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  1. As said, you can use the app to do anything on board - the use of the app is free. But you can only book shows/entertainment once you're on board. Booking dining, depends. If you're doing a dining package, you have to reserve times on board, but you can go to any specialty restaurant upon boarding or there's usually a station for specialty dining in the promenade you can reserve times at. It is 1st come 1st serve. If you have my time dining, I think you can book that on the cruise planner pre cruise, if not, you can reserve a time w/the Maitre D upon boarding as well.
  2. Day of cruise (for you - 6/26) Day 0 Day before cruise (6/25) 1 Day before Day before that (6/24) 2 days before Earliest you can test is Friday, 6/24/22
  3. I wasn't doubting you lol - just very shocked they have gone to 10am arrival times!
  4. Welcome to the Message Boards - Be sure to check out the Roll Call area to see if your cruise is listed & there may also be a Facebook page for your sailing as well. Worst case, she should meet other same aged kids at Adventure Ocean once on board!
  5. 10AM? I never saw 10am PRE Covid, say nothing of now.
  6. 1030 will be the earliest boarding time, although based on my recent experience (5/29 cruise) you can get to the terminal, through security and checked in by 1000/1015. You'll be directed to a seating area and when it's time to board, they'll call you by the area/row you're seated in. There will be plenty of porters there to take your luggage.
  7. I was just on Oasis and as she was amplified in 2019, she is not scheduled for dry dock anytime soon. There is also no ongoing refurbishment and I have seen no list of "refurbished" cabins. If you're comparing the cabins to Harmony/Symphony/Wonder - yes, they're not as modern/new, but the cabins are very well maintained. Obviously, decor is subjective, so you may feel different. The only thing that's "old" and something to be careful about with cabins on Oasis (and possibly Allure) is the master switch as opposed to the card slot. I don't know remember that from my 2019 cruise on her, but some cabins have this. If you turn that off at night, everything is turned off in the cabin, including the air. Yes, the switch is labeled but after a fun filled night, you're not necessarily paying attention to switches when you're going to bed.
  8. Masks are optional in US Ports and on board (currently). Foreign ports may require masks at some or all times. Everyone has different rules so just be prepared.
  9. NY Skyline from Oasis - 5/29/22 NYPD Chopper flyby 5/29/22 (they circled the whole ship after we left the dock in Bayonne)
  10. Every ship is going to have issues, metal rusts so there is constant upkeep with the structure. Carpets/Railings & floors in general take a beating from constant use. That being said, I have never experienced a royal ship where it was extremely run down/bad shape. The crew do an amazing job with daily cleaning and routine upkeep.
  11. Slides.. more than likely, as long as you're not visibly intoxicated (remember, they're sober so they'll be able to tell) Zipline/Flowrider/Rock Wall, Probably not, although I wouldn't do them buzzed as it's a safety issue.
  12. You'll go to settings, wifi, then select the guest option (for example, Oasis-Guest or Guest-Mariner). Then go to the app, tap the person figure on the upper right, scroll down to where it says internet packages and there should be a link that says "access internet" - click that and you'll have to fill out a little info (name, cabin number and something else). You'll have to create a log in ID and pin. once you confirm those, it'll bring you to the payment page. If you've paid for an internet package, it will show there, just click continue. If you haven't, it'll give you options (surf & surf/stream) and the cost. There are not (to my knowledge) single day packages, so once you select/confirm your option, it will charge to your onboard account. But once you do all that, you should be connected. If you have any issues there is a Wifi podium or desk on the promenade/centrum near guest services, along with staff wearing bright tshirts that say WiFi who can get you connected.
  13. I have Jennifer and she's been awesome. But I don't think you can go wrong with any of the MEI agents.
  14. Used to be 90 days out, but it's 45 now. If you open the app and tap the person figure at the top right, the app will tell you the date when your cruise's check in opens.
  15. As an FYI for those that haven't heard - Mariner will be departing from Cruise Terminal 5 (CT5) at Port Canaveral as Harmony will be at CT1 (the one next to Grills) on 7/18. We're also scheduled to return to CT5 on Monday 7/25 as Indy is at CT1. Make sure you plan your parking/transportation accordingly. Address for CT5 is Cruise Terminal #5 - 9245 Charles Rowland Drive
  16. This is from the Oasis Loyalty Ambassador (which is what I thought it was... but she confirmed it) - you get a block for the cruise you hit the milestone on. If you were on Brillance and that cruise got you to/above 140 points (1st block), that's the block you should have received. You can call C&A and see if that was correct and/or if they can send you a Brillance block
  17. Earliest check in times have been 1030am. Boarding times have been about the same, although that's controlled by the CPB, so it's not the same every week. As for enforcement of allowing ppl in the terminal based on their check in times, it's SUPPOSED to be enforced across the board, but in reality, that's a port decision. I've seen it enforced in Miami/FLL, but not in Canaveral/Bayonne. If you get there ahead of your scheduled check in time, you may have to wait to allow those that have times ahead of yours to be checked in 1st. Finally, C&A Status would only really matter if you had the 1st boarding times as that's how they would (normally) start the boarding process (Pinnacle/Suites, Key, D+, Diamond and so forth). If boarding has already started, C&A status wouldn't matter as you would just board the ship. As with all things now a days, YMMV.
  18. 4"Width x 3" tall x 2" Wide - My 1st one was in my backpack, flagged by the machines - had my 2nd one mailed to my home - I don't mind them, but to each their own.
  19. Validating your Vax card can take a few days to a few weeks. I wouldn't worry at all about it as uploading it now, saves time at the port. And yes, you need to bring your ORIGINAL Vax cards with you for the cruise, regardless of if it's validated prior to the cruise or not. The check in agent may want to verify what you brought matches what you uploaded.
  20. I was able to get a towel at the coco cay towel station near oasis lagoon last week (6/2) and they had plenty there.
  21. 5719 for Oasis 5/29 sailing (84.4% of Max Capacity of 6780)
  22. Each cruise is separate - so seapass cards are not flagged for b2b. I've done the "hack" when I've done b2b's
  23. The captain/CD didn’t say who the new Cruise Director is?
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