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  1. Hi Everyone, my apologies if this has already been covered, but I find FCC rules so hard to follow and they seem to be constantly changing.

    I have a cruise booked for early 2021, where the deposit was paid for with FCC. I'm going to cancel under the "cruise with confidence" program and I was wondering if anybody knows if the FCC will be reissued as a new FCC  -or- if it will just be added back to the original FCC. The original FCC still has a ton of $ leftover, as the FCC was applied under a different sale than what I intended to book (I was trying to book a BOGO60 deal where person 1 was ~$1600 and person 2 was ~$600 but they booked at both persons ~ $1000).

    I've been told that FCCs cannot be combined and I already have another smaller FCC that I will probably be unable to use, so I hope the answer isn't that I end up with multiple small FCCs. I sure wish they would let us combine FCCs or let us use FCCs for other items.

    Also, is anybody still waiting on FCCs? I cancelled a cruise in July and am still waiting. My TA keeps telling me to be patient, but I heard Royal was getting much better at this. It had taken me 5 months to get the FCC I used for this cruise, so I'm wondering if I'm just unlucky.

  2. Has this happened to anyone else? I always book refundable cruises since I book them years ahead of time and am never sure what might happen.

    I had two spring break cruises booked for Mar 2021 on Liberty, but they were cancelled earlier this year for the expected drydock. Royal allowed me to move one to June 2021 on the Liberty and one to Mar2021 on Adventure, each with some OBC for my inconvenience. When the Liberty drydock was cancelled and the original cruises returned to be able to book, I cancelled the Adventure cruise and rebooked my original Mar2021 Liberty cruise. However, it turned out that both cruises had been converted to non-refundable fares, which was in very fine print of the invoices Royal provided.  So instead of receiving a refund, I have received a $150 refund and $100 FCC. I have no idea what happened to the rest of deposit ($500) and nobody can tell me.

    This made me look through the fine print of my other invoices and this has also happened to the two Allure of the Seas cruises I booked for Mar2022, which were cancelled (so sad!) and automatically changed to analogous Liberty cruises. Both were originally refundable and now both are non-refundable. To add insult to injury, one of them was not price protected according to the invoice and is much higher than my original booking. 

    I know that Royal is super busy with the endless cancellations, but I'm pretty annoyed with these mistakes and how long it's taking to fix.  It's been several weeks since I first noticed all these errors and none have been corrected yet. My TA is always talking about how behind Royal is, but something like this seems like it should be an easy fix for something that is obviously their mistake. Did this happen to anybody else and does anybody have any advice? I don't want to keep bothering my TA so that she keeps bothering Royal, but I don't want to fall through the cracks.


  3. Thanks, I think the new cruise should be covered by CWC. According to the website: 

    That’s why Royal Caribbean will let you cancel any cruise that sets sail from now through April 30, 2022. Whether it’s a booking you already have or one you make right now through August 1, 2020, you’re covered. As long as you cancel at least 48 hours before your sail date, you’ll receive a Future Cruise Credit. The credit is valid to book and sail by December 31st, 2021 or 12 months after the date that you cancelled your original sailing — whichever is further.

    I know things have changed and the FCC can now pay for a deposit too. Does anybody have experience on how this works? Do I pay for the deposit with FCC and then they reissue the remaining FCC as a new FCC? Or do I pay it all now with the FCC so I don't need to wait for another FCC? I don't usually make final payment until we're much closer, but it too so long to get this FCC that I wonder if that's a good idea.

  4. Hi all,

    I normally book refundable fares (like Matt suggests) for the flexibility. I'm looking into booking a cruise using my FCC and I'm wondering if I should book a non-refundable fare instead. It seems like if something happens, I can cancel with the cruise with confidence policy and I would be reissued the FCC, right? Am I missing any fine print? The difference between refundable and non-refundable is ~ $200. 

  5. Thanks everybody. I was reading on a different board that there is even more fine print that they didn't tell us. It sounds like if you don't use your FCC completely for the first cruise, you have to wait until the first cruise returns before they will issue the remainder as a new FCC, no exceptions. So ideally, you need to make sure the final payment for your second cruise is a few weeks later than when your first cruise returns, to give them time to re-issue it. In addition, my TA said royal also needed a few weeks before final payment to use the FCC certificate in the first place.  

    My second cruise's final payment date will be the day my 1st cruise returns, so it sounds like I will only be able to use the FCC on one of the cruises. I'll probably have to pick the 2nd cruise since owe a lot more $. So I guess Royal gets to walk away with almost half my FCC since I can't cruise more than 2 cruises a year.

  6. So I finally got my long awaited FCC from my cancelled March 15 cruise (I took the cruise with confidence offer a few days before they cancelled). Now I'm looking into applying it to my 2021 cruises that I've already booked and I'm running into some issues with how the credit was parsed out. Since Royal doesn't just split the FCC and divide it by the number of people, everybody has a different amount of FCC and I'm finding myself having a hard time using it based on Royal and their weird promotions.

    So example, I have $~1600 in FCC, my husband has $600, my son has $700 (rounded for clarity). So the promotion at the time was BOGO 60% off the second person.

    Both of my 2021 cruises have a bogo50% promotion, but in one case, my husband is guest #1 and in the other case I'm guest #1. Guest 1 always owes way more $ than guest 2. So according to my math, I'll owe ~$1200, my husband will owe ~$1100  and my son will owe ~$400 for final payments. However, when I thought I would be made whole with the FCC, it looks like both my son and I will each have 300-400 left over in FCC, while my husband will owe $500. Am I understanding this right?

    My TA says it's too late to switch my husband and I from guest 1 to 2. That's the kind of thing I would never have thought mattered. I don't want to lose the excess, but I can't possibly go on more than 2 cruises a year and the FCC must be used by 12/2021. I thought they extended it to March 2022, but my FCC is pretty clear on the dates.

    How are other people applying the FCC? It seems like Royal is always coming up with different promotions, so it seems like it's going to be impossible to use the credit without some loss, unless you catch the same promotion. Any one else in the same boat?


  7. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to hear we no longer have to stalk the walls. It was always so hard to find photos. I remember finding all ours and placing them behind each other, as we didn't want to buy early ones in case future ones turned out better. And then the royal photo people would just move them around so you had to keep finding them.  Looking forward to seeing how the kiosks work. 

  8. These are showing up the same price in my cruise planner. While doing research, it appears most people purchase the digital package. What is the advantage of the digital package over the print? It seems to me that the print package would be superior since it would cost extra to print my favorite digital photos after. Is there something I'm missing?

    I am sailing on Liberty. Does RCCL still print all photos and then you have to search for them on the walls? 

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