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  1. We never use the wifi. When we go on vacation we totally disconnect. But another "perk" gone. We just cannot justify being "Loyal to Royal". When we became D+ we looked forward to going to the Concierge Club. Our first trip as D+ on the Oasis and we found out the Concierge Club was removed. Only a Diamond club for diamond and above. Pinnacles get to use the Suites lounge. We won't completely say goodbye to royal (if a really good deal comes up we will jump on it) but we are looking elsewhere. Royal has the right to make any changes they want, we also have the right to cruise with another line.
  2. Thanks all, We already know that we only get one bottle between us. Wife likes Chardonnay I like Cab's. We switch back and forth between cruises. I could not find where to select our choices from the new website. I'm glad i saved the old links I posted earlier. thanks again.
  3. Also: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/vanity/GiftPreferences for Gift Preferences. You have to enter this in the web address bar. clicking on any one of them in the webpage will just take you back to the "New" website which does not have any options. I guess they are still working on website changes.
  4. Nevermind. I found out I could go to the following: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/vanity/UpgradePreferences Thanks anyway.
  5. Can someone show or tell me where to make the Diamond Plus gift choice on the new website. On the old website I could go to account / preferences and choose my free bottle of wine. i cannot find it on the "New" website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Same problem here with IE. Cleared cache, cleared history and installed latest updates for windows. Did not help. Going to try different browsers next.
  7. Concierge Lounge Deck 10 on Liberty is closed and replaced by Suites Lounge? Is this on Liberty only or also on Freedom and Independence? My wife and I just made D+ last month. We were looking forward to access to the Concierge Lounge.
  8. Stumbled across this while looking at Diamond Plus Benefits. I guess they had spellcheck disabled. I have been considered and old crow at times... Haha.
  9. OOPS. Guess i should have posted this in the News and Rumors Area. I don't see a way to move it. My wife and I will become Diamond Plus by April. I hope the don't raise the point requirements for D+ before we get there.
  10. I heard rumors on my last cruise (sept 6 on Freedom) about Points and Tier changes coming in 2016. Anyone else heard any rumors or even facts?
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