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Adventure of the Seas vs. Voyager of the Seas

21 Nov 2023

Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas are both a part of Royal Caribbean’s Voyager Class of ships, which debuted in 1999.

Adventure vs Voyager

Voyager of the Seas is the first ship in the Voyager Class. This ship was the first of its kind in the cruise industry because she included many never-before-seen features, like the Royal Promenade, ice skating rink, and rock climbing wall.

There are five ships in the Voyager Class. Adventure of the Seas is the third ship, after Explorer of the Seas. The other two ships are Navigator of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas.

Both Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas are considered older vessels compared to the entire Royal Caribbean fleet (Voyager of the Seas is the fifth ship built and Adventure of the Seas is the eighth ship built out of 26 total ships, soon to be 28 when Icon of the Seas and Utopia of the Seas launch). However, these ships offer an incredible value because they are not too big in size, yet they still offer an impressive array of venues and activities for cruisers to enjoy. There really is something for everyone!

Overview of Voyager of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas

Voyager of the Seas’ maiden voyage was November 21, 1999. In 2019, Voyager of the Seas completed its $97 million Royal Amplification, which included the addition of waterslides, an updated Vitality Spa and Fitness Center, new staterooms, and redesigned kids/teens areas.

Voyager of the Seas docked in Costa Maya

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Here are some other fast facts about Voyager of the Seas:

  • Guest capacity: 4,269
  • Gross tonnage: 137,276
  • 1,020 feet long
  • 15 total decks

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On the other hand, Adventure of the Seas’ maiden voyage was November 18, 2001. While Adventure of the Seas has not yet been Royal Amplified (it was postponed due to the pandemic), she did undergo two revitalizations in 2016 and 2018, which cost $61 million. During this time, waterslides, the Flowrider, Splashaway Bay, Izumi, new staterooms, and more were added.

Adventure of the Seas in Belize

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More fast facts about Adventure of the Seas:

  • Guest capacity: 3,807
  • Gross tonnage: 138,193
  • 1,020 feet long
  • 15 total decks

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While these two ships are similar in length and volume, Voyager of the Seas can carry more passengers. Perhaps the biggest difference between these two cruise ships is the fact that Voyager of the Seas has received a Royal Amplification while Adventure of the Seas has not yet.

Dining and Bars

Voyager of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas offer many of the same places to eat. 

Both ships have three complimentary venues: the Main Dining Room (called The Sapphire Dining Room on Adventure of the Seas), Windjammer Marketplace (buffet open for all three meals of the day), and Cafe Promenade, which includes free pizza, coffee from Starbucks, and Ben & Jerry’s (the two latter are not included in your cruise fare). Both ships also have an area for soft-serve ice cream.

Main Dining Room on Voyager of the Seas

All of these venues are located in the same place on both ships: the Main Dining Room is on decks three, four, and five in the back of the ship, the Windjammer is on deck 11 in the back of the ship, and Cafe Promenade is located on deck five in the Royal Promenade. 

As far as specialty dining, both of these ships have:

  • Chops Grille (American steakhouse)
  • Giovanni’s Table (Italian)
  • Izumi (Japanese)
  • Chef’s Table (gourmet food and wine experience)

On Voyager of the Seas, Giovanni’s is located on the fourth deck by the Schooner Bar while Chops is located next to the Windjammer. On Adventure of the Seas, these locations are swapped where Chops is on the fourth deck and Giovanni’s is next to the Windjammer.

Adventure of the Seas is the only ship with Izumi located in the Royal Promenade. On Voyager of the Seas, Izumi is on the 14th deck near the Viking Crown Lounge.

Izumi on Royal Promenade on Adventure of the Seas

There is one venue that is unique to both ships. Voyager of the Seas has a Cupcake Cupboard on deck 11 near the Windjammer; not many ships still offer this cupcake shop onboard. Something Adventure of the Seas has that Voyager of the Seas does not is Johnny Rockets. This is located on deck 12 in the back of the ship. Voyager of the Seas used to have a Johnny Rockets, but it was removed during the Royal Amplification.

