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  1. I have had many an adjoining room and don't recall the sofa being lost. The last two cruises the sofa I know was there, HOS and Radiance. I hope there is a a price drop. $69 a day is about what my next cruise cost is as well.
  2. Was on HOS in June. DD 17 did attend adult karaoke a couple of nights with us and no problem. We were asked to leave an evening adult (18+) dance party in Dazzles.
  3. I have never found a need for the hooks with just two in the room. If you had more than I can see the need. We cruise over and over again due to my anxiety of new things. And like many on this site I plan everything to relieve my pre-cruise/vacation anxiety. I would recommend spending some time reviewing the deck plans before boarding. It helps me to know where things are before I board.
  4. They may not be able to drink, but they can go to the late night night clubs, adult karaoke, adult comedy and use the solarium.
  5. I take my breakfast every morning on the balcony. I read and nap there too from time to time. Did HOS this past June never found it too hot or windy on our eastern caribbean cruise.
  6. Check to see how many persons each room can sleep. I have noticed if your room is a 3 or 4 person room there is an up charge for that room if you only book two persons. So if the rooms as connecting and each can sleep up to 4 persons you may see an up charge. Price each room separably with two and then 4 persons. Or RCI has figured out what many of us figured out years ago. Booking connecting rooms is like a two room suite at a fraction of the cost of a two room suite.
  7. The BSoA have been camping on the USS Yorktown for decades. In college I'd sneak on the ship after hours with dates knowing that the security would think I was with the BSoA.
  8. If you come to Charleston walk down town and take a tour. See a plantation or three . Middleton, Boone Hall and Magnolia are all great. Take in a museum. Walk along the Battery and rest in the shade of White Point Gardens. Do a house tour or two. Tour the Old Customs House and Dungeon. Learn about pirates. Visit Fort Sumter and Moultrie. If it is Friday afternoon get over to The Citadel and watch a dress parade. Get out of the City and hike the Francis Marion Forest. See ancient oyster mounds, wolves, raptors. Lots to do. Try fried green tomatoes, red rice, shrimp and grits, okra, she crab soup, seafood of all kinds. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. More Trivia: Charleston is home to the oldest museum in the USA and the oldest municipal college in the US and oldest college in SC, The College of Charleston. The City was the sight of the first major defeat of the British in 1776. The first shots of the Civil War were fired on the Federal supply ship Star of the West, then later Fort Sumter.
  10. On a more positive note, here is some Charleston trivia: Charles Towne was first settled in 1670 by the British on the west bank of the Ashley River. Currently the location is known as Charlestowne Landing State Park. It includes a replica of the original settlement and 17th century sailing vessel, a zoo of native animals, and the plantation that was owned by Dr. and Mrs. Waring. Mrs. Waring deeded the land to the state upon her death. Dr. Warring was famous for his painless injections and the MUSC historical library is named after him. He was also brother to Federal Judge J. W. Waring famous for beginning school desegregation cases that would lead to Brown vs Board of Education. The Waring House would become known as the Governor's House after the plantation was deeded to the state. If you are in Charleston, Charlestowne Landing is a great place to start your tour. It is not down town but only 10 minutes by car or taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc.
  11. Charleston is much smaller than New Orleans and much of it is at or above mean high tide. Road flooding is the real issue with little damage to homes or business. Lower Market Street (eastern most market) shops flood from time to time and I have seen the water there knee deep and deeper in spots. Wife got a nasty infection in her toe back in the summer of 1990, when we were dating, walking through the water on Market Street on her way to work. I forgot to mention that the storm sewers still have some household and business waste/sewage that leaks in from pipes dating back to the late 1800's. Please don't walk or play in Charleston's flooded streets. It is not just rain water. Medical side note: if the brackish water is warm (80+F) it can grow Vibrio vulnificus, which can cause a nasty infection if you have an open wound, scrape or scratch and wade in the water. This organism killed many folks who waded in the waters following Katrina in New Orleans. Originally their deaths were reported as caused by Vibrio cholerae or cholera. I grew up being told not to play or wade in the flood waters. My wife who grew up in Rock Hill (did you catch that) was attending the College of Charleston in 1990 and did not know better.
