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  1. I like playing slots but not in these smoke filled casinos. Our next cruise is on the Celebrity Silhouette. It is my understanding that their casino is smoke free. I hope so!
  2. I just found a FaceBook page devoted to the Celebrity Silhouette which appears to be fairly active. That may be a source of information for me.
  3. I have cruised with RCL for a long time. Due to a family cruise, we are going to take our first Celebrity (Silhouette) cruise next year. I have also been looking for an information forum on Celebrity but it's pretty scarce. They have a FaceBook page that is mostly advertising and there is a Cruise Critic forum but that's about it. I have also watched You Tube videos. For being a pretty large cruise line and sister to RCL, there is an amazing lack of information on Celebrity.
  4. We were on the Symphony of the Seas in May this year. We ate at most of the specialty restaurants but the big surprise winner was 150 Central Park. The food was incredible! The meats were fantastic, moist, medium rare and very tasty. Who would have thought that even the vegetables could be something special? 150 Central Park wasn't just the best restaurant on the ship, it was one of the best restaurants we have ever eaten at!
  5. My wife and go to Nachi Cocum whenever we go to Cozumel. It has activities but is more quiet than other beaches. It includes food and drinks which are all good. Nice thing is that you're pretty close to the water. There is also a large pool with a swim-up bar. Overall, it's a beautiful, relaxing day.
  6. This may not be a fair question here but, are there any Celebrity blogs similar to this Royal Caribbean Blog? I know there is a Celebrity section on this blog but it is seldom used. Thanks!
  7. I hate to say this, but Galveston had some serious flooding the last few days and a local bridge was knocked out of service. I would call to see if you can get to Galveston. At a minimum, I would give yourself a few extra hours to get there.
  8. We always went by the napkin. If it was left on the chair, then the diner wasn't finished. If it was put on the plate, then the diner was finished.
  9. I normally sale on RCL but we have a family cruise coming up on Celebrity. I'm trying to remember if I recently read somewhere that Celebrity was doing away with Formal Nights and going to casual. Can anyone verify that? We will be on the Celebrity Silhouette. Thanks!
  10. We are platinum cruisers with RCL but we are now being asked to go on a family cruise on Celebrity. Does the RCL C&A benefit transfer over to Celebrity? Any tips on cruising with Celebrity? Thanks!
  11. I wonder if (when?) this will impact "The Key" prices?
  12. I find the more we cruise, the less we take. There are certain little things we do take. We take a plug-in night light (those rooms are dark at night!), I do like the strong (40 lb) magnetic hooks as well as the light-up battery powered clock. I might take metal straw but I hate taking anything that I have to clean.
  13. Recently, on the Symphony, my wife wasn't feeling good on the actual day of a RCL shore excursion. I was at the Shore Excursion desk when they opened and, surprisingly, they gave me full credit for the excursion. No guarantee that they would always do this but it might be worth asking.
  14. I also recommend the Blantons single cask bourbon. It comes in a beautiful bottle, tastes incredible and is not too expensive ($60-65??). It is almost impossible to find here in Houston but I did find it on my last RCL cruise. Even then, I was told the ship received exactly one case. So, if you're going to look for it on the ship, you should go as early as possible. You buy it (or them!) and the ship stores them until the end of your cruise. P.S. You can also look at the port liquor stores. Our last time in Grand Cayman, we found an entire rack of different Blantons products. More than I thought they sold!
  15. I'm not a big rum drinker but on a cruise I enjoy quite a few rum punches. Another drink I like is the frozen mudslide. It seems most cruise ship bars don't make frozen drinks but the bar in the casino always does. They help to ease the pain of losing in the casino!
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