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Many bars found on Adventure of the Seas are also on Voyager of the Seas. Some of these bars are essentially the same but have different names. These include:

  • Schooner Bar
  • Casino Bar
  • The Tavern on Voyager or Boleros on Adventure
  • Star Lounge bar on Voyager or Imperial Lounge bar on Adventure 
  • R Bar on Voyager or Champagne Bar on Adventure 
  • Pig & Whistle on Voyager or Duck & Dog on Adventure 
  • Solarium Bar
  • Pool Bar
  • Plaza Bar on Voyager or Windjammer Bar on Adventure
  • Sky Bar/Lounge
  • High Notes on Voyager or Blue Moon on Adventure
Sky Lounge on Voyager of the Seas

Entertainment and Activities

Voyager-Class ships offer lots of onboard thrills and activities for cruisers of all ages. Both Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas have:

  • Ice skating in Studio B
  • Flowrider surf simulator
  • The Perfect Storm waterslides
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Sports court for basketball, pickleball, soccer, and other outdoor sports
  • Mini golf (Voyager Dunes is on deck 13 while Adventure Dunes is split between decks 12 and 13)
  • Pool deck with two large pools and four hot tubs
  • Adults-only solarium (not enclosed) with a pool and two hot tubs
  • Adventure Ocean for kids and teens, along with an arcade
Flowrider and waterslides on Voyager of the Seas

There are a few differences between these two ships when it comes to activities. Voyager of the Seas offers laser tag in Studio B, called Battle for Planet Z. On the other hand, Adventure of the Seas has a Splashaway Bay on the pool deck. This area includes a Baby Splash Zone for kids who are not potty-trained so they can enjoy the pool as well.

Each ship has its own unique lineup of entertainment. In addition to the various headliners, there are two production shows in the Royal Theatre (dubbed the Lyric Theatre on Adventure of the Seas). Adventure of the Seas has shows Invitation to Dance and Can’t Stop The Rock while Voyager of the Seas has Broadway Rhythm & Rhyme and Music in Pictures. There is an ice skating show on each ship as well, called Cool Art, Hot Ice on Adventure of the Seas and Ice Odyseey on Voyager of the Seas.

The Lyric Theatre on Adventure of the Seas

Lounges and Public Spaces

Similar to the dining and entertainment venues onboard, Voyager of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas offer many of the same public spaces. These include:

  • Suite Lounge
  • Diamond Lounge (soon to be named the Crown Lounge) on deck five for Voyager and deck 14 for Adventure
  • Conference center and loyalty desk
  • Photo and art gallery 
  • Casino Royale
  • Various stores for shopping in the Royal Promenade
  • Vitality Spa and Fitness Center
  • Library and RC Online
  • Next Cruise 
  • Skylight chapel

The location of some of these venues is different on both ships. For example, the Vitality Spa and Fitness Center is at the front of the ship on Adventure of the Seas, but it is in the back on Voyager of the Seas. This is because during the Royal Amplification on Voyager, new staterooms were added where the spa and fitness center used to be.

Another interesting thing to point out is how on Adventure of the Seas, guests can visit the peek-a-boo bridge. Accessible from the Solarium, guests can venture to the front of the ship to take a peek inside the bridge of the ship and see the crew in action. Unfortunately, this is not available on Voyager of the Seas.

Peek-a-boo bridge on Adventure of the Seas

Lastly, Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas both have numerous stateroom options, including interiors, ocean view, balconies, and suites.

Voyager of the Seas oceanview cabin


Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas offer a variety of short and long itineraries, typically in the Caribbean. What’s nice about these Voyager-Class ships is that they are small enough to visit ports that larger ships, like Oasis of the Seas or Wonder of the Seas, cannot.

Sports Court on Adventure of the Seas

In 2024, Adventure of the Seas will sail the Eastern and Southern Caribbean out of Port Canaveral. Most sailings are six or eight nights, and some go to Bermuda or Perfect Day at CocoCay. It appears she will have maintenance done in early November 2024.

As for Voyager of the Seas in 2024, she will continue with four and five-night Western Caribbean sailings out of Galveston until May. Then she will cruise around Europe, departing from Rome, Barcelona, Athens, and Venice. These itineraries visit the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean. For the rest of the year starting in November 2024, Voyager will be in Port Canaveral sailing the Caribbean.

Which ship should I choose?

I believe because Voyager of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas are so similar, the decision of which ship to cruise on would ultimately come down to the itinerary and price.

Voyager of the Seas pool deck with a bar, pool and hot tub

Adventure of the Seas may be a much better choice for those with small children who are not yet potty trained because it has a Splashaway Bay. During hot weather vacations, this would be a huge benefit and a factor to consider in your ship selection.

Pool deck with hot tubs and kids splash pad on Adventure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager-Class ships are big enough to offer amazing entertainment options, like the spectacular ice shows and Flowrider, but also small enough to provide an intimate atmosphere. Cruisers will not feel overwhelmed navigating the ship. Whichever ship you choose for your voyage, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure!

