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  1. I finally Received the Initial survey today!!!! Its getting closer!! I only wish there was a way to actually print it instead of having to strictly do it online in one session...….. any tips??
  2. So, I am trying to figure out which way would be best and get me the greatest benefits. I am going to be on Symphony in less than 50 days, and I am thinking about booking Odyssey of the Seas for next year (Star Class). Would it be better to wait for Next Cruise to take advantage of the OBC that they give through Next Cruise, or just do like I did most of the reservations and call and get the room booked?
  3. Hopefully it doesn't end up going in my junk folder. I usually clear it weekly and every week I end up with hundreds that I just hit empty on. Fingers crossed it will come soon. I cannot wait !!!. From all of the various blogs that I have read about it, it seems like such a great experience.
  4. So I am about 52 Days out and I still haven't heard anything from anyone as of yet. Not sure if I have high expectations or more excitement to get this process started...….. but I guess I will continue to wait
  5. That's sort of disappointing...… was sort of looking forward to that dark blue card …….
  6. A New question that I have based on some of the comments that I have read from others. Is it true that they are limiting the number of appetizers or entrees that you order from a specialty restaurant at one time? For example, I have looked at 150 Central Parks new menu, and there are several things on there that I definitely want to try. In the past, I know I had no issue getting multiple entrees (it wasn't from a specialty restaurant, likewise I wasn't star class) But just looking for some insight. **Side note...…….Its getting closer!!… 2 months away and counting!!!!***
  7. When I was Sky class on Harmony, I did CK for lunch on most days (Just to avoid the chaos in Windjammer) and while I agree the lunch was absolutely delicious with the "status" cruisers of the 50th BDay and Presidents Cruise together, Im sure it will be saturated with the Higher tiers (which I am not...…..yet!!) …. and while I would love to be able to say I have the patience to sift through all of the people...….I know I don't.....
  8. Ok. Sounds like a plan. Playmakers it will be. Should be a few college games on as well, so that may be even better. I agree, I am not trying to make the job of the Genie any more stressful that I'm sure it already is. I will leave the load of ordering for the next couple of sea days (I plan to take full advantage of the covered a la carte menus as well....lol) I am. First Star Class...… Cant wait for the one that follows, and really looking forward to hopefully doing the Oasis 5 Transatlantic. Want to try and circle back to Oasis and Allure also since they are revamping and adding a couple restaurants on those too, but have to see where they can fit..... Have to catch the right deal. On a side note, I saw on the FB group someone mentioned they had $2,600 in OBC through Royal and then transferring to Priceline...… Have you/anyone ever done something like this? I impressed myself when I had $400, but when I read $2,600...…….
  9. That would be my only hesitation, being on 17 and CK being so convenient, that I get tired of the menu. I am thinking more of a Playmakers as an option for the first day. I have seen a couple blogs that for the Key Guests now everything is in the MDR but with the Chops Menu. Is this more because they are allowing more people to participate or they are just changing the venue to keep the specialty restaurant where people with the UDP or Star Class can go and still have seating? Also, the idea of having food in the room crossed my mind as well. I saw a couple pics of someone who had a whole seafood spread (I'm a major seafood lover btw) in their room for embarkation day. How hard would that be to accomplish being that on SY Hooked is not open for lunch that day only dinner? ( @Lovetocruise2002 Im sure Im really over thinking this...….sorry!)
  10. General question...… Have they changed the color of the seapass card for the Royal Suite Class? I know in the past Sky was the Plum Color and Star was the Deep Blue color. Recently I saw a post that someone had a Star Class card that was the Plum Color. Anyone have any insight?
  11. OK. I think Ive only been there maybe once or twice for lunches, but never on embarkation day. Never actually been to Sabor, may have to check that out. I did want to try a couple other places for lunches, but I saw that a few weren't open on embarkation day. I was actually thinking to do Playmakers on Sunday (Day 2) to catch the football games etc. (And its the first sea day) Chops may be what I end up going with. Some family members are going to get the key, so this will at least be one meal that we can have together, as Im going to try to avoid the MDR. I definitely have to make sure I mention the ice. Thank you. Didn't even think about that, especially since they would have just put it in there not long before. Im really big on water more than anything, so I have to make sure I have plenty of that in the room, too bad its only Evian
  12. So Final payments for the cruise were due on 08/04...… All paid up, looking forward to November. Hopefully they will announce the additional entertainment that will be on board during this cruising. I think I have come to the resolve that I will try and avoid the MDR for the entire cruise....and maybe even Windjammer too...…. Want to make sure I put that unlimited specialty restaurants to the test!!!! Definitely scouting out Izumi for Sushi, Hooked a few times, Chops, etc!! An aside question, I know that people with they Key can have a special lunch in Chops during embarkation day, can Star Class get in as well, or is it not even worth the hassle of trying to get in with the number of Key guest that are trying to get in for lunch? @Lovetocruise2002 In your opinion is CK the better option for lunch on embarkation day? I know it is one of your favs!
  13. Yes I actually read it and followed along during your cruse (as I am on your current one). Full of great information and insight to your experiences, thank you!! Thank you for the insight. I have Ovaition planned for next June in Alaska, also Star Class, excited about that one as well. So essentially it will depend on the ship the and the genie what is "covered." I actually had in my mind to do the escape room, find those pretty enjoyable, and even if I have to pay the $20 that's fine, but if I don't have to, of course Im not volunteering, lol. An aside question, check in for this cruise actually begins on the 4th (which happens to be the same day that final payments are due) is it suggested from everyone's star class journeys that I check in on the first day, or does it really matter?
  14. That makes complete sense. Thank you. Im sure I will have more questions about expectations as I find out who my genie will be. In the mean time, Enjoy your cruise on Symphony (I'm following along on your blog lol) and Happy Anniversary!!!
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