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  1. Yea, still kicking! Been busy with the “W” word (work). I will say I am excited to head out on Saturday. This time just 4 of us due to the DD staying back due to final days of a musical she is in. No worries, she isn’t upset about it, actually happy.
  2. I am sure it is posted somewhere on here but can someone point me in the right direction to find the showtimes each night of the sailing. I know the Aquatheater shows can move around, so I guess what I am looking for is a general timeframe so I can make sure I plan signature dining accordingly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks B-
  3. There is no doubt its a splurge, no matter how you look at it. I view it this way...until May 1st 2016...these suites were still darn close and in many cases still priced the same as they are now. Believe me, I was nervous when last year I heard the rumor of a change to the suites program, but I can tell you this from our recent experience...they added additional valua at all suite levels including the JR Suite with out impacting the cost very much. JR SUITE (SEA CLASS): BEFORE May 1st you received Double C&A points...after you get double C&A points and dinner in Coastal Kitchen
  4. By the way, the three other families that went with us were in SKY Class, so learned about that as well. Cool thing was, our Genie was able to make dinner reservations for all 14 of us for several of the Signiture Dining venues. May have been because they were in suites as well, but either way it was pretty nice. We noticed that the concierges in the suite lounge were not as busy all the time like before RSC and having the STAR class being handled by Genies it really worked to free up the concierge for SKY class guests. Here is a pic of me and Francesco the Great. Of course I had to
  5. Funny you asked...the policy actually is now one visit for both Sky and Star...but I asked the Genie if RCL would honor the unlimited use since it was promoted earlier and they did. The spa was a little funny about it, so the billed me for the two extra days I used it past my initial one and the Genie magically made the charge go away!
  6. Well I am back from my cruise and it is taking me longer to adjust than normal.....mainly because STAR CLASS was pretty much everything I could have asked for. Now before, anyone that reads this thinks I am trying to brag....know this, I am one of the people that chooses to cruise about once every 2 to 3 years. I use that time to find creative ways to fund the vacation and to justify the splurge as well. That being said....I did take advantage of the NEXT CRUISE program to book several potential sailings in 2018, just to make sure I could get Star Class again. I appreciated those that gave
  7. OK..so here are a few established tips so far on Royal Suite Class. I haven't cruised yet, so I can only speak first hand on what communication I have had, most other info is from topics on CC board: The Royal Genie works more like a personal assistant rather than a butler. They are a personal Conceirge on Steroids. They do have more than one suite they are responsible for (seems to be up to 3 or 4) They are still working out the process. They rotate suite responsibilities on a cruise to cruise basis. (On Oasis Class, its pretty obvious the ones that have the ATS have a more logistical
  8. Ok, it's killing me...got to have details of where you had issues. I leave on the 12th as you know in same room and unless they rotate the genies to give them variety, I want to know what to look out for. As I expected there had to be some learning curves and things to work out. I did hear that the Loop App worked well before the cruise but once onboard and requests became more immediate, it hasn't been great due to the Genie only being able to receive via a lap top. One passenger was given a Dect phone to use and issue resolved. Just curious B-
  9. Man I am sorry to hear this, especially since I have the same suite on June 12th. This is the first negative comment so far and as it was mentioned this same Genie got rave reviews on the week prior. Did he have you use the Loop app or give you a DEC phone? I understand the App was only working on the Genies laptop which obviously want optional. Please update is on your conversations with RCL and specific details on how Daniel failed to meet expectations. My "Glass is Half Full" hopes you send a message of expectation and he is on his A game in June.
  10. Here is the new sign for access to the Suite Only Deck of the Pool Area on the OTS. It appears Gold is gone totally on Oasis and Quantum Class Ships. BTW, still only reading positive feedback from other boards about the roll out of Royal Suite Class...Actually much better than I expected in the first few weeks of release.
  11. I posted these on another topic, but thought it belongs here. If anyone is back from a cruise after sailing Star, please fire comments. PLUM: SKY CLASS DARK PURPLE: STAR CLASS I understand SEA is DARK BLUE and PINNICLE is now PEARL. I am told Gold is no longer used on Ships that offer Royal Suite Class.
  12. Here are two of the new suite Seapass cards.
  13. Actually they have added two other colors of cards now. Dark Purple for Star Class and Plum for Sky class suites. I haven't heard if they now just use Gold for C&A status benchmarks or not.
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