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"Narration" of Hubbard Glacier on Radiance OTS

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When Radiance OTS is on its Alaska sailings, there is a day when it views the Hubbard Glacier.... I've seen on previous Cruise Compasses that there is a "commentary" that is available on the pool deck.  I'm assuming that is done on the "PA" system so that people can hear the narration at different locations on the pool deck - right?  Is it possible to hear this narration in your cabin (balcony)?  Also  - are there other places where narration takes place as well (e.g., Inside Passage)?

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I seem to recall a limit on the use of outdoor PA announcements in Alaska but I can't find a regulation that imposes this restriction.  I think it was on a more recent Alaska cruise in 2022 when it was stated there would be minimal outdoor announcements while in Alaska so as not to impact wildlife.

I do recall in 2018 on Radiance the captain making some PA announcements while at Hubbard but it wasn't a narration of the visit.   

Here is some video from that visit:

Honestly I prefer not to have outdoor PA announcements so you can hear the glacier moan, crack and make other noises. 

It's bad enough that other guests can't seem to avoid talking nearly non-stop, often making obvious statements that amount to useless drivel.  "I hear it cracking" (duh!) or "I think its going to start, there it is, look, it's calving now, it's definitely calving, oh my god its calving, wow look at it calving I've never seen it calve like that and it's still going, OMG its still calving and blah, blah, blah".  Some guests, especially their spouses when talking to each other just feel the need to talk and talk and talk.  

In making the video above the hardest part was finding bits where there wasn't useless endless talking.

I guess many spouses in long term relationships learn to tune out their spouse's endless drivel but it can sure be annoying for the rest of us at moments like this. 🤣😇

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3 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

There are reports that Radiance is having propulsion issues on its way to Vancouver.

Yep... They cancelled their ports and are heading right to Vancouver.  It will be fine by 2025 is my mantra!  Jane

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