it yesterday, was a long day. But that’s coming next!
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