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Where to get work done on board?

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Hello, my extended family and I will be on Harmony in the coming weeks and I was wondering where people recommend getting some work done while on board. Are the conference center areas open for use or only if you book them? 



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16 minutes ago, dodgestang said:

Buy internet package, sit on balcony.....that's how I do it

Or on the pool deck under the running track overhang. Almost anywhere. Unless, perhaps, you use video conferencing alot. Then a private balcony is probably best.

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The conference areas are usually deserted and quiet when not in use but, if memory serves (it's been a few years since I've been down there), the conference space is not always set up if there are no conferences, meaning there's no guarantees of any tables or chairs being set up. 

Most ships have some form of library and/or card room. Since COVID, a lot of those have been emptied out to keep people from congregating. But I think RC is slowly putting some stuff back in, so you may have seating options out there. 

When I've had to work during the day, I've had the best luck finding a quiet spot at one of the bars that is not used for trivia and such during the day or outdoors in the seating areas along the outdoor track on Deck 4/5.   

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