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  1. 12 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    Yeah, I was wondering about this as well.  Since Mr. Speednoodles tested positive last week, he may still test positive in January.  Assuming I test negative, but wouldn't have been exposed for 2 months, I wouldn't feel as though I'd be exposing anyone to anything and could just no-show him.

    Although going without him on the new ship with the Suite would kind of be a dick move, so I'd probably just cancel both of us.

    But, double-double points. (Honey, I'm dong this FOR US).


    Wouldn't that be triple-double for solo in a suite with the double points promotion?

    Or would that be double-triple?

  2. 13 minutes ago, ChessE4 said:

    We parked there for cruises until 2015 when we moved to NC.  In the winter, be sure to take a small snow shovel and windshield scraper for snow and ice.  As Twangster noted. it isn't covered.  The process for us was to drop of suitcases first, then park.  Not sure what current practice is.  Never had a problem with car break-in.

    We did a drive-to cruise from Baltimore AFTER we moved to NC. Parking is easy and convenient.

    My recommendation is to wait and be among the last people off the ship so that you can pack up the car and go without waiting in a line of traffic to exit the lot. We stuck around long enough that crew came and "kicked us out" of our stateroom so they could start the turnaround process.

  3. On 11/28/2021 at 9:34 AM, FManke said:

    Is anybody else having this issue? There are no Black Friday deals offered on the cruise planner for our cruise next year. Prices are the same as earlier in the week. Is it me?

    Happy Cruising!

    Prices are the same as earlier in the week because the price "specials" started on Tuesday, November 23. They did not change AGAIN for Black Friday.

  4. Lowest soda package price in quite a few years ($5.99 per day on one cruise, $6.49 per day on the other).

    And 5 of 6 excursions booked across two different cruises are cheaper than what we previously paid (by anywhere between $2 and $5 off what was already a "discounted" price).

    Some folks aren't seeing savings, others are seeing savings on almost everything they purchase. Another case of YMMV.

  5. 14 hours ago, twangster said:

    Here’s mine.  

    We’ve arrived at a port.  People are getting off.  This isn’t out first port on call.  People have no idea they need to have their SeaPass card out ready to be scanned.  Then they fumble through a backpack/purse/pockets/look at spouse who has all the cards…somewhere.  Meanwhile crew have been loudly announcing to have your SeaPass cards out and ready.  

    Just ask the crew to let you step around since you're capable of following instructions. Do so loudly so the offending party is OFFENDED.

  6. Our two Alaska cruises were in June and July. In both cases, on an open sea overnight transit the bags were out and the ship was rockin' and rollin'. Enough people stayed in their staterooms that we had the run of the ship with minimal crowds - best night of the trip (if you like a little motion as we all do).

    Never an issue while cruising the Inside Passage.

  7. 5 hours ago, Jolly Ogre said:

    Savory Bites are the best, but my wife does not want to get them as she feel obligated to eat them all and she does like the regular rolls too and she says it is to much bread.

    The solution there is to take the extra savory bites back to your stateroom wrapped in a napkin. They make a great late night snack (far better than Sorrento's).

  8. 45 minutes ago, twangster said:

    @Matt recently cruised with his kids and reported they also had the drink voucher benefit. 

    In Alaska I like to be sharp.  Stay up late and/or get up early given the longer days with more sunlight hours.  I have found the drink package is counterintuitive for my goals of being alert, awake and outside as much as possible to soak in Alaska. 

    But refreshment package might be in order for those who choose to indulge in specialty coffee as the caffeine boost to aid in alertness.

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