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  1. If you booked American for your flights to/from Nassau, check your flights as they had a schedule update last night and 2 of my 4 flights were changed. (My connection in DCA was changed to MIA)
  2. I’ll probably ask for a late check out and/or enjoy the hotel (Baha Mar) until it’s close enough to head over to the port. While I’m sure things will change and be ready for us, I’m not expecting a lot at the port infrastructure wise.
  3. So in browsing the Bahamas website this morning, I saw something that has not previously been mentioned.. If I am reading this correctly.. does this mean we'll have to get another PCR test before coming back to Grand Bahama? (either way as inter-island or re-entering the Bahamas) This, in addition to the antigen/PCR test we'd need to take to re-enter the US? (I don't care if we do/don't.. but.. i found it interesting) (Source: www.bahamas.com/tourism-reopening) I would expect things to change, but it is interesting. Also saw this, A daily health survey.. (I'm sure Royal will help figure that out once on board, but for those arriving early or staying after the cruise, something to keep in mind.
  4. I agree - just thought it was interesting they only show one arrival and departure for coco cay.. ??
  5. Well.. I know they’re not always in sync.. but this is interesting from my cruise planner calendar.. possible overnight at Coco Cay?
  6. No I get the below message when I click it. (The app won’t even give me this screen, got this from the website)
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