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  1. Our June 12 British Isles cruise was canceled by Royal on May 20. We received an email that day advising us of three options; Future Cruise Credit, Lift and Shift, or a full refund. The email contained a link for choosing a full refund. Since we were expecting the cruise to be cancel we had already decided we wanted a full refund of all payments. I clicked on the refund link and answered a few questions, i.e., ship name, cruise date, reservation number. I was done in less than five minutes. No phone calls needed. I received credit on my charge card for all the payments made in less than ten days. I was glad I had booked direct instead of using a vacation planner of travel agent.
  2. I looked at the excursions for my cruise in June 2020 and did not see the one I had booked listed. The excursion is listed in my cruise planner, but not in the list of excursions now. Am I correct to assume that the excursion is now sold out for booking online? I have been monitoring the excursions for price drops and did get a black Friday savings on this excursion and another. I also noticed that some new excursions are shown that were not previously on the list. Is it common to see excursions added as the departure date gets closer?
  3. We had a connecting room for our recent Alaska cruise on The Radiance of the Seas. It was an oceanview room on deck 3 (3062). It had a small sofa and a king bed. Did not hear a sound from the other stateroom. The last day I knocked on the neighbors' door to thank you for being so quiet. It was a couple, no children. They said they didn't hear my loud snoring. I guess we were more fortunate than others that have had connecting rooms.
  4. We were the only ship in at the Hubbard Glacier the day we were there and stayed there for at least a couple of hours maybe longer. I heard that we had gotten closer that day than the captain had ever been.
  5. The ship went to Hubbard, but there was no excursion from the ship to get closer. We were close and it was a nice day. I didn't see any tender type boats leave to get closer. Some crew went to pick up some ice.
  6. Here is a listing of Alaska shore excursions in July 2018 on The Radiance of the Seas southbound. We didn't do any excursions with the ship but booked some with our travel agent. This listing has more than I recall being shown on the RC website cruise planner. Alaska_excursions_2018.pdf
  7. The computer program is probably assuming that ships leave port on the first day around 4:00 p.m. The cruise we are on does not leave Seward until 8 p.m and according to the cruise compass schedules I have seen the muster drill is starting at 6 pm. I had reserved 5:45 as our MTD selection for that day.
  8. I reserved MTD times online for our Alaskan cruise next week. After reading some of the cruise compass information posted for the same itinerary I saw that the first night has muster drill at the time I have reserved. Will we now be considered to have no reservation and need wait for an open table? Should I try to change the reservation online or wait until we embark?
  9. @Sunken dreams @Dawn T. Thanks for the information. We like the room location it would be nice to keep it. Don't think we will be spending a lot of time in the room, but hope the noise is minimal. I can get somewhat loud while sleeping, my wife puts in earplugs so she can rest. Hope the neighbors in the connecting cabin bring earplugs.
  10. We have a guaranteed oceanview cabin and have received edocuments with the cabin assignment. Our cruise will be in July. How likely is it that RC would change the cabin assignment before we sail? Also, the cabin is a connecting one. Is the connecting doorway one door or two doors?
  11. @whitsmom I will leave some money at the casino for you. ??
  12. This just adds to my excitement of going on my first Royal cruise in Alaska. Just 50 more days and we will be boarding the Radiance of the Seas.
  13. That has not been the case with my US passport either. I have renewed it twice and each time the new passport issue date was based on the time of application and not upon the prior expiration of the old passport. It is possible the US Dept of State may have changed the process since I renewed two years ago.
  14. Thanks, @coneyraven @WAAAYTOOO . Glad to know we won't be paying a fee for using our own cash. I believe not using the Seapass card for funds at the slots may be a money saver. I can understand why they charge a fee for purchasing the chips and cash using the Seapass card. If they didn't, people would be using the casino cage as a fee-free ATM. @tiny260 I am learning a lot about RCCL on this board. I have only been on one cruise and it was on Carnival. I am looking forward to being on royal for our cruise to Alaska. It will be a break from the hot Oklahoma summer coming our way.
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