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  1. Perfect. Thanks for the info and response!
  2. I started reading your blog. It's great! Thanks for the link. I have a question. When you use the key to see a show, did you have to make prior reservations, or can you just show up to the Key area?
  3. If Royal wants to have a dresscode they need to own it and decide were the line falls. I don't see the casual crowd caring if someone is in a tux/ballroom dress. I'd say with the divided MDR all guests would have to meet the formal standard or be seated on the causal side. I can also see this putting the staff in a tough spot but again I don't think this suggested attire thing is making everyone happy ether.
  4. We are on Allure 2019 over New Years and have just listened to Matt's excellent "Royal Food Secrets" podcast. Which brings me as a first time cruiser to a few questions. I'm lucky to be travelling with my wife and 2 sons 17 and 20 Y.O. Right now we have the Key but we are not sure about keeping it, the only reason I mention it is that it provides a Chops lunch, and debarkation breakfast in the MDR. We have a traditional dinning time of 8:00 PM We wifey and I are early risers pre 6:00AM and the kids like sleep later. Questions 1) How often on a 7 night cruise would you eat breakfast in the MDR? I understand thanks to the great tips from the board that we can eat for free at the Windjammer, J. Rockets and the Wipe Out Cafe. We are not in a Suite. Do you tend to hit the WJ if you have an excursion ? 2) We definitely want to have dinner one night at the Hibachi with the lads. Any suggestions on the best night, we know that we need to reserve on the cruise planner precruise! 3) Wifey and I want to have one date night without the lads (they need some space too) which specialty restaurant would you choose? The list is Gio's, Chops, Izumi, 150 C. Park, Samba, and Chef's Table(kind of pricey). We are not foodies but like well made creative food. 4) We could eat in the MDR New Years Eve or hit at about double the Specialty rate ($50PP VS $89PP) a Chops,Gio's,or 150 C. Park. Recommendations please, and yes we want the boys with us. Is the price worth it? Will we miss a formal night in the MDR? 5) Do you dine breakfast lunch, and dinner differently on sea days vs port days? If so what are your tips. Sorry for such a long list of questions but I looked around and didn't find these answered previously. Feel free to answer only one part if I'm asking too much.
  5. I love the hoody, go Pats! Laundry was always a 1st class guy, and as much as I respect Belichick, he could learn a thing about or two from Tom.
  6. Again as a Barefoot Windjammer cruiser as my only point of reference, Royal's policy is the problem. A suggested dress code just creates problems, you ether have requirements or you don't. The ambiguity creates conflict, the "proper dresser crowd" is offended by the "casual crew" and vice versa. It isn't hard to have an standard and stick to it. Partition the dinning hall and create a formal and casual side if you want compromise, or just do away with a rule that you aren't willing to enforce. Without dresscode "suggestions" these internet conflicts would largely disappear. Some folks would talk about the good old days but like so many things today "times are a changing". My suggestion to the "Proper Crowd" is check out your hot wife in her smokin dress and to the "casual crew" try not think you are so important that everyone is judging you. See I just judged everyone....ha!
  7. We will be sailing on Allure on December 29, 2019 and just received the dreaded email that because of the propulsion problems, we will no longer be going to Roatan. We were going to snorkel there, and it was, truthfully, the reason we chose this ship and itinerary. We will now be going to Nassau instead. We will also still be stopping at Cozumel and Costa Maya. We are traveling with our two sons, ages 17 and 20 and as a family our priorities are snorkeling, zip lining in the jungle and visiting Maya ruins. Right now we have a reservation for Xplor adventure park when we are in Cozumel. This would check off our zip line activity. But we are wondering if we should snorkel in Cozumel instead. We also have booked a visit to Maya ruins in Costa Maya. This is our first cruise as a family, and we are a little confused about what to do now. Any ideas on where to snorkel, zip line and view ruins would be appreciated. Also, any ideas about Nassau excursions, not shopping, would be appreciated.
