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  1. This assuming there are no issues with the 1st test sailing..
  2. From the CDC - Technical Instructions for Simulated Voyages by Cruise Ship Operators under CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing Order | Quarantine | CDC and there's this I take from this, there would be at least 2 test/simulated sailings for Freedom, whether that's the plan, or how it will work for other ships, who knows. Now, if a ship is going to do the 98%/95% Vaccinated program, my understanding is, they don't have to do these, but they still have to certify with the CDC. Either way they go, I agree with you that RCCL needs to communicate this out ASAP so those, at the very least, that have made final payment know what's going on.
  3. Every ship will need to go through the process (unless they're doing a 95%/98% Vaccinated plan). Unknown how long it will take to approve, if there are no issues, and unknown how many simulated/test cruises will need to take place for approval under the CSO
  4. Royal Caribbean receives permission to begin test cruises on Freedom of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Blog
  5. Snipped from Michael Bailey's Facebook Page.
  6. Agreed. Let’s just hope that all the handshakes and discussions happening behind the scenes bear fruit and become actual policy.
  7. Quick technical point.. it was not a unanimous vote. The bill passed both houses by unanimous consent. Basically, no one objected. No roll call vote was taken. And if someone, anyone, had objected, we wouldn’t be talking about Alaska restarting. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of congress has any clue this was done tbh. So “pressure” on the CDC may not be as much as thought.
  8. As a side note, no new sailings have been added as of this point..
  9. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/141/royal-caribbean-group-sets-summer-return-to-last-frontier/
  10. Or New York.. or San Juan.. or Baltimore.. or Seattle.. or Los Angeles.. saying nothing of Europe - lots of potential options!
  11. No different than a San Juan sailing IMO - it’s something different and seemed to be selling well - maybe one our resident TAs can gives some insight on that part. As you mentioned, Granduer doesn’t have a home, so I don’t see Royal scrapping these cruises, even if everything is fully re-opened. The ONLY thing (IMO) that changes this, is if there are a lot of cancels.
  12. This. I don’t think Adventure was even supposed to be stateside this summer (she had European sailings I believe) so there is no reason to cancel her sailings to resume what she previously had scheduled. The question then becomes, do they allow those past final payment to cancel without penalty? Do they allow CWC cancellations? I could see where AD passengers use CWC to cancel, get the FCC and rebook Florida sailings. I grant you we’re putting the cart before the horse as nothing has been announced but definitely something to think about.
  13. All that's needed, is for no one to object. As simple as that.
  14. Here's where we are with Congress and the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act Now, what does "Held at the desk" mean? In English, that means the bill was requested by the Representative who introduced the Bill (Don Young of Alaska) to be held, so it could be considered by the whole House of Representatives (as opposed to being shuttled off to a committee) and passed by Unanimous Consent (Similar to the Senate, there is no vote, it just wasn't objected to). There is currently no indication of when Representative Young will request Unanimous Consent for this Bill. I am guessing he is probably checking with his colleagues to make sure no one WILL object. (An objection, by anyone of the 435 members, ends this request for Unanimous Consent, but it will also provide an opportunity, as we saw in the Senate, to resolve whatever differences are there and then make another request for unanimous consent.) If passed, it will go to President Biden within a week or so for his signature. But the passage of the bill will more than likely be enough for the cruise lines/CLIA to get ready for a late Alaska 2021 season, as I don't see the President vetoing this. THEN it'll be back seeing what happens with the CDC. (womp womp) Personally, I am hopeful, 60/40 it'll pass on the 1st attempt. For those who want to keep track of this themselves, Actions - S.593 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Alaska Tourism Restoration Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress If nothing comes up, just search congress.gov for the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act or S.593
  15. I don’t believe you need separate visas for a b2b. Yes, no requirement for a negative covid test When you provide proof of vaccination (photo of vax card did the job for me). As for online check in, I believe Royal is waiting to release the protocols (so they also finalize what will be available on the cruise) before opening online check in.
  16. No I put in a 6/11 date of arrival - I have heard that the Bahamas has cut back on the ability to apply to his far out in advance due to being overwhelmed.
  17. I paid $40 for my health visa and yea, that's what we've been told (About the OBC) but I'm guessing that won't be added until we're on board. Also, I do believe the fee is per traveler - maybe those travelling with families can confirm?
  18. Change.. sometimes it's good.. sometimes it's bad. I get both sides.. and eventually, everything will be digitalized, including pop up ads on the app for all those sales. I do hope they'll have paper copies at Guest Services. I mean, how else will @Mattkeep updated cruise compasses on the website?? ?
  19. I didn’t say it would be easy! ? If I recall correctly, the Senate version also failed its 1st unanimous consent request. But after conversations were had, it passed on its second attempt. I feel confident once conversations happen on the house side, it too will be passed by unanimous consent and be signed into law by the President. There are other options if the unanimous consent request is objected to but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  20. Still has to be passed by the House and signed by the President but I think that’s very doable!
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