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  1. When I logged in to the royal caribbean site, it shows my Time dining, and click reserve. After I click it under my name and family members name it says, "not a flex dining guest" Anybody know what this means "not a flex dining guest?" Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I will be going on a cruise soon and will be celebrating my dad's 65th birthday. I have narrowed it down to two places Izumi/Hibachi or Chops Grille? I am having a hard time deciding where to dine for my dad's birthday as I love both options. So my question is which one would you choose if you were to celebrate a birthday, Izumi/Hibachi or Chops grille? Thanks in advance.
  3. As long as you have the sea card then you should be fine. Time.
  4. Pina Coladas Peach Coladas Strawberry Daquiries Mango Daquiries Lime magaritas (also ask for it frozen) Mojitos (also ask for it frozen) Papaya Passion Mango Tango (1/2 Pina Colada, 1/2 mango daq)
  5. Can you do booking for dining in the MDR on the app? or do you do it at the dining room?
  6. Can we also change the booking times when on our ship? Just to clarify to change it just call Royal Caribbean or my travel agent? Thanks again
  7. Hello all, Just a question regarding dining at Hooked seafood. Are you only allowed to order 1 appetizer per person? Or can you order multiple appetizers? Also for the Main Entrée is it 1 per person? Also for dessert is it 1 per person or can our order more? Thanks for all the help, I'm new to cruising this ship, any help would be great.
  8. Hello all, Just to clarify, how do we book our time for the main dining room? Is it through the app? Or do we go to the main dining room to book the time or other? Thanks all,
  9. Thanks so much for your replies? Typically, what time do the shows start for example in the main theatre? Just want to coordinate dinner time with show time, so I don't miss the show and can plan dinner in advance. Thanks all.
  10. Hey Cruiser58, I'm new to this ship, how do we book the shows? Do we book the shows through the app? Or do we book it somewhere in the ship? Thanks in advance.
  11. Wow awesome thanks for the list, that's a lot more then the 5 mocktails I see in the app. Where did you get this information by the way? So this list is considered mocktail and good for the refreshment package? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks yeah I saw that on the APP as well but it seems so limited. But if I order virgin piña coladas, daiquiris,virgin, is that included under the refreshment package? Thanks again.
  13. I understand, but is that true for all lobsters served in the ship such as Hooked Seafood and Chops grill?
  14. On all the ships is there a Lobster night? I"m cruising on Symphony of The Seas, will they have a Lobster night? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have an upcoming cruise and I would like to know how do I pre book my dining for the main dining room? Do I just do it through the app? Can I do it before I board the ship or can I only do it when I board the ship? any guidance or advice on this topic, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Time.
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