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  1. Hello! well everything seems to be in place and I think it was a combination of the cruise planner not knowing and the bride not researching more. Now our daughter is thinking of doing a Royal weeding next year so we are paying close attention! We head down to Florida Thursday and our shipleaves Friday so I will give you the scoop when I return!
  2. Do you need to have their wifi in order for it to function at all?
  3. May I get a copy of your lists please? Thank you, Kim.
  4. Does RCI have a drink of the day and is that covered under the deluxe package? Also, are frozen cocktails covered under the deluxe package?
  5. Well that's too bad. I was really looking forward to this place being my goto. I'll still try it once though .
  6. Thank you for posting these. I will be on a 3 day but these are still helpful. I've read that the Bamboo room has different drinks there that are not premixed. have you found that to be true and if so can you list some of their special drinks? Thank you again
  7. The wedding is the weekend of February 15th 2019. I'll keep you posted!
  8. Thank you for all of your input. She has been told by the person handling everything "I don't think so" when she asks questions and the answer isn't known. I think I'll inform her of the Royal Romance line that was in Matts article (not sure she has called that). The thing is my youngest daughter will be doing this same thing in about a year and a half so we're watching and seeing how this process works....so far I'm a little worried. Again thank you.
  9. This was a great question and I just ordered the tags first suggested! Thanks everybody! ~Kim
  10. Our good friends' daughter is getting married on The Mariner of the Seas and has questions that I'm hoping I can help her with here. The wedding planner Royal Caribbean set her up with has never been on a cruise and cannot answer all of her questions. 1. Will there be someone at embarkation who will meet with her, and her fiancé, and get her onboard with all of her wedding items? i.e. wedding dress, décor, etc... 2. Is there early boarding for her and her wedding party? 3. Will there be a place to store her items, besides her cabin? 4. We will be in the port of Nassau, Baha
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