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I liked Indy a little better than Navigator......CD's were better(but gone now), pool deck area seemed to be bigger....nightlife was better(two level night club).....but I wouldn't worry too much between either...for me would come down to price and itinerary......all things being equal there I would prob pick Indy.

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2 hours ago, monctonguy said:

Its what they did on Navigator I believe.....and I was disappointed as the nightclub/life on Indy was way more active than Navigator....seems like they have pretty much phased out the nightclubs on Royal ships compared to other cruise lines such as Carnival and NCL...

Which strikes me as really odd when they're supposed to be the best line for families with kids and teens. What do (at least a lot of) older teens like to do at night? Go to a club with their friends and listen to music while (awkwardly) checking out the attractive members of the opposite gender and/or socializing with the friends they've made on board. Even if the adults among the guests aren't so into the club scene any more, a loud driving beat with complimentary drinks is like the candle flame for the moths.

Spoken as the parent of two teen girls who would roll their eyes at the thought of doing that, but then go along and come back raving about the time they had. 😏

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Oh yeah...we had a blast at the nightclub on Indy....and we were  between then ages of 35-45.....lots to do and see....and there was a line up to get in on a cpl of the nights...On Navigator I found that because there really wasn't ONE place to go, that every place was pretty quiet, dead and lacking any kind of fun to be honest.

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