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  1. 20220709_002317.thumb.jpg.ed49a3e9cb177293b5ba56bfe0d2eb6d.jpg20220709_002238.thumb.jpg.e2c7bcc804c9e992f04eb13a2c424696.jpg20220709_002258.thumb.jpg.4d701f98d968878f914eb4ebf16869d9.jpg

    I recommend staying in Downtown Long Beach. The port is just opposite of the bridge from there, less than 15 mins away.

    Long Beach Yellow Cab https://longbeachyellowcab.com/taxi-rates/ has flat rates. See attached pictures and the rate for San Pedro Cruise Terminal is referring to Port of LA. Also the hotels listed are DLB hotels. 

    Another option is using private transportation but it's more expensive. I've used Sav-On multiple times and they are excellent! 

    I haven't really seen taxis posted at this port but you can always give them a call once you disembark. The distance from the port to LGB airport is about 20-25 mins depending on traffic.

  2. If you stay in a hotel at LAX then its about a 35 min taxi or uber ride to the port, depending on traffic. LA traffic is horrendous so give yourself plenty of time. If you're getting in at least a day early I recommend a hotel in the San Pedro area close to the port or staying Downtown Long Beach. DLB has plenty of hotels and lots of fun stuff to do prior to the cruise. On Ocean Blvd/Pine Ave there's The Aquarium, The Pike, lots of restaurants, Queen Mary, nightlife, all within walking distance of the hotels. There's a Hilton,  Hyatt (next to LB Convention Center) and The Westin in addition to some others. It's also a short taxi or uber ride to the port of LA (San Pedro) its just opposite of the bridge so very close and you don't have to deal with LA traffic possibly delaying your arrival time. But I understand if you're flying the night before and don't have enough time or not interested in exploring than getting an uber or taxi to the port from an airport area hotel is the best way to go. If you give yourself a few hours, beat the LA traffic and you're early to the port, check out the USS Iowa thats in the same port (literally next to the ship) or grab a bite in one of local restaurants. 😀

    Flying into Long Beach Airport is actually so much easier and stress free than flying into LAX just a future side note. However, airlines are limited. 

    Sailed on Navigator a few months ago and lived in the Southbay my whole life so feel free to ask any ?'s and I'll do my best to help. 


    Have a fun cruise!

  3. On 5/19/2022 at 11:56 AM, Leroyr55 said:

    Wife started with sniffles Tuesday night and tested positive today after departing SOS on Saturday 14th. Facebook group page has numerous people reporting positive tests. We heard nothing while on board nor did we inquire about cases. Vaccinated and double boosted. 
    Just be careful folks but we had a great cruise.

    I hope your wife is feeling better and you too! Thankfully I'm the only one in my immediate family that caught it and I'm trying not to spread it to the other family members. Vaccinated, boosted, over abundantly hand washed and hand sanitized, kept our distance as much as possible (which realistically with 5500+ on that sailing was non existent) and covid found its way. We still had a great time and in no way will covid stop us from cruising. We're learning to live with it, be flexible with unexpected changes and to remember that being on a cruise is always better than not being on one! 

  4. On 5/19/2022 at 6:56 PM, anxiouscruiser said:

    Must be symphony because serenade docked on sunday not saturday (i was on it lol) 

    Yes I agree it was Symphony. I was on the same sailing and tested positive the day after we disembarked. We had a wonderful cruise on Symphony and the time off now to recover from Covid just means more time to plan my next cruise! 🥰😍

  5. On 3/25/2022 at 10:18 AM, Pooch said:

    We took a suggestion from here and walked the 10 minutes to Great Bay Beach.  Rented 4 loungers & 2 umbrellas for $30 close to the water.  We had access to plenty of alcohol on the ship so we got soda & waters (5) in a bucket for $10.  Delicious lunch from the restaurant right behind us delivered.  Total of about $120 with tips for the day for 4.  It was also very close to shops so we could go back & forth as we pleased.  Really enjoyed the day.  There is also a water taxi at the port if you don’t want to walk. $7pp each way.

