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  1. I finally received my refund for my excursion purchased on my cruise planner on 7/29. It took more than 2 months but finally received my refund. Apparently, when Royal refunded my cancelled cruise, they refunded my entire amount, including the deposit, rather than give me a FCC. Can't complain. Let's hope that my cruise in April 2022 will not be cancel.
  2. I cancelled my excursion in the cruise planner on May 18 and still have not received the refund, what should the expected timeframe be? Should I call Royal and check? I have already received a partial refund for my cruise that I cancelled on May 31, still waiting for the FCC.
  3. So if we can use the FCC towards deposit of a new cruise, can we combine multiple FCCs into one cruise? For example, if I have two FCCs because I cancelled two cruises, can both FCCs be applied to one cruise deposit?
  4. So apparently my TA said I cannot use the L&S on my March 2021 cruise. I have gone back and forth with this TA and decided to just cancel my cruise completely using the CWC. So now I am waiting for the FCC so I can use that money to re-book a different cruise and definitely a different TA. Any ideas how long the FCC will take and how you will know it is available? Does Royal send you an email? Thinking of using the FCC for a summer 2022 cruise in Alaska.
  5. Trying to figure out what this message means. When I went to Royal's website and try to cancel my cruise under their cruise with confidence, I get this message: "The reservation number entered is on Offered status. The reservation is not eligible for the Cruise with Confidence or the Global Suspension Sailings program." I want to see what my options are if I want to cancel or move my booking.
  6. This is the same Q&A that is posted on Royal's website. The funny thing is I called Royal and spoke to someone to get some clarifications before I called my TA. I waited over 3 hours to talk to someone and they told me the same thing that the lift and shift is only for 2020 sailings. Called back again and spoke to another representative at Royal and got a different answer where he said that it can be used for 2021 sailings. So apparently, no one is well verse with the new policy.
  7. I have a March 2021 cruise and want to use the L&S to a March/April 2022 sailing but our clueless TA says it is only for 2020 cruises not 2021. Also asked them about CWC, whether I can use it on my reservation and again this clueless TA says no because it is only available for cruises before July 31, 2020. Huh? I told them that Royal changed the policy of CWC to all bookings until April 30, 2022 and they say that they have not heard of it and if so, it does not apply to my sailing. Huh? I am going to call back to see if I can get a different TA representative.
  8. I keep see the 8/1 date, is this date the new booking date or do we have to move the sailing by this date?
  9. Trying to figure the Lift and Shift program. If I currently have a sailing booked (March 28, 2021), can I move it to March/April 2022 sailings? I have four cabins book and three parties are thinking of moving it to a later sailing.
  10. So what would happen to the deposit if a person decides they do not want to cruise ever again? Do they lose out of the entire deposit since it was NRD? We booked 4 cabins on a cruise for March 2021 and three couples have decided they do not want to cruise this sailing. I know that I have until final payment to decide, which will be in December, if they want to transfer to another cruise.
  11. Update....We are over 13 months out and this is already sold out. Price stayed at $499.
  12. Just get the passport book. Not even sure why you need the passport card since that is only good for land entry. If you fly or miss your ship, only the passport book will allow you entry.
  13. Does anyone know how Royal count kids under 4? Do they receive a wristband and does it count towards the 6 people limit?
  14. Would love to also see Royal be creative with their itineraries. A person can only go to the same ports so many times.
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