  8. Royal sets a standard and then due to consumer pressure they don't enforce it. This just makes everyone uncomfortable. Remember those Steak House Restaurants that used to cut your tie off if you came dressed too formally? On the Windjammer the Captains Dinner was Toga night and everyone was strongly encouraged to be authentic as possible. If a jacket and tie is important to Royal then have a rack of sportcoats and ties outside the MDR on formal night and give guest the option or a free pass to WJ. I'm a go with the flow guy and none off this will impact my vaca one way or another.
  9. Thanks ChessE4, I agree with your approach. We are cruising for the first time with my DW, 17 Y.O. & 20 Y.O. sons. Well, we did go on a Windjammer honeymoon cruise in the early 90's and clothing was at times optional. My question is we are travelling over New Years and are anticipating three formal nights. I'll go sport coat & tie and my wife will look dashing in a dress, but will the boys need a jacket? Will I need a suit for New Years Eve and can the boys wear slacks and a tie?
  10. Trust me I had my years in the desert prior to the double head monster of Brady/Belichick. I've always had a soft spot for the Bucs, largely because Florida has a much better climate than New England and if I ever came to my senses and moved I'd need a local team to root for. In a twisted sadomasochistic way the Caneers have a similar loosing tradition to the Patriots. Your uniform change just hasn't worked yet.
  11. Is it a fair guess that a New Years cruise will NOT see the 10 Drink Special? Thanks!
  12. This year, New Years Cruise 7 night on Allure and the DDP is stuck at $56 per day. We booked this year in March. Royal's claim is that this is 20% off, will it drop? The Refreshment Package is $26 at 10% off , and again will it drop?
  13. As a smug Pats fan I don't have a need to throw things, wring my hands or engage in other silly superstitions. We play the Fins on embarkation day. Anticipating another 1st round playoff bye. The GOAT lives on!
  14. Hello Cruise people, My wife and I and two sons age 17, and 20 are new to cruising and are sailing on December 29, 2019, on the Allure 7 Night Holiday (New Year) cruise in the Western Caribbean. We are trying to plan for the cruise and we have some questions. We have not been able to find a Cruise Compass for a similar cruise over New Year's on the Allure. 1. Can we use a Cruise Compass from another Oasis Class Ship that was in the Western Caribbean over New Years as a general guide? 2. We want to book specialty dining, but don't want to do so on formal night. According to RC website, there are usually 2 formal nights on Allure in the Western Caribbean; on Day 2 and Day 5. New Year's Eve is night 3 on our sailing. Do you think that they will add a 3rd formal night, or will they simply use NYE as one of the 2 formal nights? 3. What festivities will be available to us as a family, given that the 17-year-old won't be able to go to the 18-21 clubs and the 20-year-old won't be able to go to the teen clubs? Are most of the New Year's activities open to all ages? 4. What tips would you give to New Year's cruisers, like things not to be missed and/or special events that we should not miss. We would appreciate any and all insight and experiences you can share. Thanks!
  15. Has anyone been able to peak into the water park to see the progress? I'm also wondering about the cabanas in the water park. Any ideas if they will be similar to the ones at the Main pool or at the beach?
  16. I can't answer your question but Trillium has fantastic IPA's! Wear your beard and flannel and you will fit right in. Cheers!
  17. I'm sorry sir but I must protest most vigorously. Pistol at forty paces or cutlasses if you prefer, or a great microbrew in a can or a bottle. Bottling date is much more important than the holy vessel that the nectar is contained in. Modern cans are as evolved if not better because glass has light contamination issues. Cheers Jolly Ogre!
  18. When my wife takes Dramamine she becomes a homicidal maniac, this is the nicest most patient soul on Earth ,,,,,, without Dramamine. You are getting angry because of the drug, stop using it. We had never seen the Eme Term band and will give it a try. She uses the patch but cuts it in half against the directions on the package and finds that it works. Hoping for calm seas over New Years in the Western Caribbean.
  19. Do they offer beer on tap or is it all in a can or bottle? Does anyone know if a list of the beers on tap exist? I would imagine the tap run would vary based on which bar you were in.
  20. Total Newb, 1st post, and a question. Do you ever just bring folding beach chairs on the cruise? If not is that because the cabin space is limited? I'm always looking to save a buck, maybe I'm not cut out for the cruising life.
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