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Changes on the Harmony

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I thought it might be kinda fun to look at some of the differences between the Harmony and the Oasis/Allure.


Deck 4 - The Blaze nightclub on the Allure/Oasis has become the Comedy Club on the Harmony. The old Comedy Club on the A/O is now the Diamond Lounge on the H. There is no Blaze nightclub at all on the H.


Deck 5 - The Starbucks that is on the Promenade on the A/O is gone (you will see that H has moved it to the Boardwalk when you get to Deck 6). The Champagne Bar on the A/O will be a bionic bar on the H. The complementary restaurant on the A/O is called Silk. On the H this restaurant is named Chic.


Deck 6 - It appears that they have removed 2 of the interior rooms that they added during the A/O refurb. The Starbucks has been moved from Deck 5 up to Deck 6 on the H. Either the donut shop on the A/O has been removed on the H or they just haven't finished naming all of the little shop/retail areas on the Boardwalk of the H (a number of these spaces are just labeled "retail" at the moment. No doubt they will fill those names in later). The space that is labeled "Candy Beach/Star Pier" on the A/O is now an Arcade on the H. The bar that was smack, dab in the middle of the back of the Boardwalk on the A/O has been moved over closer to the Sabor restaurant. This seems like a good move. That bar was really in the way, IMO.


Deck 8 - It looks like they have removed 1 interior room on the starboard side of the ship


Deck 10 - It looks like they have converted/combined a couple of the smaller balcony rooms into Grand Suites. There are 6 GS on the Harmony (3 starboard, 3 port) and only 4 on the A/O (2 each side)


Deck 11 - They have added 1 new interior room the front cluster of the ship. Again they have converted/combined some smaller balcony rooms into GS. Same config as Deck 10, 6 vs 4. What was the lower level of the Diamond Club on the A/O is now Wonderland restaurant on the H. It appears as if they have removed the Library that is on the A/O completely from the H. The 2 Grand Suites that they added to the aqua theater area on the A/O during drydock are now AquaSuite rooms on the H. They are much bigger than the GSs on the A/O. The GS on the A/O are 466 ft sq (room) 470 ft sq (balcony). On the H, these new AS rooms (classified A4) are 606 ft sq (room) and 626 ft sq (balcony).


Deck 12 - Same conversion/combinations of balconies becoming GS. What was the upper level of the Diamond Club on the A/O is also Wonderland restaurant on the H. Similarly, the GS added to the aft during drydock for A/O are now AS (A4). These GS were 433/362 ft sq and the new AS are 604/631 ft sq.


Deck 14 - The GS added to the aft during drydock for the A/O are again AS (A4). The GS were 421/136 ft sq. The new AS are 562/589 ft sq.


Deck 15 - There appears to be some changes to the H2O zone (kids' pool area). It looks like they have added a water slide and made some other modifications. They seem to have moved the Wipe Out Café on the A/O a little bit and it's called Mini Bites on the H.


Deck 16 - Either they have removed the Mast Bar that is on the A/O or they just haven't named it yet on the H. That space is just empty on the H deck plans.


Deck 17 - Very curious. It looks as if they have removed both of the Royal Suites with balcony (RS) rooms on the A/O and replaced them with much smaller Crown Loft Suites (L2) on the H. It also looks like the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen on the H are much smaller than the they are on the A/O. So, unless I have missed something (entirely possible) they have completely removed the biggest suites on the ship - the Royal Suites. Perhaps they had trouble keeping them sold since they are SOOOOO expensive. Who knows.


Deck 18 - They have added a new upper level on the H that serves as the water slide launch area.


So...once again they seem to be downgrading the Diamond Lounge, relegating it to some small, interior area on Deck 4 vs the beautiful glass area that it currently has on the O/A and have eliminated the Concierge Lounge completely (as both the Oasis and the Allure have as well).


There are probably plenty of reallocation/changes of different staterooms/categories throughout the decks that I missed. I did not look at every room nor its category. I just got the ones that kinda stood out.

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Wouldn't surprise me if they are scaling back on options and perks and incentives for long term loyal customers.


Seems that they know they can get enough newbies and unfamiliar people to pay the prices and be happy with less service, less options and more cost!

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I know what you mean Michelle. I have not been blessed with experiencing the bionic bar yet but from what I've heard it is highly forgettable. I love going to the champagne bar for a drink just before dinner. It is so convenient. I suspect the bionic bars will be a short-lived stunt that RCCI will regret

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