Voyager of the Seas review: What it's like to cruise on Royal Caribbean's oldest Voyager Class ship

17 Oct 2023

Voyager of the Seas was the first ship built in the Voyager Class by Royal Caribbean. Although Voyager of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s oldest ships, you shouldn't dismiss her as an option for your next cruise vacation!

Voyager of the Seas docked in Costa Maya

When Voyager of the Seas debuted in 1999, she turned the cruising world upside down.  This was the ship that introduced the idea of having an ice-skating rink at sea, rock climbing wall at sea, and indoor promenade.

Voyager was instantly the largest cruise ship in the world when she debuted (only until Explorer of the Seas entered service the following year).

Last month, my dad and I went on a five-night Western Caribbean sailing that visited Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico from Galveston, Texas. We had never cruised out of Galveston, so we were excited to see what it was like versus cruising out of Florida. This was also our first cruise on Voyager of the Seas! 

Angie and dad selfie in Costa Maya

Here’s what you can expect when sailing on Voyager of the Seas in 2023.

Royal Amplification

Built in 1999, Voyager of the Seas was a trailblazer in the cruise industry.

20 years later, Voyager of the Seas went through a $97 million Royal Amplification in October of 2019. During this refurbishment, the following venues and features were added:

  • The Perfect Storm waterslides
  • Battle for Planet Z laser tag
  • Updated Vitality Spa and Fitness Center
  • Redesigned kid and teen spaces
  • 72 new inside and balcony staterooms

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Flowrider and waterslides on Voyager of the Seas

Embarkation process

Because this was my first time cruising out of Galveston, I was unsure what the embarkation process was going to be like, but I was eager to see the new Royal Caribbean terminal.

After flying into Houston, my dad and I decided to get a hotel in the area and then the next day, we would get an Uber or Lyft to Galveston. We got a hotel in Houston because it was approximately $50 cheaper than staying in Galveston.

On embarkation day, we requested a Lyft and made our way to Galveston. During the drive, we were able to complete the mandatory safety briefing, so this was a great way to make the hour-long drive go by faster.

Terminal in Galveston, Texas

Upon arrival at the terminal, we saw a huge line of people waiting to get inside. This was due to the fact that there was a Coast Guard inspection that day, so the entire embarkation process took longer than it normally would. This long line made sense because passengers were not able to board until after the inspection was complete. Royal Caribbean emailed me multiple times about this inspection, so I knew it was going to happen.

Line of people waiting to get inside the terminal in Galveston

Our check-in time was at noon so we arrived at 11:30 a.m., but we could’ve come even earlier because of the long line.

After waiting outside for about 30 minutes or so, suddenly the line started to move much faster as we entered the terminal. It was a beautiful terminal, but I didn't have much time to admire it because the line was moving so fast when we went inside.

Galveston, Texas terminal inside

Once inside, the check-in process was a breeze and probably only took about 15 minutes. We were impressed!

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Spacious ocean view cabin

When I originally booked this cruise, I selected an interior guarantee cabin for me and my dad. This type of cabin is usually what I select for my cruises because it is the cheapest option. I’d rather spend my money on other things, like specialty dining or activities, than pay for a larger or balcony cabin.

Well, I kept receiving emails from Royal Caribbean about participating in their RoyalUp program. For those not familiar, RoyalUp is an opportunity for cruisers to bid on a nicer and bigger cabin. I usually ignore these emails, but since my dad was coming with me on this cruise, he said, “Why don’t we try it?” He is more particular than I am, so I think he wanted a different cabin!

Four days before embarkation, my dad and I placed bids on four stateroom categories. The next day, our bid was accepted! For an additional $130 per person, we upgraded to a spacious ocean view cabin.

Spacious oceanview cabin

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Our cabin was in the very front of the ship, overlooking the helipad. We were on the ninth deck, which was ideal because we weren't far from public venues. I was worried about being in the front of the ship motion-wise, but we had such smooth sailings that I rarely felt the ship move when I was in the cabin.

Helipad on Voyager of the Seas

As implied by its name, our upgraded cabin did indeed feel quite spacious at 211 square feet. Comparatively, our interior cabin would've been 160 square feet. The additional space was noticeable by the window and bed area.

Voyager of the Seas oceanview cabin

The cabin had everything we needed and more! We had more space than we knew what to do with. One of the benefits of upgrading to this cabin was the extra large couch. It was so big that I thought it was a sofa bed (it wasn’t). Nonetheless, it was nice to have another place to sit other than our beds.

