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  1. I too also have the photo package. I understand there will be stations where they take photos? Just wondering is it everyday on the ship?
  2. Thanks everyone for the reply, greatly appreciated. Just wondering when dining in the main dining room for breakfast or lunch is there a dress code? Or for example can I wear a casual t-shirt flip flops and shorts? Time.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply.. Where can I find the nearest dining kiosk? Is that in the main dining area?
  4. Hello everyone, just wanted to inquire about breakfast and lunch in the Main dining room. Do you need to make reservations for this or do you just show up at the main dining for breakfast or lunch and be seated. Any guidance or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Just wanted to inquire about the 3 day dining package which I purchased. I understand you need to do a courtesy booking for either day 1 or Day 2? Once I board the ship can I make the reservations all on the app? But if for some reason it doesn't work, I can make all the bookings at the specialty restaurant? Also can I make the reservations for dining but not on Day 1 and day 2 of the cruise? But rather for example book them day 3,4 and 5? Thanks again for all your help in advance.
  6. Thank you all for your wonderful replies, I read all of them and it definitely has eased my anxiety and worries. Thanks again, I will definitely enjoy my cruise now!
  7. Hello everyone, will be attending my first cruise on November 12, really excited but at the same time overwhelmed. There's so many things to do on the ship, restaurants, shows, activities, attractions, bars, etc. etc. I have this feeling of fear of missing out on anything. To my expert cruisers out there, any advice on how to properly prepare and plan for the cruise. Do you guys take a day or two to map it out, and plan what you will do daily. OR do you take things daily, look at the cruise compass and plan it and be more spontaneous. Any advice or feedback or tips on how you plan your cruise to make it the best cruise experience ever would be greatly appreciated. Many thank you's in advance.
  8. Sorry to hear about your experience. What made it awful? Was it because the Uber was late in picking you up? Also, did they drop you off right where you needed to e in Terminal A?
  9. Thanks for sharing that, my option for getting to the port in Miami will be Uber Xl, It will be 3 adults with 1 luggage, I hope they will accept us.
  10. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. This has eased my anxiety at this time. Thanks again.
  11. Awesome. Thanks I will do the same. To clarify, just tell the uber driver Port of Miami Terminal A? Also with the uber, when you sign on the app put in the address, they will pick you up at the location where your phone says you are located. Sorry, just asking because I have not experience with Uber.
  12. Hey Everyone, first time cruising here so any feedback or insight is greatly appreciated. Will be going on a cruise next month, arriving at Miami airport. My question is what's the best method of transport to Miami port? Taking an uber or taxi? I understand there are taxi's in the arrival area? But some say Uber is more cheaper, I will be with my parents, so we have 3 luggages. Does uber accept luggages? IF anyone has any insight, experience or opinion which is better taxi or uber, it would be great help. Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, on my upcoming cruise I booked an excursion at St - Thomas - St. John Trunk Bay Beach. Has anyone been there? Was wondering if they provided beach chairs or umbrellas. Also, wanted to know if they sell food there. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Thanks so much, on my cruise I will definitely go to the bar to get the cup. Thanks again.
  15. Awesome, that's very convenient. Thanks so much for this info at this time.
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