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  1. So far I only have 2 booked lol Odyssey Nov 5th 2020 Oasis Feb 14th 2021
  2. Thanks so much for the link to this thread (through facebook).
  3. Did I mention we won it?! LOL Maybe that helped liking it so much πŸ˜‰ We are already looking to do it in Cozumel on our next cruise!
  4. We (my husband, myself and daughters age 14 & 24) just did an excursion on St. Maarten called "the race". It is just like the TV show "Amazing Race". We had a blast. There were other kids your kids' age participating as well. Wear tennis shoes as you race around the streets and interact with the locals (that was the best part) figuring out clues and such. Takes about 3 hrs.
  5. Jan 13th - Oasis of the Seas 1st cruise. 1st star class
  6. THANK YOU!!! After thinking longer....you nailed our thoughts exactly!!! Especially seeing the first booking of this cruise started out in a JS and within a week we were into the deck 8 ATS πŸ™‚ AND, as a family we have recently lost 175 lbs total and don't mind the walking....at...all!!!! πŸ™‚ We are cruise ready!!
  7. Just received our offer today for Jan 13, 2019 Oasis cruise. We currently are in the deck 8 ATS. The bids start at $400pp for Star Loft, $700pp for Panoramic, and $1200pp for the Royal Loft. While the Royal Loft is VERY tempting, I'm sure the $1200pp ($2400 total) bid will not take it, as it can go up to $4700pp. My husband says "lets stick to the ATS for our 1st cruise", I say "YOLO, BOOK IT". (we are not asking the daughters at ages 14 & 24 for their opinion lol) Bank account says "😲"
  8. I wasn't going to mention any names 🀐 HAHA!!!
  9. I booked the OASIS for next January through the RCCL website. I started out with a JS and then the sales started happening along with price drops and within 1 week we had upgraded to an Aquatheater deck 9. THEN I started reading this fantastic blog and learned of MEI. I went to their website and just clicked on a random box to get a quote of the same cruise with the same room. Long story short....after receiving an email and phone call from Melissa at MEI, we were able to transfer our booking to them and upgrade once again to the Spacious Aquatheater suite on deck 8 (which did not show available on the RCCL booking site) for just the 4 of us!! AND it wasn't much of an increase due to buying the travel insurance through MEI instead of RCCL. Thanks to this blog, we are in a room we could've never imagined!!
  10. Hi Everyone, My name is Gail and I am from Michigan. My husband, myself and our 2 daughters (age 23 and 13) will be going on our first (my husband and I cruised on our honeymoon) family cruise in January 2019 on the OASIS of the SEAS! We have booked the spacious aquatheater 2 bedroom suite πŸ™‚ "YOLO book it" LOL My oldest daughter just completed her Masters program and is planning on getting married in 2020. My youngest daughter is starting high school in September. She has had terrible asthma and allergies all her life and we have never been able to vacation due to it. We think (and pray) that she is outgrowing them and they are now manageable...YAY! So this is our first family week long vacation EVER!! We are SO excited and LOVE these boards and all the information they have available. Looking forward to following these boards from now til.............I think I'm already hooked!! LOL
  11. 242 days for me before we board the OASIS . Can't wait even more now!
  12. I booked our first cruise ever by myself about a month ago, online through the RCCL website.. I called RCCL and changed my room a few times (after research and learning more about the rooms) and there were price drops that I called for as well.. I ended up with a 2BR Aquatheater suite on the Oasis on deck 9 (pretty good huh?!) THEN, I came across this gem of a site and learned about MEI. So I changed my booking to them. After my first initial email I was offered the same room on deck 8 which we know is quite larger in size in room and balcony. This room on deck 8 was not available online. I am so glad I switched to MEI and was able to snag that room!
  13. My daughter was reading a chapter for social studies and she came across the words "Freedom of the sea" back when Wilson was president and trying to make peace treaties. We paused for a moment and said "Ahhhh we can't wait til January" 😍
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