Another advantage to being in the front of the ship was that it was quiet due to low foot traffic. We did, however, feel and hear the bow thrusters in the mornings when we were docking.

The bathroom felt a little more retro than the rest of the cabin because of the color scheme, but it was just fine for our five-night cruise.

Voyager of the Seas cabin bathroom

Dining onboard

Voyager of the Seas has three complimentary dining venues onboard, the Main Dining Room, Windjammer, and Cafe Promenade, and three specialty dining restaurants, including Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table, and Izumi Japanese Cuisine. Chef’s Table was also available.

My dad and I splurged and enjoyed dinner at Giovanni’s Table and Chops Grille (my dad’s favorite Royal Caribbean restaurant). The other three nights, we ate in the Main Dining Room for dinner.

On the first day of our cruise, we were so excited to see that we were assigned a table right by a window in the Main Dining Room! This view was wonderful to admire every night when we had dinner. 

We were able to enjoy these three themed meals:

  • A Taste of France
  • A Taste of Mexico
  • A Taste of Italy

My personal favorite was A Taste of Italy because I love Italian food, including arancini, lasagna, and tiramisu.

The Main Dining Room had really fast service. Most meals were only an hour and a half long, sometimes shorter. All of the food was hot which I greatly appreciated. When I cruised on Adventure of the Seas, my food was either a hit or miss in regards to the temperature. My dad and I truly had no complaints about the Main Dining Room.

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We noticed that more people participated in the formal night onboard (around 70%), but there were no tuxedos or prom dresses. It is much more casual. 

Another thing we noticed was how The Windjammer always seemed to be packed, especially for breakfast. I think this is because there are only three complimentary places to eat on the ship. We were able to find clean tables every morning (around 10 a.m.), but we had to hunt for them.

Giovanni's Table was excellent! This was the first time I went to Giovanni's Table where they didn't bring the desserts out on a cart. Instead, they brought it out plated like the rest of the meal. This was changed due to the pandemic.

“Chops Grill is hard to beat,” my dad said as he happily ate his food. He enjoyed the filet with peppercorn sauce. I agreed - our meal was super delicious. I was so full by the end of the meal that I could barely stand up!

Chops Grille was actually quite busy the night that we went. There were about 40 people there. This was vastly different than Giovanni’s when there were only about 15 of us dining.

Chops Grille dessert

Activities and entertainment

I’ve seen a few comments online from people saying that they thought Voyager of the Seas was boring, but I have to disagree. I thought there were some great entertainment options!

Voyager of the Seas Royal Theatre

I went to every production show in the Royal Theatre, and I enjoyed the variety of acts. My favorites were the ice skating show, “Ice Odyssey,” and the comedy showcase featuring Derrick Cameron. I also liked going to the game shows in the Star Lounge. Almost every activity here was very busy, especially the Disney trivia, “Battle of the Sexes,” “Majority Rules,” and “Finish That Lyric.”

The music productions were also fun. We saw three shows, “Broadway Rhythm & Rhyme,” “El Gaucho (described as a “must-see show packed with laughter from the very start and featuring fiery music and unusual skills”), and “Music in Pictures.” 

The Adult SHUSH! Silent Party is one of my dad’s favorite activities on a Royal Caribbean cruise. I also really enjoy this event because usually between the two channels, I can find music I like (modern pop) and dad can find music he likes (70s and 80s hits). 

I will have to say I was disappointed about one thing. While cruising on Voyager of the Seas, I noticed at the trivia games, there were no prizes for the winners. My dad and I played on a team during the Rock Hits trivia and we ended up winning, but we didn't receive a prize. All we got was a “Great job!” from the host and claps from the other participants. I personally don't like this change because I feel that there should be some kind of award for winning trivia, even if it is just a key chain or highlighter.

I am not sure if this is considered an activity, but my dad likes to work out while on vacation, so we frequently visited the Fitness Center while on Voyager of the Seas. We both found it funny how the TV was behind all of the equipment. My dad wanted to watch what was on while he was exercising, but the TV location didn't allow for that. I wonder who decided this was the best place to put the TV?

