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Ihealth Gov Issued COVID 19 Test

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I read the other day on an rcl facebook group that someone used the government issued Ihealth COVID test for their pre-cruise test. They said that they did have it proctored right on the Ihealth website for $20. Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of others using this test for boarding? 




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43 minutes ago, Skigoofy said:

I heard the same thing. Went to the ihealth webpage and it's true. You can use the government issued tests and purchase a proctor appt for $20.



Wow!  Good to know.  Now that Canada doesn't have to test to enter now I hope everyone else follows suit and stops the whole testing!!

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This sounds great!  There are 7 of us travelling (need to test on April 2) and I just purchased a 6 pack from EMed.  I knew I would most likely need to have someone else purchase another 6pk (since I could only purchase one 6pk) for the 7th person and also that would mean having plenty of extras for "just in case"...but at a hefty cost. 

NOW...I do have 4 boxes (8 tests) from the government.  I could have the 7th person buy a proctor and schedule their test for April 2.  But if any of the tests from the 6pk need a re-do that would mean a few more $20 proctor appts for the IHealth tests would be needed!  But this can't be done last minute so I am going crazy trying to figure out how many of the this new option should we plan on??? 

Ughhh I am soooo going to begin this cruise with the largest...most potent drink I can find!!!!!!! 

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15 hours ago, TXcruzer said:

Have not heard of this, but if it is needed an acceptable solution it saves you $5 off the E-Med test.

It would save $5 per test if you were buying 6 abbot tests. Im only traveling with 3 so would purchase 4 tests (1 extra just in case). Unfortunately abbott only sells 2, 3, and 6 packs at $69, $99, and $150 respectively so the ihelath is cheaper being that i have 4 from the government. Im cruising may 29 and it would be nice if testimg wasn’t required by then but am not very optimistic that it will happen. 

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On 3/17/2022 at 9:16 PM, Johar4469 said:

I'm confused I got Abbott at home test not proctor from the government.  But that looks like another company called ihealth. Do we know for sure they work with royal I would hate to use them and then be denied when I got to port. And also can I use the Abbott ones I got with ihealth.

The only Abbott test that will work has "BINAXNOW™ COVID-19 Ag CARD HOME TEST" on the front. You also have to download the free Navica app and set up an account. Do not open the box before the proctor tells you to. I recommend at least 1 test per person just in case there's something wrong with the test (missing vial or any item in each test kit). I also had our group of 7 taking the tests one after another using a laptop so the webcam could be tilted at the person's face or the test. Here's a link to a pic and more info: BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test | Abbott Point of Care (globalpointofcare.abbott) 

I think the iHealth test with purchased $20 telehealth per test is a good option for some, but I like Abbott's telehealth being available 24/7 and appointments not being necessary.

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2 hours ago, DJ VINCE said:

Does Anyone already have news on the tests from Ihealth being approved by Royal ? Still waiting on any confirmation from Royal itself.

We can't seem to order from the Optum store with an international credit card and Emed 6 tests are overkill for only 2 persons.

The eMed tests do come in packs of 2 or 3 as well as the 6 pack.  I needed to test this weekend so couldn’t wait any longer for confirmation of the other iHealth tests 🙄

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