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Are there still Connoisseur Clubs?

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Looking forward to our cruise out of San Juan on Freedom of the Seas later this summer.

A friend and I were looking for something to do while our wives take advantage of the Spa (thank you Cruise Planner Sales).  I've read varying reports about a Cigar Bar on RC ships. I know they were labeled as Connoisseur Clubs, but I hear the familiar mantra (in Matt's voice) telling me "These vary ship to ship and sailing to sailing". 

So I ask in this forum, does Freedom have a Connoisseur Club?

Thanks and Happy Sailing to all,

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I was on Freedom two years ago and can confirm the Connoisseur Club was there as I spent some time in it.  Very nice inside, nicely air conditioned, the ventilation system was great, it was not smoky at all.  The attendant working was great as well, helped us out with cigars, got us drinks, etc.  I too find it is a shame that they are removing these spaces from the ships, and I would bet that when Freedom goes in for her next dry dock, the CC will be removed.  There were always people in there, but it was never packed at all.

Last year on Harmony, which doesn't have a CC, we went to the smoking area by the pool bar later in the evening one night to have a cigar, and the entire area was packed with people smoking.  To me it wasn't nearly as nice as being in a CC.  These ships are so massive, you would think they could spare the minimal space required for a CC.  It sort of takes me back to the old days of cruising, relaxing in a nice lounge with some scotch and a cigar.  Call me old fashioned I guess.    

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9 hours ago, twangster said:

Explorer still has hers.  Decent selection of cigars that were not in terrible condition either.

This was 3 weeks ago.  Watched some football while enjoying a cigar with my son.  

Quite enjoyable.  Possibly the best $24 I've spent on board a cruise in a while.

Next time invite me! I checked it out to see if it was still there (and it was).

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I just returned from Explorer (May 22-28, 2022) and while the Connoisseur Club is still physically there it did not appear to be functional.  Cigars were stocked but all ashtrays are removed.  There were no attendants ever servicing the club.  I did light up and enjoy a stick but used a makeshift ashtray.  I’m on again June 11 and we’ll see if it’s the same situation.

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Was there ever a Connoisseur’s Club on SY ?  I don’t think so.  There used to be on the Voyager and maybe the Freedom class but I don’t think they ever built a CC on any O or Q class.  Explorer still has a CC but it’s not a smoking lounge (anymore).  My guess is it will be gone when she comes back from dry dock.

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