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Progesso or costa maya itinerary?


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Trying to choose between two cruises that swap either a costa maya or a progreso port stop.  Loved Maya Chan on our previous visit but hated “fighting” our way out of puerto costa maya, eye cream anyone?  I know progreso offers easy access to Mayan ruins but am wondering about other things to do in the area.  TYIA for any suggestions, have to decide this weekend for our casino next cruise offer.

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Are there other things to do at Progresso (I'm unfamiliar with it) or is it known for something? I would opt for it simply because I haven't seen it on many itineraries, while it seems like every 2nd caribbean cruise includes Costa Maya.

I second @WAAAYTOOO's suggestion for Chichen Itza - we did it from Cozumel, so if its even closer from Progresso I would take advantage of that.



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Another Mayan Ruin Option out of Progresso is Mayapan Ruins.  We did a tour 5+ years ago that included a stop here and had a great time.  Lots to see and you can climb to top of pyramid.   (swimming in a cenote was second part of tour)

I have been looking for another trip that stops at Progresso but haven't found one that fits work/life schedule.

Did appear that it was 'book an excursion' port vs. walk around town...  


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