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  1. Galveston on Vision 9 December 17 A business trip to the States so why not.
  2. Thanks to you all Heading to the states in 7 days and booked a cruise out of Galveston . will book on Board .
  3. I am looking for a cruise that docks in Havana. Can any one let me know of possible rccl itineraries. Thanks
  4. Definitely September, we take a September med cruise every year. You have a better chance if good weather.
  5. Vision of the seas 27 March 2017
  6. We had to Cancel our 11 Jan sailing on Splendour due t bereavement. Have rebooked for sailing 8 Feb on Splendour out of Dubia :) Only 9 Days to go :D
  7. Thanks All so far. Looks like I can get most beers and ciders but limited on spirits and wine. Just as well I'm a beer/ cider monster :P
  8. Some thing is about to happen. The 3 free drinks in any bar for Diamond and Diamond plus/ Pinnacle would suspect that something is in the background. Diamond Plus are now excluded from the "Suite Lounge" on the revitalized Oasis ships and the new Quantum class. We still have access to "Concierge Lounge" on all other ships, but there are very few differences between Diamond and Diamond plus on the new ships. It is only my feeling but we used to get Concierge as Diamond and this was removed, so it has happened before. If they put another level between Diamond plus and Pinnacle, what happens then? Even at over 350 points, all we get is another bottle of wine and lunch with an officer on sea day. With BOGOF there is no advantage for solo sailing. Its a long way to pinnacle at 700 and unachievable at 1000. Looks like Diamond plus is the best place to be at present.
  9. We had to miss our 11 Jan sailing on Splendour due to a Family Bereavement. We have paid again and booked the same cruise on 8 Feb and looks like we can have the standard drinks package. The drinks are beer and wine up to $8 a drink. I haven't sailed with Royal since last October. Has any one a beer and wine by the glass current price list? Help appreciated
  10. Hi All Can anyone help us with ideas to fill 4 days in Boston before we join Brilliance on 18 September. We are staying in the middle of Boston city centre. We don't mind getting a taxi to see places of interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Agree with you all. It will be interesting to see what happens this year. There are a lot of new ships.
  12. We were on Oasis straight out of dry dock on transatlantic and she looked pretty clean. Will post again on this topic next week, as we are on Allure, again straight out of dry dock. We are on Splendour next January before her sell of as well.
  13. What we meant was the last time on Splendour as a Royal Ship. On saying that the prices on Royal are getting pretty steep and the benefits for D+ loyalty are reducing. Lets see!
  14. Thanks for the reply. We also remember when Diamond had concierge access. This explains the 3 free drinks in any bar on ship on your cruise card. We are both D+ and reach 350 on Allure. We will keep you updated on our return. Again we will be one of the first on an an Oasis class ship out of dry dock. There have been many great occasions on RCCL and hope that this continues as we love the new ships.
  15. We are sailing next week and would love to know what to expect. :)
  16. 11 Jan 16 Our 3rd time on Splendour and probably our last with Royal. She moves to Thompson cruise (a UK run cruise line) In 2016.
  17. We are on Allure after dry dock on 19 May. The only restaurants available on-line are the pre-dry dock. Any one with any news on what may be available?
  18. What a way to look forward to our next cruise, on Quantam next Sunday after the blog cruise. Matt Keep it up as you are now upto a glass of wine from Margot and I, at this rate a bottle is looking good. ;)
  19. It was only day one and already its AWESOME. Brilliant Matt, we are really looking forward to your daily reviews. Let us know all about the Dodgems, do you need to book? are there big lines? I already owe you one beer, keep it up.
  20. We are on Quantum the week after the blog cruise. If Matt and the others are about at 11.00 am on departure, we will be happy to arrive early at port for a UK meet up with the USA. Margot is going to keep Matt busy with questions as it is not every cruise that you can get real time information just before you cruise. Really looking forward to some warm weather and a new ship.
  21. Mark Dont worry, our experience was caused by the ship coming straight out of dry dock and it was not ready. Wonderland and Izumi were both unfinished and closed. They were still working on new cabins. It was also a Transatlantic voyage with 10 straight sea days. The captain had to take a more northern route due to bad weather which meant most of the time we had poor weather. You are going to the Caribbean with a fully functional ship, so ENJOY :)
  22. The trip was so disappointing that we didn't want to upset you all. The internet was so bad that we could not send a text e-mail never mind a photo. Next stop Quantum. Really hope this puts back some faith in Royal.
  23. Transatlantic on Oasis was poor, but added these to our Quantum booking in 2015. Sorry Matt, cant change date. :( 11 May 2015 Allure. 18 Sept 2015 Brilliance Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
  24. Thanks Matt We will do our best to send as much info.
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