    Do you know the name of the restaurant and the name of the vendor for beach chairs/umbrellas? First time going in a few weeks. We plan on doing what you guys did. Thank you!

  6. Hi 

    We sailed Navigator earlier this month. With capacity being on lower side, the ship wasn't crowded at all. We're local with Mexico being next door so we stayed on the ship and pretty much had the pool deck to ourselves. In general, staying on any ship during a port stop will have less people on board. I remember some of the retail shops were closed during port but the eateries like Windjammer El Loco Fresh, Playmakers, Cafe Promenade were open. 

    Like Matt said, the best thing to do is look at a recent cruise compass.  Rarely will there be a huge change. I think they keep it similar according to the sailing. 

    When you're onboard, they'll have cruise compases at Guest Services. For some reason, we didn't get them in our stateroom like usual. If you don't get yours, just ask your stateroom attendant or a quick walk to Guest Services. 

    Have fun on your cruise!!

  7. Hi CBGrey 

    I totally understand you! One of my kids, same age also has autism and that among other things can definitely cause some triggers! 

    Yes they have to wear the vax wristband and all minors also have to wear a mandatory bracelet that has your muster drill station on it. In case of emergency, if they are at Adventure Ocean or if they may get separated from you, the staff will know where to bring them. I've heard from other cruisers that you can wear the vax bracelet in other areas besides your wrist such as your ankle or keep it on a lanyard or in a pocket. I think as long as you have it on your person it won't be a big deal. I have not heard the same for the children's emergency wristband. At one point, my kids didn't have it, it got lost or came off and we have been approached by staff reminding us that the children need to wear it at all times. 


    I know sensitivities vary and you know best what your child can tolerate. Maybe try attaching it on a lanyard or pinning it to his clothes? I did a social story for my kids to prepare them and a few weeks prior to cruising I'll have them practice wearing wristbands to help prepare them. They tolerated it for some time but after a few days they took it off because they couldn't handle it.

    Adventure Ocean is great when it comes to making the kids feel comfortable and they understand. I would definitely bring it up to them on the first day of registration. They possibly can make an exception. I also encourage you to reach out the the Special Needs dept and/or fill out the Special Needs form and let them know. 



  8. Hi and welcome to the blog!! I'm a mom of 2 special needs kiddos ages 5 and 7 and a cruise fanatic! It might a little lengthy so I'll message you directly. 🙂 As every family needs are different, I hope what we experienced can assist you and your daughter in some way. Royal has gone above and beyond to assist us with our children's needs and I'm sure they will do the same for you. 

    You are an AMAZING MOM!! 💗

  9. We were on Navigator for Superbowl weekend on a 3 night sailing and they were allowing 3 sessions per child for the whole sailing. We were able to do all 3 sessions plus a few more. When we picked them up I would ask if they had availability for the next session or the next day and they always had slots open. They were able to spend most of the cruise at AO. Kids are 5 and 7. I'm not sure if they were separated since AO on Navigator is one huge space but the kids among their age group were playing with each other. They just had to keep their masks on.

  10. In addition to having a tour booked through RC you must make sure to follow any age restricted policy. Traveling with my 3 kiddos, ages 5, 6 and 9 month old and I booked an excursion on cruise planner. In the fine print, it said minimum age is 3 years old. But on the FAQ's it listed that infants that can sit on parents lap, typically do not require a seat are okay to join. Not assuming anything and being confused I emailed [email protected]rccl.com to clarify the policy.


    Sure enough, because of the excursion age restriction my infant couldn't join and could not get off the ship even though a RC excursion is booked. It was good to know ahead of time instead of finding out on board. So when in doubt, email RC and ask just to be sure. 

  11. You're welcome! Another tip that helped us, we were out of Port Miami but I assume it's the same process - When you're at the final part of check-in they handed us a paper to sign up for the debarkation test for the kids on the last day. This is only for 5+ night cruises. Sign up asap so you'll get the earliest time. Because we had Cococay on the last day we wanted to make sure it was taken care so we didn't lose out on any time at Cococay. We signed the kids up while we were waiting for their results and was able to get an appt at 7am for the debarkation covid test and off the ship right when  the gangway went down at 8am.

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