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Flight through RC?

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The advantage of booking a flight through Royal Caribbean is if your cruise is cancelled, Royal would take care of a refund.

Since cruise cancellations are not very prevalent anymore, no, you didn't make a mistake by not booking through Royal.

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Another advantage to booking thru RC Air2Sea is they get you to the ship...if the flight was cancelled or changed they make arrangements to get you to the ship. This is especially handy if the cruise ship is late getting back into port and you are going to miss your flight home. They will rebook you before you even know there was a problem.

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Another benefit i found is I can book a flight and lock it in without having to pay for it until the final payment date.

This allows me to price shop and at least have a low fare locked it. I found it easier to search the flights first the call Air2Sea to see if they are available.

They don't offer all flights but they're very helpful in finding out for you. I think the only offer refundable flights. My flight from Boston to Vancouver has gone up $400 in the last two weeks and that's for a June sailing.

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18 hours ago, AbbottTraveler said:

Should I booked my flight through Royal Caribbean? The website says they guarantee the lowest rate, but is there a reason people don't book it through them? If it really is the lowest price, why doesn't everyone use them to get flights

We used Royal's airline service for two cruises in Europe and were satisfied with their support.  Years ago their price included transfers, but since about 2015 they've been extra.  Our biggest problems have been with the actual carriers we selected -- American and United both let us down.  So when we go overseas now, we look for Lufthansa or Qantas.  In the US, we just book Southwest or drive to the port.   In the end, we have found it worth paying a little more for the best carrier/route.

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