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  1. Looking for the same/similar answer. We cruise may 29th and a member of our party tested positive 2 weeks ago. When can we get the certificate of recovery from the dr? Can we get it now or does it have to be closer to the cruise date?
  2. It would save $5 per test if you were buying 6 abbot tests. Im only traveling with 3 so would purchase 4 tests (1 extra just in case). Unfortunately abbott only sells 2, 3, and 6 packs at $69, $99, and $150 respectively so the ihelath is cheaper being that i have 4 from the government. Im cruising may 29 and it would be nice if testimg wasn’t required by then but am not very optimistic that it will happen.
  3. I read the other day on an rcl facebook group that someone used the government issued Ihealth COVID test for their pre-cruise test. They said that they did have it proctored right on the Ihealth website for $20. Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of others using this test for boarding?
  4. Biggest problem is there arent any antigen tests near me at a drugstore and im concerned about getting pcr results for a sunday cruise if i test on friday. Urgentcare has the antigen but they want to charge $240 for the office visit and $80 for the test. My insurance wont pay for a test unless i have a referral from my dr. Thats why i want to go with the at home test.
  5. I gotcha. Maybe i will schedule a pcr for friday. There isnt any availability for antigen at drugstores near me and the urgent cares are rather pricey.
  6. I have a question about the success rate of the tests. How many tests come up as inconclusive? If i buy a 3 pack for my wife and I, what are the odds that 2 of the tests come up inconclusive? Should i just buy 2 2 packs or save a couple of dollars and buy the 3 pack.
  7. My sep 27 2020 cruise was just cancelled and I did lift and shift to sep 2021. I have a question in regards to the 125% cruise planner OBC. If I use the obc for a purchase on the 2021 cruise and there is a price drop on an item can I cancel and rebook with the OBC instantly or does it take forever for the OBC to be credited back to your acct to reuse?
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