Ports of Call

Like most cruises that leave from Galveston, we visited the Western Caribbean. This included stops in Cozumel and Costa Maya. Other cruises from Galveston also visit destinations like Roatan, Honduras; Nassau, Bahamas; Belize City, Belize; and even Royal Caribbean’s private island Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Costa Maya, Mexico

What was interesting about our itinerary was that we didn't dock in Costa Maya until 12:30 p.m. I liked this because that meant we could have a quiet night’s sleep and not have to hear the ship docking in the early morning. 

As soon as we could disembark, my dad and I decided to walk around and do a little shopping. There is a convenient shopping area right off the dock. My dad was on the hunt for some Mexican vanilla and cigars, while I was fine tagging along.

Cozumel, Mexico

My dad and I have been to Cozumel more times than we care to admit, so all we did was get off the ship, take a few pictures, and then get back onboard to enjoy one of our Diamond Plus drink vouchers.

Voyager and Adventure of the Seas in Cozumel

It appeared that many people had the same idea as us and decided to stay on board. It was a hot day, so a lot of people were using the pool. This was smart because the public venues aren’t nearly as busy while docked in port!

Disembarkation day

Like the embarkation process, disembarking Voyager of the Seas was straightforward. We easily found our luggage and then we did the facial recognition scan.

We took a Lyft to Galveston, so I was planning on doing the same to take us to the Houston airport.

On the last day of the cruise, we received a “Tips for an Easy Departure” document from Royal Caribbean that stated, “Taxis are usually readily available outside the terminal. Lyft is the only rideshare available in Port of Galveston.” I thought it was odd how Uber was not included. 

Coast Guard inspection line at Galveston

On disembarkation day, I tried to request a Lyft to the airport. After at least 15-20 minutes of waiting around, I tried to request an Uber instead. Within just a few minutes, an Uber picked my request and picked us up.

So for those wondering, you can request a Lyft or an Uber at the Galveston terminal. The ride was an hour to the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) airport.

A few final thoughts

Overall, Voyager of the Seas was in great condition. There were a few dents and scratches, but that is to be expected on a ship that is over 20 years old.

Voyager of the Seas in Costa Maya

I had no problems with the Wi-Fi, however, my dad had some issues getting connected. We believe this had something to do with his phone trying to connect to the VPN network. He brought his phone and iPad to the Wi-Fi help desk and they were able to assist him.

I noticed a lot more people wearing masks around the ship. There were also a lot of bridal parties and recently married couples celebrating. 

It seemed there were football games playing everywhere, especially in the Tavern Bar on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The crowd was especially rowdy during the Texas and Alabama game on Saturday because there were lots of Texans on the Voyager! 

I paid $130 extra to upgrade my interior cabin to a spacious ocean view on Voyager of the Seas. Here's a tour of my cabin.

19 Sep 2023

For my recent cruise onboard Voyager of the Seas, my dad and I decided to RoyalUp from an interior guarantee stateroom to a spacious ocean view.

Voyager of the Seas spacious ocean view

About two months prior to the cruise, I found a cheap sailing from Galveston, Texas, so I decided to book an inside guarantee cabin. The main reason why I selected this cabin was because of the cost. The interior guarantee cabin was $1,154 for a five-night Western Caribbean sailing. This price included gratuities and fees for the two of us. 

Because this was an inside guarantee cabin, I was not able to select its location on the ship. Of course, I always prefer to get a cabin midship for the smoothest sailing possible. I tend to get motion sick, so being in the middle of the ship is ideal for less movement. 

However, from my experience with inside guaranteed cabins, the staterooms assigned usually end up being in the very front or back of the ship. For this sailing, we were assigned a cabin in the front of the ship. 

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Before leaving for Galveston, I kept receiving emails from Royal Caribbean about their RoyalUp program. For those not familiar with RoyalUp, it is essentially an opportunity to place a bid to upgrade to a nicer, usually larger, cabin.

I only used RoyalUp once before, and it was a positive experience. In October 2022, my family went on a fabulous 12-night Holy Land cruise onboard Odyssey of the Seas. My sister and I bid $300 per person to upgrade from our interior cabin to a junior suite. It was so worth it! Because of this positive experience, I was intrigued to place a bid for my trip on Voyager of the Seas.

Odyssey of the Seas

Four days before embarkation, we decided to pull the trigger and place a bid through RoyalUp. Pretty much anything would be an upgrade from our interior guarantee! We ended up placing bids on four stateroom categories. What’s great about RoyalUp is that you can bid on multiple cabin categories, therefore increasing your chances of being upgraded.

The next day, we received the email that our bid was accepted! For an additional $130 per person, we upgraded to a spacious ocean view cabin. 

