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  1. I messaged RCCL asking who the CD and AM will be on Anthem's sailing tomorrow, January 6. They said Tanya Yates (Tornado Tanya) will be the CD and Dennis (Sciorino) Charles will be the AM. Isn't he a CD also?
  2. Our first cruise with Royal was sailing the Mediterranean for 12-days on the Brilliance in October 2004. It was amazing. Can't wait to read your blog and see your pics. Might be motivated to try her again.
  3. I'm sure this has been asked and answered a thousand times. Sorry. We just decided to book a future cruise when we're on board the Anthem next week. We understand the deposit will be lower than normal, but are we able to book a refundable trip or must it be non-refundable? TIA
  4. Booking a cruise on Anthem of the Seas for January 6, 2019. We sailed on Royal twice previously, the last time in 2009. After cruising 12x on other lines (which we did enjoy), we're coming back to Royal, my hubby's fave. This blog has been helpful and fun. You're amazing people. So excited to sail on Sunday ... 5 days !!!
  5. Following along and thoroughly enjoying your posts. Thank you for taking the time to share. Happy New Year.
  6. @Lovetocruise2002 Wishing you and your family an amazing cruise and a Happy New Year. Nothing like togetherness :) I'll be happily following as we get ready for our Anthem cruise on January 6th. Gail
  7. I hope the government will reopen well before the fourth week in January, as the shutdown causes adverse consequences on your sister and hundreds of thousands of other government workers. Thinking good thoughts that the insurance will not have to be used and, if it does, that it will come through.
  8. What would be the guesstimated deposit for a 12 day booked at the Future Cruise desk? TIA
  9. As a born and bred New Yorker who lived in Florida for almost 30 years before retiring back north to Connecticut, I'm very familiar with the snowbird migration during "season," but don't know about a snowbird migration cruise. Care to illuminate? BTW - did you know that the official bird of Florida is the Early Bird?
  10. 12 nights out of Bayonne. I think we'll be in Jamie's the first formal night but we'll definitely catch the second for the lobster.
  11. Thank you. We have the three nights specialty dining package and two nights reserved in the Solarium Bistro. We'll wing the rest. Thanks again.
  12. We sail on the Anthem, January 6 - 38 days - we booked activities but cannot book entertainment or couples spa pass or Escape Room. What's the holdup?
  13. We got ours today for the Anthem 12-night sailing out of Cape Liberty on January 6, 2019. To even be considered for a Junior Suite, we would have to bid at least $500 pp (min bid is $250 pp which won't get us anywhere). We already have a balcony stateroom in a location we like, so upgrading to a Junior Suite makes no sense because there are two days out and two days back that are going to be cold. If we were in the Med or sailing from Florida or San Juan, we would consider it.
  14. These pictures and your comments are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing and for the time you put into this. It looks like you had an awesome time. Belated birthday wishes.
  15. No UDP sale for January 6, 2019 Anthem sailing. Still at $288 pp. Maybe tomorrow.
  16. It sounds like you have everything, and I mean everything, covered. Your wife will be very pleased. Wishing you a safe and amazing vacation.
  17. Late to the show. Is Vintages included in the Deluxe Drink Package? Thank you.
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