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While I know July is far away, I need some advice on Covid testing before my Harmony cruise.  

We are spending a few days at Disney before our cruise.  We need a Covid test done two days prior to boarding.  Can anyone recommend how I can get a Covid test while in Disney before I board?  Can I do a home test?  Or does it have to be done by a testing facility?

Thanks so much!


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We use the Abbott BinaxNOW test that is administered over the internet. It takes about 20 minutes for each person and gives you an email with the results and the results are available on the Navica app that is used to post results on your phone. Is is quick and easy and you can order them before you go to Disney and take them anytime during the day within the time window shown above. For the kids they allow you to supervise them during the test. We usually get up early before anyone else and take it at the 2 day start. It is days and not 48 hours before your boarding time so if you are leaving on a Saturday then you can take it early Thursday morning before you go out to have fun that day. You can use the link on the Royal website to order the tests or if you need more than 4 you can order them in a pack of 6 at eMed.com for less money. Lately they have been good through the end of the year or early next year for expiration so no worries there. Have fun on your trip!

There is a great video on the blog on how to take the tests.

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No. Download the Navica app and set up an account. When you're ready to test just scan the barcode on the test box wuth your cell phone or laptop camera and it will take you through the steps and connect you with a test proctor who will guide you through the whole thing.

On YouTube, la lido loca has a good video of him going through testing process. 


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We completed the Binax Now proctored home test three weeks ago before our Celebrity Apex Cruise. A couple words of warning.

I purchased 2 at home test as did my daughter & SIL.  My test went off without a hitch. My wife's, however,  did not.  When she went to put the drops of solution into the test card all she got was a foamy bubble exiting the bottle.  The bottle was effectively empty.  Luckily, and probably improperly,  they allowed her to use the solution in my bottle to  complete the test.  We told my daughter who is on the west coast and hadn't taken hers yet.  When she went to take hers she had the same issue, empty solution bottle.  She had to get her husband out of bed to take his so she could also use his solution.

Not sure if this is common or if it had anything to do with the fact that these tests were beyond their original expiration date but within the 3 month extension.

Other than that hiccup everything else was amazing. Loyal to Royal for 13 cruises but Celebrity definitely has a great product.

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