We were hoping our new cabin would be located somewhere in the middle or back of the ship. When I looked up our cabin on the ship deck plans, I laughed when I saw that our cabin was now in the very front of the ship, overlooking the helipad!

As mentioned earlier, I get motion sick fairly easily. Being in the front of the ship, I was worried that there was going to be even more movement. This is the risk you take when you RoyalUp - you won’t know where your new cabin is going to be located. If you have a location with your current stateroom selection that you’re satisfied with, RoyalUp might not be the best option for you, as you do not have a say on the location for accepted bids.

Nonetheless, we were excited our bid was accepted and we got to stay in a more spacious cabin.

Our cabin, 9502, was situated on the port side in the forward part of the ship. The cabin was quite roomy at 211 square feet. We felt as though the beds, couch, and carpet were in good condition, even though the ship was built in 1999. 

The first thing I noticed in our cabin was the window and view of the helipad. This view was especially beautiful at sunset. There were two curtains - one heavy one to block out the light and a decorative one in the front. I figured these would help keep the room extra dark, which is something I actually prefer about sleeping in interior cabins, as they have no natural light. 

The beds were separated upon arrival. This was per our request prior to embarkation. Next to both of our beds was a side table with a drawer and an open compartment. One side table had a phone on top that took up the majority of the space.

Each bed had a wall light above our heads. Next to my dad’s bed was a light switch that turned on and off all the lights in the cabin (except the vanity).

As soon as you walk into the cabin, you are met with a large closet. The closet had multiple hangers, along with wide, wire shelves for all the clothes we packed.

Our cabin also included a huge couch. It was nice to have another place to sit other than our beds. It was so big that I thought it might be a sofa bed, but this was not the case. We decided to line up our shoes under the couch for easy viewing and access.

The vanity is a great feature of the cabin because of all the storage. It had nine drawers: six deeper ones and three shallow ones. I found the shallow drawers hard to use, especially since one had a hair dryer in it, rendering it unusable for other things. On both sides of the vanity were glass shelves for additional items. 

On the left side of the vanity was a TV that could swivel slightly. I tried to swivel it toward our beds, but it didn't move as much as I thought it would. There was a variety of channels to browse through, but I didn't spend much time watching TV.

Above the TV was a safe and two deep shelves for more storage.

Below the TV was a mini cooler. This cooler was useful primarily for keeping water and sodas cool. It didn’t get super cold like a refrigerator would. 

On the vanity, there were two outlets for charging our electronic devices. This is pretty standard for older cruise ships, so I was not surprised. While I wish there were more outlets throughout the cabin, two was enough for me and my dad.

When I opened the door to the bathroom, I wasn’t expecting blue and green colors! This certainly dated the cabin and reminded me that the ship is, in fact, over 20 years old.

Behind the left mirror were three shelves for various toiletries. I didn't need this extra storage, so my dad utilized it. Our stateroom attendant was very attentive and made sure we had plenty of towels to use throughout our sailing.

The shower (or as I like to call it, a space pod) had plenty of hot water and good pressure. It also had the all-in-one soap if you forgot to pack your shampoo or body wash. I prefer to bring my own shampoo and conditioner when I cruise because this soap dries out my hair. The shower felt just a little bigger than the one in an interior cabin, although still small.

More thoughts about the cabin

Since we changed our cabin only three days before embarkation, a few things were missing from our stateroom, including our Crown and Anchor robes and special toiletries. Our cards also didn't work for our cabin, so we had to go to Guest Services right away to make sure we could access our cabin.

Our stateroom attendant was wonderful! He brought extra blankets for us and gave us a paper Cruise Compass every night on our beds (per our request).

Towards the end of our voyage, we found out our cabin was directly below the bridge. This was not a problem - we rarely heard noises from the deck above us. I would have expected more noise, but it was very quiet. The only time we heard noises that woke us up was when we were docking in Cozumel around 7 a.m.

Right by the window was a sign that read, “Kindly keep curtains closed to avoid light from reflecting onto the bridge.” This was one of the first things that I noticed when seeing our stateroom for the first time. 

One night around 10:30 p.m., we got a call to our stateroom. My dad confusingly answered it and then told me it was from the bridge. They told him to close our curtains because some light was reflecting on the bridge. We told them our curtains were closed, but after hanging up, we pinned the curtains together with clothes pins to be extra sure no more light was escaping our cabin. 

Because we were in the very front of the ship, there was little foot traffic throughout the day and night, making the cabin location pretty quiet. Every night, I slept soundly (except when I woke up to my dad’s loud snoring).

