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  1. I have never had a problem getting my table request met except on majesty I am a private person when I travel due to my work before retirement on my first cruise with royal I was seated with some extremely obnoxious drunks twice during my cruise so I prefer to enjoy my dinner alone when traveling without family taking in the surrounding beauty on majesty I ran into a horrible head waiter or whatever the suit at the door is called I requested a table by myself he acted like I was pulling his teeth asking me why I don't want to meet new people and a bunch of personal none of your business questions I looked at him and asked so your not going to honor my request? he squirmed and said go wait over there half hour later he said we have you a table the waiter walked me in and twice around the dining room back to the door saying he could not find my single the head waiter threw his hands up and took me to my table it was a table right next to a 6 top with not the width of a hand between and I had the joy of basically sitting across from a nose blowing scowling older gent who stared at me through my entire meal this is when I found that for the most part the menu is the same in the very peaceful dinner seating in the windjammer I requested an appetizer of escargot which was brought out immediately my point being if you cant get what you request look at all your options some will surprise you what a great cruise I had after this easily fixed problem there are many personalities working on the ship 99.9 percent are wonderful then there are these avoid them and sail on to happiness oh by the way we did get run back to port a day early by a hurricane but still had a great time
  2. if you have a very experienced travel agent with contacts at royal it is possible I highly recommend MEI travel there are no guaranties but they just did it for me it took about a week and I received several turn down emails from royal quoting policy but she did it I will stick with her for all my travel needs
  3. I guess it depends on the individual at royal you book with I booked with one of there senior trip planners although I am now represented by MEI and the booking was taken over by them the royal rep sent me a nice long notice that my payoff date was coming up in june I often keep a small balance owed to the last minute so that it is easier to make changes in the event of better deals as it is much harder to make changes after the booking is finalized
  4. this is not a good idea if you can even get out the gates which are there for your safety if you go up to the top deck you can see out into town doesn't look to appealing to me these people are very poor and if you want to see the real country side book the dune buggy tour it takes 1.5 hours to get there and you go through the real Jamaica not the one made for you to sum up I do not suggest you go out on your own supervised only
  5. I did notice that in the card description in the above post it says the vendi and grande size will cost 2 punches if they tried to punch 3 on me I would be wearing someones ear out in guest services you must be careful with the charges as well get a print out of charges every day I booked a massage on the oasis way in advance of the cruise at a substantial discount I went at my appointed time the next day I looked at my charges the girl at the desk in the spa had refunded my original cruise planner discount price and recharged me at the regular rack price which is much higher took about 2 hours and a parade of officers but they straightened it out stating glad you caught this while on the ship it would have been much more difficult to fix once the cruise is over
  6. and my advice is after 2 cruises where I saw people receive fairly bad injuries at the falls one broken leg in 3 places he remained on the cruise in a wheelchair the other something to do with the spine she was taken off the ship I think this looks like an awesome excursion but don't try it unless you are in top physical condition heed the warnings and most of all buy the insurance the cost of treating an injury on a ship I'm sure would be financially disastrous oh and have a passport
  7. I too have found that the once special rockets has lost all of its luster I have seen on many occasions empty booths as I passed enroute to other far better eating options the last attempt at eating at rockets was on the oasis and those of you who have sailed her know they sunk a lot of money into that particular restaurant to say it was awful was an understatement greasy overcooked food almost no flavor and I guess I should have guessed as when we approached no one at the outside tables and we were the only people seated inside raise the price I don't think so if royal has any hope of saving this once fun part of cruising they should go back to what worked 5.00 and properly trained cooks are a must if this once great franchise is to survive take it off the specialty restaurant list now is the time to rethink royal an entire cruise on majesty last year JR was rarely open and when it was yep that's right no one there Royal there is no shame in admitting you made a mistake fix it now or rebrand and put in a better option just my humble opinion
  8. I am so very happy to hear of your great fortune life is so precious I hope you have many many more sailings together and enjoy every precious moment sail on my friends ?️
  9. After seeing how empty the casino was on Rhapsody in February, I was on the indy in February I found for the most part that the casino was lacking players except when all the other bars were closed down no big gamblers did I see people were complaining about how the slots were rigged to tight I did notice when the schooner side roulette had one or two players that they were winning big and often but once the table filled up very rare winners and only blanket players would win small amounts I have not heard of anyone fixing a roulette table but that seemed to be the consensus does anyone know if it is possible?
  10. it can be more on the smaller ships and when I was on the oasis one of the officers made me aware of an interesting fact of the mega ships t6he felt motion is not necessarily caused by rough water alone the ships are so big that the wind blowing against broad side of the ship is like a giant sail pushing the ship back and forth causing felt motion but no matter what motion is felt in my experience from majesty to oasis and in between 2 bonine once a day will prevent any problems at least this has been my families experience sail on my friend
  11. I have been to many johny rockets on land and on ships never heard of free or included milkshakes I have gotten certificates in my cabin for free milkshakes with meal BUT I would caution about what royal reps say as I have gotten bad info from every level I have spoken too possibly as I was told by one senior planner that royal has given the hotel director on each ship great latitude to run his ship the way he sees fit to try to increase the sales and the bottom line welcome to the forum and happy sea days
  12. this is definitely the way there headed I have been on several cruises since I heard of complimentary breakfast not one had it seems to me the suite class will get it no soup for steerage ?
  13. WOW I love it when they toss around these monster amounts of money guess johnny rockets will go to 25.00 cover charge by the end of the year LOL?
  14. hi welcome to the forum the main ones are main dining room and the windjammer buffet sorrentos pizza is on most ships and the café room service is sort of included it does have a 7.95 service charge per order and includes as much of the items as you desire and are listed on the menu you will find in your cabin there is no service charge for room service continental breakfast there is no lack of food on the ships royal does a good job with keeping you full
  15. sounds like someone deserves an extra lobster night for all the inconvenience?
  16. sorry tried that not included I would go there just for there milkshakes they can keep there overpriced burgs and rings
  17. yes it does at lease it was in the past
  18. I am on the brilliance oct 1 5 nights western I will post an eval when I get back ?
  19. I like to sail the freedom class or smaller don't care for the megas at all love the casinos and the schooner bar I am a creature of habit so pretty much do the same thing if a port interests me I will visit it but I find the shops are pretty much the same no matter where you are to be fair its not that the islands aren't interesting but as a young lad I sailed most of the Caribbean on a family island hopper although back then the ports weren't so touristy if there is a chance for a real locals culinary experience I'm on it very quickly even then I spent most of my life in the florida keys where genuine ethnic food masterpieces abound due to the mixed culture I love the ships and what mother mother ocean does for the soul
  20. I enjoy the theater very much I remember when they were on freedom class down in the conference area the brilliance has one and I will be using it pool side movies are ok but the little 29 seats theaters are the best
  21. if I eat at a specialty its giovanis food has never been anything but fabulous chops was a big let down to me the steaks in the main dining room were just as good and included I would rather pay the little extra in the MDR and get the surf and turf this is just me and my families opinion but you must try giovanis even lunch was terrific they offer special deals on the ship that for me were a better deal then the cruise planner
  22. pardon me if this is my ignorance but royal has been laying out huge almost science fiction amounts of money on refits piers amusement parks not to mention the symphony does not this huge outlay affect the stock prices until it shows profitably
  23. if you find the caramel dulche leche grab it its amazing
  24. windjammer is the place try the raspberry it is also available on the room service menu get at least 2 there small
  25. oh yes its real and good too try the raspberry ?
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