  12. Oh. boy!!! The flooding at high tide and with rain storms has always been a problem. And when both happens it is a real problem. I do not believe it is any more so than 30 years ago. 1st find a map from say 1780 of the peninsula of Charleston. Then compare to a map from today. You discover two things: 1. Much of the current city is constructed on waist fill dirt. 2. Many of the current streets and roads sit on tidal creeks as mapped in 1780. Walk around some of the newer buildings in MUSC area and you will notice 2-3 feet of subsidence of the parking lots around the buildings and you can see under the buildings (large buildings like hotels and hospitals). Those buildings are build on pilings to a minimum depth of 33 feet some more. The buildings stay but the parking lots sink under the weight of the asphalt. Some of the streets are build on fill as well and many are built on colvert that contains the tidal creek under the street and acts as the storm sewer. Thus heavy rain and high tide means storm sewer flows in reverse. In approx 1992 or 1994 Mayor Riley enacted a flood control fee of $4 per month to pay to solve the flooding. The fee is much higher now. His plan was to pump the excess water underground during flooding and pump back into the ocean at low tide. A deep hole was constructed over 20 years and no improvement. (Currently a new bigger deeper hole is being constructed). Why no improvement? Because there is not a hole big enough or deep enough to pump the entire ocean into and that is what has to happen. Remember the tidal creeks flood the city and are fed by the ocean. I had this discussion with an engineer for the third firm hired by the city to solve the problem in 2005. He agreed with me. The only thing that would have a chance of working is to construct a dike/levee around the city. Then you could pump storm water out of the bowl. Like in New Orleans.
  13. Charleston is a great city for a port call. I've voiced much of my knowledge on a new port terminal. Would anyone like to know something about Charleston? I grew up there, attended The Citadel and MUSC, was a city tour guide and horse cop. I've flopped, boarded and stayed in many place down town. Questions?
  14. You are correct. There is barely enough for one ship. Much of it in a gravel lot. The plan for a new terminal would include a parking garage currently where the cargo terminal warehouses are. With the advent of containerized shipping those warehouses are under used.
  15. There are some other options. A new cruise terminal could be built up the river in North Charleston. It would remove many of the concerns of the SNOB's (Slightly North Of Broad Street), but would require buses and/or ferries to move passengers to downtown. As it is now you get off the ship just a block (blocks in Charleston are very small)from The Market and can walk about anywhere you want downtown. No work has been done on that solution to the best of my knowledge and would have to start from scratch.
  16. I understand their concerns, but the plan calls for the new terminal to replace the existing cargo terminal. Large cargo ships, trucks and trains are at the current terminal 24/7 along with large cargo cranes that cover the sky line. The issue went to the SC Supreme court this past summer. I do not believe the court has issued a ruling on the current state permits. The Army Corps of Engineers permits are being challenged on the federal court side as well. I believe it will happen, but may take several more years before ground is broke.
  17. I live less than an hour away. It would be nice to take advantage of some of those last minute cruise sales for a weekend trip.
  18. Grew up in Charleston and live a short drive away. I would love for RC to home port there. The current very old passenger terminal is too small for many of the newer ships. Currently, Carnival Sunshine is based out of Charleston. The Sunshine replaced the Ecstasy in the last year or so. There are plans to build a new passenger terminal with parking. These plans have been on hold for many years due to obstruction by folks opposed to expansion of the cruise industry in Charleston. Plans to widen and deepen the channel have been approved this month. This improvement manly benefits the container-ship port as the current depth and width of the channel is good for most cruise ships. I believe that Charleston will not see any other ships homeported until a new terminal with parking is constructed. The old mayor was in favor of a new terminal, but the current mayor is not.
  19. Never done the excursion. But swam with a leopard ray once off the beach about 10 years ago. Our last visit my wife and I stepped on a ray that was hidden under the sand just a couple of feet into the water off of Chill Island in the cabana section. We both felt its tail whip our legs and both thought it was a small fish nibbling at our skin. We were surprised to see the small sting ray, about the size of a dinner plate, swim away when we moved a couple of steps over.
  20. I hope they add one night to our double stop in 2020. Found a You Tube video and it looked like fun.
  21. We cruised in early Dec once and it was nice to see the ship decorated. Seems like Santa visited the ship for the little one. That was many years ago and may very from ship to ship.
  22. Great reminders of our cruise on HOTS this past June. Thanks for posting.
  23. In general the winter in the south we see fewer insects. I've never been to Coco Cay in Jan so I can not give you good intelligence. The old picnic style lunch on Coco Cay was bad with flies. Like I said in a earlier post, I saw few if any flies in June with Perfect Day. If you are truly worried, you could return to the ship for lunch.
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