Our sailing was so smooth - I never got motion sick! I was so relieved. Two sailings before, I saw on social media that Voyager of the Seas sailed through a rough storm. I was hopeful we would have smooth seas, and we thankfully did.

We liked being on the ninth deck for this cruise. Many upper-deck public venues, like the Windjammer and pool deck, were located only two floors above us, although they were in the back of the ship. Just a few decks down were the Royal Promenade, Star Lounge, and Diamond Club.

We were mostly surrounded by staterooms in the front of the ship, so we found ourselves walking towards the aft of the ship often. We always had to cut through the pool deck or one of the lower decks to get to the gym, food, spa, etc. We didn’t mind, as a little exercise is welcomed on a cruise. 

So, was I glad we did RoyalUp? Would I do it again? Yes! My dad and I were very pleased with our spacious ocean view cabin. Considering the ship's age and how she went through a $97 million Royal Amplification in 2019, Voyager of the Seas, including the cabins, are in good condition. I'd definitely recommend our cabin to future cruisers.

Voyager of the Seas returns to service for first time in two years

15 Apr 2022

Another Royal Caribbean cruise ship has returned to service after being shutdown due to the pandemic.

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas will set sail on Friday after a two-year operational pause.

Voyager of the Seas will begin welcoming guests in Barcelona, Spain, and then depart for a cruise itinerary in Northern Europe. The itinerary will consist of a 9-night voyage that will feature five stops, including that of Cartagena, Gibraltar, Lisbon, and Amsterdam.

Voyager will conclude the sailing in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, Voyager of the Seas is scheduled to remain in Northern Europe for the remainder of the summer cruise season.

Voyager of the Seas in Barcelona

Royal Caribbean already made one change to Voyager's sailings when the cruise line announced scheduled visits to Russia would be skipped due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Instead of visiting Russia, some of Voyager of the Seas' sailings will go to Germany and Poland.

Some of the ship’s voyages this summer will sail to regions such as the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. These summer cruise itineraries aboard Voyager of the Seas will largely consist of 7 to 11-night cruises. Many of these itineraries will visit countries such as Sweden, Estonia, Denmar, Finland, Germany, Poland, and Norway.

After the summer season, Voyager of the Seas will cross over the Atlantic Ocean in September. The ship will arrive in Boston, and will set sail for a variety of ports such as Canada and additional locations within New England.

In November 2022, Voyager of the Seas will begin offering sailings to the Caribbean, from Puerto Rico, during the winter season. 

Royal Caribbean ships left to restart

With Voyager of the Seas back in service again, that leaves just two other Royal Caribbean ships to restart operations.

Radiance of the Seas is preparing to restart operations from Vancouver when she begins her Alaska cruise season.  Radiance will sail a Pacific Coast cruise just before beginning service from Vancouver on April 29, 2022.

Rhapsody of the Seas will restart when she sails from Rome on May 23, 2022 to offer 7-night Mediterranean and Greek Isles itineraries.

Serenade of the Seas had already restarted cruises, but was sidelined during the Omicron wave.  She also took extra time off to undergo a dry dock.  Serenade will join Radiance for the start of the Alaska cruises.

Spotted: Royal Caribbean ship scheduled to sail from Los Angeles, California in 2021

23 Jan 2020

Readers living on the West Coast of the United States should probably sit down before reading this post, but the Port of Los Angeles cruise schedule lists regular sailings for Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas in 2021.

Beginning in June 2021, Voyager of the Seas is listed as offering regular 3- and 4-night sailings. Regular sailings extend through December 31, 2021. The Port of Los Angeles schedule does not have the 2022 schedule online yet.

Royal Caribbean has not made any announcement about returning to Los Angeles, but in the past port schedules have been good indicators of what Royal Caribbean intends to do.

Royal Caribbean's website currently has no sailings available to book on Voyager of the Seas past April 2021.

The return of Royal Caribbean to offer regular sailings from Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, has been highly anticipated for many years.

Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas left Los Angeles back in 2011 due to violence in Mexico as well as to find bigger profits.

Voyager of the Seas added to Royal Caribbean app

17 Oct 2019

Royal Caribbean has expanded its new app to include support for Voyager of the Seas.

Voyager now appears in the list of supported ships that can be found from within the app.

The new app is being actively developed, which means not all features area available on the app yet.  Moreover, the cruise line is slowly rolling out support for more ships.

