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  1. Btw... i have a lot of pics from the ship if anyone wants to see them. I can post some here, but most are on Instagram - bowlerjeff300
  2. I much preferred Playmakers, Barnacle and Barrel (fun trivia and karaoke) and Schooner Bar (LOVE the decor there) Just my 2 cents worth
  3. I had drinks 3 times in Bamboo room. All were the "included in the package" ones. Mainly because the more expensive ones didn't look appealing. But I agree, that I didnt finish any of them because they were "ok" at best. I never saw more than 4 or 5 people in there at any time and mostly were people at bar waiting for drinks to take elsewhere, like me. But, this was my first RC and didnt know what to expect in Bamboo room. I just preferred my Petron Margaritas I drank most of the trip..
  4. By the way.... Mariner of the Seas gets to dock in the new Terminal A tomorrow in Miami. We will be the FIRST ship to ever dock there. Kinda cool...
  5. Anything anyone wants to see posted??other than dining options - family trip so all MD or Windjammer for us. I will post a bunch of pics and other info after I get home.
  6. With 4 of us in the group and prob 5-6 pieces of luggage (plus any carry-ons) we decided to rent a car at the port (Avis) for less than $100 (SUV for the luggage). that way we can get up early and cruise around FT Lauderdale before our 4:30 SW flight. Extra beach day! being I used to live there, I know my way around fairly well.. 4 days and counting!!!!!
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