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  1. Thats what I figured but I thought I would ask to be sure. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Ive seen people say that the UBP doesnt work on port days....is that just referring to being off the ship?
  3. My wife and I purchased the DBP on our cruise in August for a couple of reasons... I didnt want to have to worry about a bill at the end of our cruise and if you price out an all inclusive resort its still cheaper to take the cruise and pay for the beverage package. We are going to use this opportunity to try lots of new drinks that we otherwise wouldnt have. 15 years and this is the first time we have went anywhere without kids....mama and I are gonna have some fun!
  4. Hey everyone, I purchased an excursion in Cozumel and it says, THIS TOUR IS OPERATED BY A TOUR OPERATOR THAT HAS BEEN THIRD-PARTY VERIFIED TO AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD. Is this just fancy wording for everything is Kosher or what?
  5. Yeah its a 7 night cruise. We already have a lunch at Chops because we have the Key. Since we never have been on a cruise before and you can only eat so much food I didnt want to just write the MDR off without trying it first. I assume we can still make a reservation on the ship and just pay out of pocket if we wanted to right? Or if we just wanted to grab a burger at JR just pay for it then?
  6. So stupid question, with all of the dining options available for first time cruisers would you all recommend this package? Its down to 154 on our sailing on Liberty and we are already Keyed up.
  7. Ahh, we are trying to decide on the DBP and UDP.
  8. Us too! August 25-Sep 1st My wifes B-Day is the 26th and our 14th Anniversary is the 29th!
  9. Mine just dropped to 46 PP/PN + 18% Gratuity on Liberty for our August cruise.
  10. I was just about to ask what happens if you arent able to make it. I am planning to book excursions through RC anyway so that works out great. Thank you all for the replies!
  11. If you have the DBP, do you still get charged the 18% for all drinks?
  12. LOL My wife and I just had this same conversation as I would love to do some diving and its a no for her. Haven't figured out what she is going to do yet on that day.
  13. Hey everyone, I was looking in my Cruise Planner and noticed there are several dolphin swims and encounters in both locations. Is one typically better than another or all pretty close to the same thing? First time cruising and in this area of the world so we are not familiar with any of this. Thanks!
  14. Thank you all. Looks like we are going to do the 7 night on the Liberty and the Balcony wasnt much more on the Liberty so we are going balcony as well. We have an open mindset going on this cruise. Im sure there will be a shore excursion or two we will do but for the most part just going to take in the experience and see what happens. I kind of like the idea of having my own private balcony to use whenever we want. Guess we will see if we utilize it or not.
  15. Hey everyone, my wife and I are looking at a 5 night cruise on the Enchantment and a 7 night on the Liberty. Also tossing around the Oceanview vs Balcony. This will be our first sailing so what would you recommend between the 2 options? We were booked for Alaska and just cant make it this year so are wanting to atleast get a cruise in this year.
  16. Nice! Thats a great way to put it. We are celebrating my wife's birthday and our 14th Anniversary on this cruise so splurging wont be a problem!
  17. Ok, so I have read the blog about gratuities and see that everyone seems to have their own opinion on how to handle them. My question is at the end of your cruise if you choose to tip the stateroom attendant extra, what would be an appropriate amount? I dont want to be the guy that insults someone by low balling and certainly dont want to go way overboard. But I have no problem paying someone what they deserve. Can you all give me an idea of whats fair? With all of the 18% gratuities added on and us prepaying gratuities do we only need to worry about tipping the attendant and our waiter? Thank you in advance. First timer just gathering information!
  18. Thank you for the reply. We decided to grab the key before it was sold out. Being first time cruisers Im not sure if its worth it or not but it sounds like it has some nice perks so we will try it out.
  19. I decided to buy it for Ovation in Alaska, I missed the 20 per day but after it came back down from 30 something I got it for 25 a day. I don't know if its worth it or not for us but its our first cruise so why not. Sounds like it has some nice perks.
  20. Am I correct in thinking that we are able to cancel an addon we have purchased if we change our mind later? If so, are you issued an onboard credit or refund to your card? Im thinking of buying the Key for our cruise while its available but didnt know if we would be able to cancel if we wanted to later on.
  21. So there is a limit to how many Key packages are sold?
  22. We booked last year at the beginning of August and got the BOGO 60% off. I haven't seen anything cheaper on our room yet.
  23. Thank you very much. Im constantly looking at cruise planner and even pricing our room just to try to stay on top of everything but I think we got a pretty good deal on everything so far.
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