The app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Royal Caribbean announces $97 million Voyager of the Seas amplification

26 Jun 2019

Royal Caribbean announced plans for $97 million in upgrades and enhancements to Voyager of the Seas.

Part of the Royal Amplified program, Voyager of the Seas will become the fourth ship reimagined as part of the Royal Amplified fleet modernization effort. She will receive a number of new first-to-market features. Beginning Oct. 21, the newly transformed ship will set sail on a series of 3- to 5-night Southeast Asia itineraries from Singapore, followed by a season down under with 9- to 12-night South Pacific cruises from Sydney, Australia, starting on Nov. 30.


Voyager of the Seas will receive two waterslides, collectively known as The Perfect Storm.  Typhoon and Cyclone will be added to the ship to provide guests with three stories of twists and turns.

Voyager of the Seas also offers the FlowRider surf simulator, rock-climbing wall and mini-golf to compliment the new additions.


Families on Voyager of the Seas will also enjoy Battle for Planet Z glow-in-the-dark laser tag in Studio B.

Adventure Ocean will be redesigned with a fresh take on the cruise line's programming for children. Kids 3-12 years old will enjoy a modern, free-play approach to a new, open layout in Adventure Ocean. A first on Voyager, a nursery for babies and tots will open its doors, while 3- to 5-year-olds can dive into the excitement in an area created just for them. 

Teens will be able to enjoy an exclusive, updated hangout, along with the addition of a laidback outdoor deck.


The Vitality Spa and Fitness Center will be enhanced and relocated to the aft of the ship as part of the upgrades.

A total of 72 new inside and balcony staterooms will be added to the ship, along with a Suite Lounge and outdoor area - exclusively for guests in Grand Suites and above; and the Diamond Lounge for members of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program. 

Guests on Voyager of the Seas of the Seas will also be able to take advantage of the new mobile app, which allows for check-in, planning activities, viewing onboard expensses, booking and managing dining, shore excursion and show reservations and more.

Royal Caribbean opens bookings for 2020 sailings on Voyager of the Seas

22 May 2019

Royal Caribbean has opened bookings for Voyager of the Seas 2020 sailings from Singapore.

Voyager of the Seas will offer a short season from Singapore, between May 2020 and June 2020 to destinations in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

At the conclusion of her season, Voyager of the Seas will re-position to Hong Kong, China.

You can view all the 2020 Singapore sailings on Voyager of the Seas.

Voyager of the Seas makes maiden call to Indonesian island

02 May 2019

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas arrived for the first time at Bintan Island, Indonesia on May 2, 2019. 

The visit is part of a 3-night cruise from Singapore, which also called at Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) yesterday.

To commemorate the occasion, a traditional plaque and key ceremony was held onboard, whereby Voyager of the Seas’ Captain Wu Huimin exchanged plaques with Mr Nurdin Basirun, Governor of Riau Island and Mr Frans Gunara, Vice President Director of PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala. Angie Stephen, Managing Director, Asia Pacific of Royal Caribbean Cruises was also present at the ceremony.

The Indonesian port and government delegation with the Royal Caribbean team onboard Voyager of the Seas in Bintan.

Bintan Resorts is famous for its pristine sandy beaches and boasts of 13 different types of resort accommodation. There are many attractions and all visitors are treated to a vast variety of indoor and outdoor activities. These include water and sea sports, Crystal Lagoon Treasure Bay which is the biggest sea water swimming pool in Southeast Asia,  golf at four different designer courses, various traditional Indonesian massage and spa therapies, mangrove discovery tours and the nature walks at Safari Lagoi where visitors can soak in the beauty of nature.  Guests will also get a chance to immerse themselves in Indonesian culture and tradition particular to the Riau region. In addition, they can partake in the local delicacies, especially fresh seafood that can whet any appetite and make one crave for more.

In greater Bintan, guests can enjoy the Trikora Coastal Exploration Tour which is an eight-hour adventure that brings guests to sacred caves to learn about the island’s migrant history.  On the Tanjung Pinang Highlights Tour, guests can learn about the Chinese heritage at Tian Shang Miao, a walk around 500 Lohan Temple with life-sized sculptures, Vihara Dharma Sasana temples followed by Banten's oldest monastery before ending with picturesque sand dunes and blue lagoons.

The ship will continue her Southeast Asia season out from Singapore until late June, which includes itineraries such as the 3-night cruise to Penang, 4-night cruise to Penang and Phuket, and a 5-night Spice of Southeast Asia cruise to Penang, Langkawi and Phuket.

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