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Anthem of The Seas changed my life.


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I went on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of The Seas last week, it was a wonderful experience and it was the first time I had ever experienced happiness. My life is absolute despair, constant depression and never ending sadness, but on my Anthem of The Seas trip I met someone amazing. This person had given me 3 days of pure happiness and it was the best I had ever felt in my life. Crazy how one week can change so much. On the last day of the trip I started feeling dread. Dread of my life. I would have to leave the one place that gave me happiness and go back to my life of pure pain. It hurt me so much, it drove me to some of the worse depression I've ever felt. I'm still feeling it. I got back home on Sunday and I wish it could have never ended. But I'm glad it happened, I'm glad I was able to feel happiness for the first time, and I'm thankful that the first person who could make me happy, happens to be incredible. This cruise ship changed my life, and I did get the number of the person I met, so hopefully I can see them again, I know we both would want that.  

Thank you Anthem of The Seas. You may have caused the worst depression of my life, but you also gave me my only happiness. 

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Welcome to the message boards…I hope you will stay with this forum and read all the stories from so many others.  I applaud you for taking the step to cruise last week and am so happy you found someone to brighten your spirit.  I wish you more of the same experiences to hopefully help you find a little joy in every day.  Being able to feel happiness for the time (as you stated) is a huge sign that you are ready for more!   Baby steps…grow to toddler steps…and so on…..☹️😐🙂😄

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I'm happy you had such a memorable cruise!!!  Before we sailed on Anthem we had a less than stellar cruise experience on Liberty of the Seas and swore off Royal Caribbean after that cruise.   We did Anthem 3 years ago on a 9 night New England - Canada itinerary, and this ship turned us around and brought us back to Royal Caribbean.   LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthem!!

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