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  1. Thanks, everyone. We didn't look in to Uber or Lyft yet. We looked in to Happy Limo and it was close to $400 round trip and then we'd need a ride from our relative's house to the airport as they'll be working and unable to transport us.
  2. What is your favorite Dunns River Falls excursion? We aren't thrill seekers but would like to see the highlights of the area. We will be doing beach time while in Haiti so would like something different then a beach day.
  3. We will be staying at Disney's Polynesian prior to our cruise. We'll be going directly to the port from the hotel on February 17. Upon our return we will be heading to a relative's home so we need transportation from the port to another location, not the airport and not a hotel. We currently have a rental car booked from February 12 - February 25 but are trying to figure out if it's economical to continue with the rental, park it for $17 per day and use it when we return or to get a service to the port and back. Currently, with the rental car and parking the cost will be $800. The transfers for 2 people are over $300, which is less expensive, however, we would still want a car from February 12 - 17, prior to the cruise, and also would need transportation from the relative's home to the airport on February 25, so we could be looking at the same price. We're thinking that for sake of convenience it may be better to keep the car and just incur the cost of parking and having it sit in port. Wondering what others have done and what your preferred method of transport to and from the port is?
  4. Thanks. My husband is a beer drinker and might enjoy something like that.
  5. We are on deck 8, mid-ship, balcony room. Not a suite.
  6. Although we've been on a different cruise line previously, this is our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We are on Oasis of the Season, 7 day Western Caribbean. Since we've never been to the ports we'll be stopping at (Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel) I'm wondering what our options would be if we chose not to do an excursion at every stop but wanted to get off the ship. Are their private beaches, places to eat? Before we book anything, I'd like to have as much information as possible.
  7. My husband and I have taken one other 4 day cruise on a different cruise line. Our kids are grown, so no children with us. This will be our first Royal Caribbean cruise. Seven day Western Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas. I'm looking for all the tips and information that anyone can give me. I'm wondering about excursions (Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel). We are not adventure seekers but like fun activities and good food. We enjoy a laid back vacation with a good book and a drink.
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